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Our names are Vova and Anya, in short - VovAnya.
We are arranging a Tsuriki Show for you.

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0:16How did she do it? #shorts
How did she do it? #shortsvisningar 155tnDag sedan
0:22Guessing melidy challenge 🎵 #shorts
0:27Who made better choice 1 or 2? #shorts
0:19Food prank from Tsuriki Show #shorts
Food prank from Tsuriki Show #shortsvisningar 154tnDag sedan
0:26Is there a real friendship? #shorts
Is there a real friendship? #shortsvisningar 158tnDag sedan
0:20Are you adult or kid? #shorts
Are you adult or kid? #shortsvisningar 208tnDag sedan
2:13Tsuriki Show best funny videos from 2021 #16
0:15Food challenge with pizza🍕 #shorts
Food challenge with pizza🍕 #shortsvisningar 457tn8 dagar sedan
0:28I check the reaction of the children #shorts
0:28Guess the tune challenge #shorts
Guess the tune challenge #shortsvisningar 425tn8 dagar sedan