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FISHING IS MY LIFE!!! Fishing for bass and other species using a variety of lures & techniques in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, reservoirs, oceans, and bays around the Northeast & all over the States!


Be sure to read the video description for info on lures used that day, rod/reel/line, location, conditions, and more!


0:41Fishing with my Dad... #shorts
Fishing with my Dad... #shortsvisningar 47tn15 dagar sedan
FISH LOVE THIS SECRET BAIT!!! #shortsvisningar 13mn22 dagar sedan
WORLD RECORD BOAT FLIP!!! #shortsvisningar 649tnMånad sedan
19:30FLOODED River Catfish Adventure!!! (ft. Reggie)
13:10This River was NOT WORTH Fishing... Or was it?


  • Bro that so gross I don't like the animal

  • 8.15 sculpin

  • Most country boys can tell you to use insects closest to the water

  • Yeah is a redear...biggest of the sunfish.

  • It’s a Karen

  • Lookin fresh ;)

  • you was in the right if he did owm midpoint should have signs posted next to the stream you could have took a boat on top of the water he could not say nothing about it i think he was upset because you was in his honey hole next to his property but clearly you was on state property

  • Carp do that when there mating

  • Thank god I skipped through that whole video tired of watching your clickbait crap

  • Already unsubed foreva so settle!!

  • We got a naruto fan?

  • 1 rod, 1 reel...no balls. Pathetic! You guys are a disgrace to all men...

  • As a fisherman who also hates bugs, I’d kill myself there

  • Should try the New River in wv

  • Bro his family was next to him. Why would u do thar

  • Its the sercule of life

  • What about the Yamamoto pond tho, didn’t you catch one bigger there

  • Great video!!! Your one of the best at making adjustments on the fly!!!$$$$

  • Nobody: Nobody at all: Not a single solitary soul: 1rod: “i pegged you good baby, i pegged you deep” Spoken like a true fisherman😂

  • Cmon guys bruh its just a bug I mean you kill ants right? ._.

  • What he do D:

  • Would you ever be willing to teach someone who is trying to learn how to cast a baitcaster?

  • What’s going on with Area 11?????

  • We call those shell crackers here in nc. Spend most of their time eating mussels off the bottom. Dragging a big crawler through the mussel beds on an ultralight is one of the funnest things you can do without being arrested!

  • Lol exactly yesterday i was fishing a lipless crankbait red and black and got snagged on a tree that was above the water. I gave my backpack and phone to my dad, took off my shirt, jumped in and got it. Im not losing a 12 dollar lure

  • Me sneaking snacks into the movie theatre

  • My man Mike looks like he’s been hitting the gym, Looking good bud!

  • anyone know what size hook he's using?

  • I’m just watching him grab the crank bait like 👁👄👁

  • Get over it , they don't owe you an explanation !


  • Fish: quietly snatches cicada from the surface mike: OMG absolutely demolished 🥵

  • All lives matter that decada has a life to

  • Rewatching all your videos man learning more everyday

  • Dudes a dickhead

  • the video and title does not match..

  • Lol I like how he was surprised you drove an hour to fish that's like a normal day trip for the average fisherman

  • I guess he didn’t like getting throat fingered 🤣🤣😂👍

  • "These are the dumbest creatures I have ever seen" *Stares in human*

  • love the ending music

  • Oh I pegged you deep baby “mike”

  • I like the OneRodOneReel solo missions. Its cool for you to have guests(especially your sister😃) but I dig just fishing with you.

  • Blue gill will bite at empty hooks, this doesn’t prove anything

  • Turtle was a red eared slider I caught one on the bank yesterday and it weighed about 11 pounds

  • Bring back KP.

  • Bug was living his best life 😭

  • Cicadas have no defense mechanisms they survive off of gorging animals then when they are full they spawn

  • I live right next to the reservoir

  • What googan rod do you have ? Is it the goto

  • Mega bass makes a cicada lure it may work better for you then that one from Amazon lol

  • I pegged you ayoooooo what did he say😬😬

  • hes getting facial hair

  • Me unsubscribe to you never your the bass master i learned all my stuff from you.

  • I hv dream one day I get my own monster fish....

  • Cicada: "Dude, I don't know If I can stay with Olivia anymore, she-.." This guy: Picks the Cicada up and ends his suffering

  • My biggest bass is10 pounds

  • Red ear slider

  • "What if if goes down to 6 feet and your head goes under" don't jinx yourself bro , your amazing keep it up 💪🙏

  • sorry mate but seems like you guys fucked up, clearly trespassed some how

  • Can’t believe the size of that blue gill ! good catch dood !!!

  • Catches giant bluegill* "Hey look, 4 helicopters"

  • redear sunfish AKA shellcracker

  • Man I wanna try a DC reel so bad! It casts so nice!!! I mean my thumb game is great but it would nice to not have to set the brakes up every setup.

  • Are u still with the Googan squad I shore hope so does anyone know ??

  • Legend has it kp's pregnant

  • I am disgusted that one small human being can own all this land including a river out of 8 billion people here on earth.

  • Hey 1Rod1ReelFishing!! How long is your fluorocarbon leader???

  • Who else heard the sheesh at 4:58

  • Did anyone else see the turtle 🐢 on the bottom right at 20:25

  • Aren't you a Googan squad member?

  • Your being a karen when you say I know my rights

  • dude that's violence 😐

  • One day they’ll use him as shark bait.

  • Garter snake non venomous

  • At least you have a car this time 🥲😅

  • The turtle is a red eared slider turtle

  • What a nob!!!!!

  • That was a solid MTB.