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  • omg Mike is ancient... I hate time...

  • You lost the fight stop crying.

  • Never doubt a hungry boxer

  • Imagine how connected these 2 are on the streets. These dudes affiliated no doubt.

  • pollo locos

  • Lopez doesn’t have Covid, how can just one person get Covid and the countless people that are part of his support staff not contract it? He was either too big to cut weight or his new contract gave him other priorities or both.

  • Malik Scott is very intelligent, very calm, and very focused when speaking and being interviewed. Respect to that brother...

  • Silvas gonna ko Chavez and then go and ko Logan Paul and shut these bums up!!

  • And the new ☝️🇵🇭☝️

  • Le cale a quien le cale. Chavez es El mejor boxeador de Mexico. 90 peleas invicto.

  • I can't recognize malik without his oxygen tank for all the diving he does.

  • Teofimo LoPuss

  • I see silva winning

  • Nakakaba pag buddy shots gagawin ni nauya Kay dasma.huhu

  • Michael Dasmarinas the Hot and Spicy 🔥 for the win 👊

  • "Embrace"

  • I take these types of Fights/Exhibitions for what they are. ENTERTAINMENT! Stop taking EVERYTHING soo serious and take it for what it is. They know they health risk so its whatever.

  • Who is actually stupid enough to buy this fight 😂😂😂😂

  • Weak exhibition fight👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Mediocre boxer vs a legend

  • Rest in peace uncle Roger 🙏

  • Talks more than he boxes or trains. Malik Scot is employed for PR purpose, not boxing..

  • Another upset tomorrow night..haha!

  • How can he be the future when he will not fight anyone that punches back lol 😆

  • You see anybody behind me laughing NO THIS IS FOREAL 🤣🤣🤣


  • Win or loss ...all out support ako sa kababayan ko.. GO Dasma !!

  • There’s so much tension , charlo vs charlo 2023 ya’ll heard it here first

  • Puro circo

  • I want Jake's career to be over

  • Ayyyyy SElistsr ddg

  • Charlo on go mode 🔥🔥🔥let's go champ

  • Suportahan matin Hot N Spicy !!

  • Why speak about this fight if according to Spence isn't Canelo on the other side of the street, we know Bud is

  • Terrible representation of the boxing world but I guess a good prime fighter would be a stupid risk to take

  • I love seeing them go back and forward but it’s love there, they just pushing each other to be great. It’s funny!

  • I’m guessing the freedom belt is more like the token belt they gave canelo against billy?

  • Blessings from Colombia

  • I think he's making a mistake gaining Weight. He dont need a bunch of extra weight. I know it's hard to move with extra weight and you get tired a lot faster. Wilder gain almost 20 pounds look how tired he got. If he weighs in 40 pounds more thats a lot extra to carry. Maybe hes just saying that of course they have to know this. I know first hand. It takes the body a long time to get use to all that weight and he's gonna lose movement and stamina. I want Fury to win so I'm praying that don't hurt him. We will see.

  • Ojala q sea un gran pelea q se den en la madre

  • Bro everyone has an opinion but…..

  • Ja ja pero cuando peleá canelo salen las perras a criticarlo

  • Did this guy forget that he did the Khan dance in the Canelo fight 🤣🤣

  • Kicking a man while he’s down 🤦‍♂️

  • Camacho Jr is gonna get smoked like his father used to smoke crack COCAINE IS A HELLA OF A DRUG

  • Charlo is really happy because he’s fighting he’s agua fresca orchata maker Wanna be boxer

  • What kind of video tribute is that? Damn floyd full of himself. Even the speech was mostly about him....cot damn floyd...

  • I hope The Charlos continue to stick with their family and their real friends and not let other new bad influences ruin their career. I've seen it too often where other people come into the life of an Athlete and completely ruin him.

  • Wilder was all talk no action, now he no talk no action.

  • Hoo brother you guy don't look like hero's trash talking booms facing montiel words than money thas maywather you know we're the money is but you need balls

  • Looks like he’s headed to 168

  • Talking like that like mom’s not even around. No respect

  • Floyd is not even close to Manny.

  • Shows Deji wasn’t working hard in camp during the fight. He lost before it started

  • Fuck show bro

  • My guy dejis guy is hanging over his gut

  • Lmfaoo jermell crazy, gotta love the guy though

  • looser

  • He's gonna BEAT Sr's ass!!!! He'll cut him up and stop him

  • Never seen Montiel fight, he look more like an actor, hopefully he last a few rounds with the future of 🥊🤔

  • What if this two fight who win?

  • This old fool doesn't know these vaccinations are causing some people to get inflammation of the heart.

  • Watch u not gonna here any of the bias channel talk about this

  • I guess Jamal Charlo know how demetrius Andrade feel now when he can't get a fight with a fighter he been chasing for years demetrius Andre been chasing both of the brothers for over 5yrs and they still won't fight him so canelo giving Jamal a taste of his own medicine (REAL TALK)

  • A mill to talk. That nigga The Goat Frfr 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Something definitely wrong with Jermell.

  • They should've made this into a kick boxing exhibition. Than it wouldve Silva by homicide.

  • Looks like a complete greenhorn in a boxing ring. Everything thrown improperly. Can barely hit the speedbag. Doesn't know whether to stand orthodox or southpaw. He'll get KNOCKED COMPLETELY OUT Saturday night!

  • Mismatch

  • Mga noypi matulog nalang tayo

  • Ain't nothing like some brotherly love. You can see the tension between them dissipate after they dap it up.

  • digan lo que digan, toda esta cartelera va a ser una delectación verla, ya quiero que empiece

  • Silva looking confused

  • U can't weigh someone in 8 seconds

  • Why the tension ?

  • Soo…will logan fight an ACTUAL cruiserweight or light heavy, since those are closer to his actual weight class?? 🤔🤣

  • Something Mayweather Jr. will never do is spar with an upcomer to help him improve. Mayweather: But guess what, I have all the money and... No one: gives a fuck

  • How come there's no link for the reflex bag?