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5:40Dr. Fauci excoriates Rand Paul
Dr. Fauci excoriates Rand Paulvisningar 721tnDag sedan
10:58See Jeff Bezos go to space and back
See Jeff Bezos go to space and backvisningar 180tnDag sedan
10:12Dow suffers biggest drop of the year


  • democrats are shooting themselves in the foot over wokeness. this will soon die like ebonics did

  • Islam is peace they said

  • I dont know how she even stayed focus on him talking. my mind is slowly drifting.

  • If the COVID-19 vaccine had been explained it as: “Staying unvaccinated, is like not getting a gun to protect yourself.” MAGA Land would have been on board a long time ago.

  • I want to see more of the Town Hall.

  • Gonna stack a fat XMR bag so I can pay a hitman to silence this Space Afrikaans clown. Biggest snake oil salesmen of the century so far.

  • why isn't cnn showing the recent town hall?

  • Now Van can buy more Kleenex and marry Kim Kardashian...what a waste..

  • tRump has nothing to say that is not a lie.

  • Where’s the Biden town hall? The babbling was priceless. You had to laugh if it wasn’t so concerning. At one point I thought Biden was speaking in tongues.

  • After Fox news and the Republicans pushed the lies know they got to admitt that they are liers the world is watching president Joe Biden's priority from the beginning was for American people to get vaccinated.

  • The South Covid cases will rise again!🤪

  • 12.6 million shit heads

  • As climate change makes life more difficult for people, the Green New Deal will look more appealing.

  • Trump: "Tom who? I never heard of him but people are saying he's a very bad player".

  • Exactly how are the unvaccinated a threat to the vaccinated? Somebody answer that please.

  • The majority of the elderly are vaccinated. They also tend to vote conservative

  • I wonder if he stills lives with home 3 years later

  • Everything Trump says is a lie!!!

  • Oh my Lord being woke has nothing to do with politics!! Its about PEOPLE.

  • Indians got paid to vote… well he burnt his bridge with that community 🤦🏼‍♀️duh

  • I seem to remember a Trump supporter who voted in place of his dead mother. Hmmmm how odd.

  • As a society, we have rightfully strived for equality. But we have gotten so close to equality that we are now overshooting the landing. Now we propose that equal treatment for all is not enough, and that we need SPECIAL treatment. And that is not an idea that resonates with the general public. For instance, extending marriage rights to gay people was pretty easy to get behind. It was equality. Fighting against gendered language by replacing "mothers" with "birthing people" and ending prayers in the house with "Amen and Awomen" (amen is not a gendered word), is seen as completely crazy. The new push toward communism/socialism even though it has never succeeded is an even larger problem. Unfortunately, progressives are about to do to the left what the Tea Party did to the right. The party is headed for a fork in the road and it's going to be split in two. Some will go far left and some will go back toward the center.

  • Wokeness! This is stupid! Just like 99.9% of our leaders!

  • The resistance to having an audit is enough to assume there was wide spread fraud ! Lock them up and throw away the keys 🤓 😮 😝 |

  • Sounds like he's been snorting too much Adderall.

  • When the evil machine becomes self aware...

  • climate change hysteria 10.0

  • When you run the county into the ground, the literal only option is up from there…so I guess he’s right?

  • LMAO 🤣

  • CNN is total trash

  • I can’t get over the fact that this men is not in prison yet . I mean I don’t understand. That some of Black lives matter members can go to jail . That the people around him can go to jail. But not Trump . I just don’t understand. This is probably the most President to Beak the laws in the history of the United Sates of America. He pressured a country to look into to one of his opponents. He want 10 years without playing taxes . He had so many Financial scandals it is ridiculous . And on top of all that he cause a deadly group of people to attack the Capital. But the men is still not and prison. And the reason why I keep saying prison is because he does not belong in jail he needs to go to prison for life .

    • The complexion of the protection.

  • When exactly was the right anti vax?

  • Just rig the elections again got trump outta there just keep it going I've never seen a politician get in trouble.

  • I mean better late than never but the behavior is just a bit gross..

  • How about that 5 million bounty MIKE lindell put up to disprove the fraud ohhh the cheat was real. Unamerican of you cnn.

  • climate change, police reform, legalize marijuana, raising the minimum wage, implementing better health care, raising taxes on the rich, infrastructure - CNN maybe were too woke???🤨 maybe u can’t accomplish anything.

  • They can’t keep going down a road that kills their own supporters lol

  • He loved the attention so stopping it would loose his base,so f it Lenten kill everyone

  • Who cares about CNN they have the worst ratings for a reason.

  • Stop putting words in mouth.

  • Why not scare people with "Enlightened" or "Educated" or "Intellectualism"? "Keep America Stupid!" WWOS ("What Would Orwell Say") And people are so scared of Marxism that they don't even want to get close enough to it to know what is actually means. If they did, they'd discover that this country will NEVER be Marxist. Neither party wants this type of government. Heck, the Constitution doesn't want this type of government. The fear of Communism stared in the 1940s during WWII. My parents' generation picked this up and passed it along: "Don't put your hand in the fire, don't put a knife in the outlet, don't step out into traffic, and don't go near Communism!" And any child dutifully agreeing to this, says, "Well, that's all you had to say!" When I was ten, I asked my father, "If God forgives all sins, why is there Hell?" He didn't know. But I might have asked him, "If Democracy we have in this country is the best government, why is there Communism?" Better question: "Why is there Fascism and Authoritarianism and a tendency for collective fear rather than cooperation in this society?" I'd wager my parents wouldn't know these answers either.

  • as a lifelong liberal, woke culture has made me turn away from democrats

  • Come on mr. President grow a backbone the way with filibuster there's no way you're going to have a Republican on any of your agenda quit being naive

  • My childhood with my parents be like

  • A constant torrent of fabrications emanating from his mouth with no sign of shame or decency.

  • Dems destroy everything they touch

  • It’s probably a liability issue If you are lying about the vaccines, you may have some legal issues in the future

  • Rand Paul is correct....nice try Commies

  • Democrats believe everyone is as racist as they are.

  • Reporters need to stop allowing him to gaslight America!

  • But they aren't even pushing for the popular things like healthcare

  • Why was it cut? Keep it rolling to see the real point!!

  • Fauci only lies, it is so obvious. So when he barks back like a Chihuahua that's his only defense, because he is caught.

  • Mama said The reason why people are woke is cause all the Adderall...

  • Yeah, why are ppl getting covid after the shot? At least someone exposing this problem

  • Don lemon' is always on the wrong side of things

  • A very smart man who suddenly becomes transparently stupid trying to excuse away his refusal to testify in the impeachment with misdirected blame of Pelosi. He let his country down. It's irrelevant to argue that his testimony wouldn't have resulted in a different outcome. When the moment came to step forward and tell the truth no matter the cost, Bolton ran and hid while people down the chain (Vindman, Fiona Hill, etc.) were brave enough to risk their lives and livelihoods to suffer the slings and arrows of Trump's obsessive vengeance. It is a stain on Bolton that will not wash away no matter how much he tries to scrub the truth.

  • Forgot Great Chief Chump paid us firewater Money to not vote against his ass.

  • “Its not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes that counts.” Stalin

  • Publicity stunt... nothing more.

  • I love how quick and witty Biden is! He reminds me of a older and wiser Obama.

  • LOVE President Biden!😘😍

  • “With the support he had”… lady if you don’t even acknowledge how many of us loathe everything about the man. How blind must you be that it wasn’t about Biden support, it was about Trump being dumb, insulting and a dangerous asshole? Fuck.

  • Elon Musk should go to jail for market manipulation.

  • if trump were president, democrats and cnn would be discrediting the vaccine yelling screaming 24/7 like linda blair

  • It's probably because Republican constituents are I being hospitalized and affected terribly and most likely you're goingna die. that is why the GOP is changing their tune that is why Fox News is changing their tune. Simply because they are losing voters not because they care

  • If I get the vaccine I am immune to COVID?

  • Nobody cares. Now show President Dumb Dumb's embarrassing town hall last night where they had to beg people to show up. Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha.

  • Kudos to Mr Bezos. When you can, you do.

  • wow, this is rough haha... still listened to it all

  • How many times does it have to be shown Musk is just a dope smoking moron who steals other people's ideas and would be bankrupt within 7 months if other people weren't protecting him/watching his money for him?

  • .02% death rate for covid. Flu 1.5% The math doesn't add up people. Wake up time.

  • Can we just be honest and say it? When the oldest generation dies off and has no more say in our country we will literally all be better for it….

  • I don't think this is about wokeness or being PC. There are some democratic positions that are not nationally popular, such as defunding the police. This is NOT wokeness. Supporting green energy is not woke either, even if you don't agree with it. Also let's ignore the fact that trump used the government to retaliate against private companies because they said bad things about him. I'm sorry that you can't say the N word on youtube or call for violence on twitter. Why do republicans hate capitalism? Are they socialist communists that want the government to control corporations?

  • Bunch of drama queen cry babies, you'll never get along because you all have to have something to cry about which is why nobody can stand to be around any of you for more than 5 minutes. It's like listening to someone run over a cat that won't die all day and night. The only time you all agree on something is when someone calls you all out for being the idiots that you are, then you all agree they are the enemy, and have to burn, loot and destroy something and behave like a 4 yr old that didn't get any candy at the store.

  • Democrats are enemies to Freedom and truth...simple

  • Like listening to drunk rambling from Nixon. A good example and one I find pertinent when I listen to Sleepy Joe.