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Learn how to fix your own car with my easy to follow, step-by-step how to style videos for both beginners and experts. Save money, know the job is getting done properly, and feel great after you fix your own car!

I publish new videos around every 10 days so stay tuned!

I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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24:39How to Replace a Power Steering Pump
How to Replace a Power Steering Pumpvisningar 1,4mn29 dagar sedan
22:23How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car
How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Carvisningar 3,3mn2 månader sedan
14:4310 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know
10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Knowvisningar 1,8mn3 månader sedan
27:43How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)
20:48How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seats
How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seatsvisningar 2,8mn7 månader sedan
13:52How to Fix a Car that Idles Poorly (Rough Idle)
26:45How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED Car
How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED Carvisningar 3,3mn11 månader sedan
17:18DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)visningar 1,9mnÅr sedan


  • There's sooo much more weight to remove here 🤣 sure you did the cheap stuff but imagine the total weight reduction you could have done

  • Thanks Chris!

  • Air conditioner And pipes

  • oh man, even gauges are fixed with screws in this. I wish more cars had that.

  • he posted this the day before april fools

  • Did he just spit???

  • i hope you do this with a roadster when it releases

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  • The car wash I go to has a engine clean an tire clean works great the whole car is done in minutes

  • Why you dont remove motor. 😂 and put into a kart.?.. More easy..

  • Several times I have had good luck finding cars at impound lots. People arrested, cars towed. In a couple days, the fees are more than the car is worth.

  • This video is 5 years old and just wondering if they are still working well or have you replaced them with another brand?

  • I didn't know that about Hondas.. hmmm 🤔🤔🤔😆

  • I'm most impressed with the 15 mpg on that thing. How??!

  • *sound deadening*

  • nice, useful video and info.... satisfaction

  • I think my Tesla is broken 😬

  • My daily driver is an E46 320d from 2002. This will be an interesting watch.

  • When I did it, I installed the switch on the neutral safety switch so the starter does not even turn.

  • Chris, Is Engine Cover necessary? Can It be removed? is it better to remove it to keep the engine cooler?

  • This is just great - your awards are well deserved - these are clear and fun instructional videos and the fact that you decided to spend the first bunch of cash you made to thank your parents is testimony to your character. Well Done Sir! You deserve all the success!!!

  • Yo ima need a count of how many times he said tyrod

  • What’s wrong with silver anti-size?

  • I can attest that these plugs do work, as I've plugged my tires like this for years. First time I used a plug, I followed the directions on the package, then took the car to my mechanics (at the time), who just told me that's exactly how he would have plugged it. Something important though; while I will recommend this method, just keep in mind if you have a warranty on your tires, fixing them may void it. So in that case, just put your spare on, and take the tire to the shop (or chain) you got it from for service. They'll probably do the proper seal from inside. But if not the case, I've driven around on plugged tires for years. Also, when it comes to tire sealant, yet another issue with them is they can throw off the weight for your tires. When you reach speeds of about 60-70 mph, you'll probably start feeling a vibration or shaking while driving. Definitely a last resort.

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  • So sad when people can not respect transport! Never had to walk to get around!

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  • This man is a genius I've learned a lot from his videos thanks Chris

  • Has anyone ever seen what Chris looks like?

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    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • so many years now im just w8ing like crazy for the aprils1 video

  • Chris fix and flex seals Phil swift says one same thing: wooder!!

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  • Thank you so much Chris! I have watched over 20 videos on this topic - and this video is hands down the absolute best one ! I was about to ask you regarding rock chips and door dings but you covered it at the end! This is much appreciated since I just bought my touch up paint to fix a door ding that chipped my paint a bit; less than the area of a pinky fingernail but is annoying enough that I want to touch it up and get the stone chips out from the front!

  • Came back and watched this for the 5th time because I forgot to adjust the adjuster

  • My horn works but steering wheel buttons work sometimes and the light is on. Do I need a new clock spring or is it a bad button?

  • As far as tutorials and instructional videos I watch. You gotta be one of the hardest working ones. Nice work.

  • Wouldn't it have been better to simply pour some down the spark plug hole and let it sit?

  • I sure hope you are making 💰💰bank on your awesome videos because you are legit saving people several hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long term. (Me for one.) PLUS... your voice and camera work doesn't make me want to lose my sh*t in annoyance like the vast majority of videos on SElists. Well done!

  • Now I can't wait for the turbocharger and liverys I'd rather put a turbocharger but it's your choice you can put anything you want **btw** idk if a supercharger and a turbocharger are same

  • Hungary 95

  • Awesome!

  • i just run out of it for like 2 month i guess and everything is ok, no scratches or something like that. It a bit yellow but who cares. But thx for the video

  • Bro heck yeah you were so freaking helpful thank you so much for the knowledge and for saving me a few hundred dollars...

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  • OMG what the f*** is that that looks like a Mustang ugly

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  • Great video Chris, well explained.

  • Hey Chris, i see in other videos that the axle nut is removed. Is the axle nut removal not necessary?

  • Chris fix full name is Christopher asphyxiation

  • The sheet metal.. would you order that as “sheet metal floor board?” It looked to match the pattern of the floor already

  • 2000honda accord v6 ball joint looked nice and clean was making the same swiking noise kicked by but replace wheelbearing and ball joint.

  • Good man

  • Your the real deal

  • Wait - if it has AWD, then it is bad because it was driving it on 2 different sets of tires. AWD requires all tires to be the same or else it can be damaged (reading this from the manual of my own AWD car).

  • hi

  • I am old school technician I will do my oil changes at every 3,000 miles. Most of the engine oils including the synthetic kind are more or less just gimmicks to get you to change less for heaven's sakes don't fall into the gimmicks change every 3,000 miles and you're better off.

  • 6.8s 0-60 impressed you in that car? I'd expect faster for an awd car that only weighs 3400lbs. But cool trick on the sound deadening.

    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • Tesla battery next please!

  • I wish it was that easy on my jackaroo 😂😂

  • In the UK most insurance policies cover windscreen replacement and chip repair without losing your no claims bonus. Just saying! :)x <3 Primarily because damaged windscreens lead to bigger claims if left unchecked.

  • ABSOLUTELY the best video on battery's, voltage and testing etc that I have ever, ever, ever seen. Thank you so much, I give this an eleven out of ten rating, I can see why you have 8 mill subscribers. Was wondering, I have a 1995 vette and the battery needs to be boosted every day (always showing 11.32 volts) charged it for 3 days straight but after one day its dead again. Due to the location and removal procedure of the battery, there is no way to keep the booster cables on the terminals while changing it out but was wondering, will I have to reset anything else on the car (other then the radio) or is it safe to just disconnect the terminals and do the change out? ALSO, what type of battery do you recommend for my 1995 vette? I drive it about twice a week (maybe 3 times) Thx Peter.

  • Great instructions! I needed two additional tools. A small flat file and a small round file. The coupler I bought was an "improved" part with metal inserts for the plastic pieces that fit on the shafts. The holes in the parts were too small to fit on the shafts. I had to file a small amount off of the inside of the coupler inserts so that I could tap them on. I might have been able to pound them on without filing, but risked breaking them and I would never have been able to remove them if the repair ever needed to be done again.

  • FYI, people are that nasty and worse. I learned the hard way cleaning houses and businesses for real estate agents. I also learned why others charged much more than I did. I raised my prices and bought hazmat gear.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • think you can also pull vacuum on your filling bottle, instead off venting it in the air. This way you don't waste liquid.

  • come to my home chrisfix please

  • High potassium? Stop feeding your truck so many bananas!

  • I did this to an 1984 AMC Spirit. It was originally an 4 cylinder automatic, but I had a, left over, shortened subframe and ford 9 inch along with a 389 pontiac and four speed automatic from a 64 pontiac "Boat master." A friend of mine did the 6 point roll cage for me. With a couple borrowed slicks I almost rolled end over end at the abandoned airfield in Plymouth Maine! LOL! I sold it soon after with the request the guy put wheelie bars in it.

    • @ChrisFix☑️ cool! If I ever use instagram I will! XD

    • @The Jynxtherat he is not SElistsr h He is on Instagram He post a lot on there So text him there

    • @ChrisFix☑️ If he's a youtuber, I've probably seen some of his videos.

    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • I'm surprised you didn't remove anything from the doors (except for the glass part)... There is also a lot of sound dampening material in it

    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • What cause my idle to gets really hot when my engine switch off? And its kills my battery Please I need an answer, ita Nissan ga15 engine

  • Sound deadning sound deadning.....

    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • Let me save you all 10mins. Long story short... Use manufacturers recommended fuel.

  • Front nuts 😂

  • I bet you could get it a lot lighter if you removed the engine, gearbox and driver side floor and just Flintstoned the car around

    • Put in as little as $500 and get $5000 under 24 hours with him••

    • Have you ever come across Mr Mike?••

  • I’m tempted to say ‘brake cleaner’ is ‘everything cleaner’

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