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Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!


THE FATHER OF JUICING - JonTronvisningar 3,5mn8 dagar sedan
18:54Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron
20:10Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTron
Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTronvisningar 8mn10 månader sedan
19:45Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTron
25:23Kid Nation - JonTron
Kid Nation - JonTronvisningar 11mnÅr sedan
30:07Gwyneth Paltrow's: The Goop Lab - JonTron
14:30Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTron
Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTronvisningar 11mnÅr sedan
10:27Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron
10:36The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron
15:23Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron
Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTronvisningar 2,9mnÅr sedan
JACQUES EXPOSED? - JonTronvisningar 2,5mnÅr sedan
18:03REAL GHOSTS - JonTron
REAL GHOSTS - JonTronvisningar 10mnÅr sedan
17:29Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron
Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTronvisningar 14mnÅr sedan
14:46Architecture Tier List - JonTron
Architecture Tier List - JonTronvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
13:35Regis Philbin's Epic Workout - JonTron
BUYING DUMB THINGS ONLINE - JonTronvisningar 14mn2 år sedan
JONNY NEW ENGLISH - JonTronvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
17:35Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron
Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTronvisningar 11mn2 år sedan
21:54Workplace Safety - JonTron
Workplace Safety - JonTronvisningar 23mn2 år sedan
21:59Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron
5:20:21JonTron Charity Auction Livestream (12-12-2018)
21:17Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTron
Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTronvisningar 26mn2 år sedan
20:28VR Troopers - JonTron
VR Troopers - JonTronvisningar 12mn3 år sedan
13:55Weird Workout Videos - JonTron
Weird Workout Videos - JonTronvisningar 15mn3 år sedan


  • Check you philosophy 101 bro. Dynamite pipe to the brain just makes you kind of a dick. Sometimes...

  • I love his voice it’s as smooth as my brain😂

  • I think the girl was on drugs

  • This is what I have been waiting for. Thank you for coming back Jontron, ya had me at juice torture hhahahahh

  • I wish this was a show

  • What breed of parrot is Jacque?

  • Drive a steak through a werewolfs heart. I need that in gif form. I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iLL TAke YOuR ENTiRe STOck

  • The rifleman's house is a straight up Minecraft hut: no windows with glass, no door, no roof, floor is dirt.

  • J u i c e

  • C o s m I c H e a l t h

  • The Rift S does have superior graphics due to the fact that it has 1080p lenses. The only thing missing is 4k.

  • I think some people were far too harsh on this game. It was a really solid game. Yeah it felt more like a spin off but still quality

  • Notice how orange he is, that’s from consuming too many carrots

  • jontron upload pog

  • And locked in there, are my prisoners

  • I remember watching this at school because the original one was too graphic apparently... I didn’t think it was that bad tbh

  • In America the first step is to shoot

  • wtf, no one pushed Raid anymore. You are way out of the loop buddy.

  • 13:41, it is almost as if the older kids know what they are doing better than the leaders, it may also be as if the older kids should be the leaders.

  • That singing is better then what I could ever do

  • Simba hanging himself is my reaction to these bootleg Elsa games.

  • Steven is like Jeremy Renner, in a way. They’re both just there in the music and movie industries, but the difference between the two is that Jeremy just accepts that he’s just there.

  • 8:43

  • 'world famous' is a bit of a stretch.

  • why did squanto sound like a Cali boy? 😂

  • I heard about JonTron but I never watched any of his video until now. I missed alot I see.

  • Could have done Jack Lalanne and his POWER JUICER

  • this is the closest thing we're getting to modern jontron videogame reviews


  • Hmmmm that intro feels a lot like how Facebook and other platforms censor anything going against the mainstream covid 19 narrative.

  • Tbh I haven't watched any of vidoes even though I know who he is but I'm sold with this

  • raid SHaDOW leGENDS!!!!11

  • Sounds like Jehovas Witness propaganda

  • *Looks like Jon had too much carrot juice.*

  • So THIS is where John Wick got all his skills. Good to know.

  • 13:26 put me into hysterical laughter bro. Suicide isn't funny at all but just the context and Jon's drone-like tone cracked me the fuck up xD

  • Mr. Stark I don't feel so good..... about your wife's goop cult.

  • Was given a few bottles of this stuff around 3 years ago. It's best used for sanitising or in an alcohol stove. Other than adding in some sort of flavouring agent (ie raspberries or lemon peel) to make a liqueur it is virtually undrinkable and the ONLY redeeming quality is the bottle which is actually very nice and well made. They make great lamps once you get rid of the crap they are filled with. You can get almost identical copies of the bottles off ebay for about 1/5th the cost and you don't have to figure out what to do with the swill inside.

  • 56k modem ken

  • Sooooo jontron became a reaction channel now? I forgot I was subscribed to this channel lol, unsubscribing right now

  • 10:33 don't ask why i brought you here

  • xQcL

  • 13:29 Are we not gonna- no? Ok

  • i love carrot juice good that this old man reminded me of drinking fresh juice at summer

  • How did miss this wow 7 years and I am watching it now

  • POV you’re watching this after June 1, 2021

  • Jay 2: The Power of Yes

  • Wtf? Are we sure that Japanese one wasn't being pranked by it's English translator?


  • That Luke scene made me realize Mark Hamill would be a great hannibal.

  • "infrared" "where ever they're sitting" Yeah, as long as there is a direct line of sight...

  • Welcome back dude


  • No cap, this convinced me to go buy a juicer 😂

  • Raid is the biggest most disguisting scam you can get for a phone. Enjoy the money..

  • 6:02 when the door opens and both kids have their arms above their heads. The fuck is that about?

  • If we were going by bodybuilding lingo, this man would be way different...

  • the reason gwyneth made all these products is because she's the reptoid queen thats trying to convert the rest of the human race to her underlings to perform menial tasks so as to not have them transform past her abilities

  • Yo Warp Zone filmed this video?

  • 4:52 Oh I found the source of another meme

  • ok guys ill go make pop corn for the next episode the next year brb

  • 1:27 So THAT'S where that meme comes from!

  • i feel dumber after watching this and the juice guy Jay is only partly responsible for this...

  • Just like Cringle's weapon of choice, I too am long, sharp, and delicious.

  • I want RE4 with every character dubbed in Gungam style

  • Funny this gets recommended to me DURING a pandemic.

  • this dude is the George RR Martin of youtube

  • He had to go with the father of juice because daddy juicer was already taken

  • Ok but like still in 2021 😩

  • That face mask one with linda evans made me think that perhaps she should have tried one that works on the neck instead so she could get rid of that scarf that appears to be holding back literal hell.

  • 19000th

  • rip jhone never thought it would end with him jumping off the brig after drinking some juice and I never thought he would become a doll form it either

  • you know if spongebob had to play this game to get his boating license then he wouldn't constantly be crashing into things and driving mrs puff insane.

  • 1:18 is after the Raid ad!

  • Joanna needs to buy slightly looser pants… dear god.

  • I throughly enjoy that John has a real Walther ppk for the role


  • Me "mum can we have power rangers?" Mum "no we have power rangers at home" *The power rangers at home