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2:00:46So Expensive Season 6 Marathon
So Expensive Season 6 Marathonvisningar 338tnDag sedan
1:49:05World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon
World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathonvisningar 381tn8 dagar sedan
41:07Big Business Season 2 Marathon: Farming
Big Business Season 2 Marathon: Farmingvisningar 492tn15 dagar sedan
10:25Why Lesbian Bars Are Disappearing | Rise And Fall
8:02How IndyCar Pit Crews Are Trained | What It Takes
14:16How Stunt Drivers Are Trained | What It Takes
8:02Why Oxygen Is So Expensive |  So Expensive


  • The Trump airline business went bankrupt. His personal Trump plane was broke down.

  • We eat those mangos here and they throw away same there . Make sense 🤐

  • I think the expert is wrong with using the cow skin as long as meat production goes on. If we boycott cow leather it'll be less profitable to produce meat

  • Even 6900 doesn’t sounds that bad. It takes so much time and effort to make that one knife. Big respect!

  • You make me laugh by saying only handful people know how to make. Go to Morocco Fes and see how many can make anything to do with animals skins.

  • At 4:09 you can see every one say something i think since all of their masks move after she said "and you as future marine drill instructors"

  • All the audio of the guy talking about the camera is missing

  • Those Michael Jackson gloves almost make them look intimidating

  • “the real one tastes like wasabi” all of the comments are about the real one tasting like wasabi

  • Look at the waste just from religious beliefs. Now you can breathe all those chemicals. It's all about money more than saving the world. Everyone can start by picking up all that damn trash they careless throw around. That would make a huge impact and it should be done without money on the mind. Maybe make some litter laws and use the money to fix your country.

  • Me: *is fluent in Arabic* Also me: *reads subtitles*

  • Change the space force name to ODST and I’m in

  • Daylight come and me wan go home

  • Weak Sauce! A Parris Island D.I. doesn't need to hop to get his point across lol. Walking around smiling like it's a campus, the most pampered branch of weakness (sorry to my older brother) but they get paid extra if they have to stay in our Marine Barracks (called a substandard living allowance). We don't have single rooms with washer/dryers etc.

  • i must say a wool blanket is very comfy. My parents got one. pretty cool but also pretty warm, since the insulate pretty good. I'll probs get one too sometime, tho pretty sure that wool would be dutch not NZ.

  • All of the snipping of what Nick Irving was saying is concerning to say the least.

  • Why are they whispering at these cadets?

  • May god curse them

  • China has to be one of the biggest strains on our planet.

  • So... basically ... scream until you lose your voice

  • ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ *Nice joke*

  • Eyy dawg! Yo dawg! I heard you was talking shitt’bout myyy homie, dawg. Kraft Mac’n’Cheeseiz my mufukin homie, dawg. Don’t be talkin-shit bout my homie dawg!! Don’t be talkin-shit, dawg!!!

    • *TIMMMMYY! Dinner’s ready!!* Oh boy! I hope we’re having meatloaf again :D. Oh shit, the mic still on ? :0

    • Heard ya’ll was talkin shiiiit. Better watch out, dawg. Don’t talk-shit about my homie, dawg!!

  • Poor kids

  • I don't understand people complaining about it. They are just showing us some facts we Didn't know

  • i just wanna eat those mushroom hunks solid idk why

  • Trash

  • man them airforce boots got it easy

  • If so terrible then why doesn't the cia swiss corperate officials just lay them off rather than promote into congress or another southern mayor or sheriff like regularly !?

  • 職人技は、この先ずっと引き継がれて欲しい. ̫ .

  • That sucks

  • Germans: How can we simplify as much as possible using technology Japanese: How can we make the best using the most complex things

  • Still can't find a specific application to sign up for training

  • What an incredible waste of resources.

  • It’s just like diamonds the opinion gives it value

  • But it feels so good when the Q-Tip is in there and you twirl it around!


  • 2 dollars per kilo in my country, they're not expensive

  • "Realistic horshead" - shows the boxiest roughest impression of a horse. Can someone buy whoever wrote the voice over a zoology encyclopedia?

  • “Strong athletic background” Doesn’t show a single person with an athletic build

  • Serving a capitalist agenda thats all. Each of them are just money making machines for war contractors

  • That was fascinating and cool, USA lucky to have Arizona as a natural store. Did I actually see a f-100 Super Sabre there? Shame we can't visit.

  • I cant be the only one who thought that was eric andre in the thumbnail

  • Reminds me of Iraq

  • Lol, live there and went to the high school on that base. Really cool place with cool stuff to do on base

  • At least she's not called 'Shitty'.

  • I wanna eat them

  • The plants of this fruit in Panama were plagued by a plague and we have not had it for 3 years.

  • This narrator's voice is ANNOYING! I HATE VOCAL FRY!

  • If these were made in Japan, each tile would be made completely freehanded, each tile would be a perfect immaculate replica of the before it and would cost $100 a piece.

  • Traditional things should never die imo...

  • - Wow that knife is so sharp! I wonder where they got that technique from - "So anyway, we used to make katanas this way" Of course

  • Those mangos still look edible 😖

  • Equal rights women should have to shave their heads as well

  • The why x is so expensive series is a new style of commercial crap for business insiders customers?

  • I get all of my oxygen for free 😃

  • Considering the fact that these people will be serving your country, you should probably to treat them with more respect no?


  • In Panama that fruit called marañon. It is used at home to prepare a drink with sugar or panela. It is also prepared in a blender with milk and sugar as a smoothie. Also to make jam. Nugget is roasted in rural areas

  • Fruit leather??


  • ill hoe he live long then find a suitable successor

  • In our country we wash our asses with normal tap water....

  • 1 box feeds a family of 4? LOL!

  • But they dont have 2 moms like Emely 🤣

  • How do you keep birds and animals from transmitting the fungus?

  • Hey, let's make an ARTIFICIAL XMAS TREE and RE-USE it every year! We can even stick some real conifer brunches into it for the smell, so not to cut huge very slow-growing living tree every year for fun & reduce carbon footprint of transportation to boot! 🙌 Rockefeller Foundation: Nah, I have the money; don't care about anything else~

  • The most popular banana is not the best. It is the most planted for about 100 years.

  • He is a Genius God 🧧🧧❤️🙏

  • Aren’t these the same people freaking out at everyone for wasting too much food?

  • Cruelty to mangoes, unacceptable

  • The Last TileMan

  • Wearing a lab coat making styrofoam = ✅ Wearing a lab coat making food = ❌ ...but it's vegan... no, it's chemistry.

  • Ok

  • Who the hell says “yes sir” to their dad?

  • Ugly and uncomfortable.. nope I never owned them because I grew up in Vancouver and the first person I seen wearing them I laughed at and said why do you have on the same shoes as the little old ladies in Chinatown don't care how trendy they ever got there's no way I was following that fashion