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7:58Outriders Demo: Everything To Know
Outriders Demo: Everything To Knowvisningar 10tnDag sedan
19:21Outriders Game Demo Details and Breakdown
13:52Valheim First-Person Mod Gameplay
Valheim First-Person Mod Gameplayvisningar 22tnDag sedan
11:30Every Blizzcon 2021 Trailer
Every Blizzcon 2021 Trailervisningar 95tnDag sedan
12:49Full Diablo Presentation | BlizzCon 2021


  • Cyberpunk too bruh let's do it

  • May have a dabble in this. Any good?

  • When are they going to fix warcraft 3 reforged? Its shit like the day it was released Dont forget warcraft 3 reforged, worst remaster ever, don't buy until they fix the game

  • got this game for 8 bucks. man what a steal this is awesome

  • Lol Does anyone really care about the back storyline??

  • Noticed there's no Stadia cross play... ooooph!

  • Wheelchair to the shin looks more painful than anything else.


  • I just wanna see what the battle pass will have

  • "Get out there outrider" ad "Get tested for Covid today"

  • So basically it’s Gears of Warframe: Division’s Destiny

  • So basically it’s Gears of Warframe: Division’s Destiny

  • new Diablo game? i'm all ears....

  • I'm getting Anthem vibes.

  • Once more i get surprised for bad

  • After 80 hours in Zelda BOTW and having all beasts I saw this video and now I know my skills are zero

  • *I'm sorry, but this is just an embarrassment for PlayStation honestly*

  • Nostalgia

  • Pity we can't preload the demo

  • Giving us a complete game and not that games as a service bullshit is a step in the right direction. The fact that it has matchmaking is a plus too, why Godfall don't have that is beyond me.

  • So glad this game is getting a demo. If only Anthem had one, we would all have a very different outlook on it. Bring it on! Excited for this game. Glad to see it's not multiplayer focused.

  • Bruh, I wish they put this much effort into the commercials still, these made the game seem more fun long after the quality fell off

  • Please give us some trophies to unlock!

  • I need more detail 🥵😳

  • Lfg

  • Please let this one survive. Destiny and Warframe could honestly do with a little bit of competition.

    • Division 2 is fun rn and has been confirmed another full year on content. For those interested

    • The only competition those games have is which one can kill itself first

  • At least the gameplay looks better then Mass Effect 2 gameplay it has a bit of Destiny meets gears meets remnant

  • This is less a rview and more about spoilers wth

  • Best FPS I've ever played and I've been gaming since the original Quake lol. I'm very addicted to CoD:CW

    • Bruh you gotta be a bot

  • Crossplay is the best thing since sliced bread

  • Oh wow now it’s Little Nightmares

  • Narrator: Cover's for cowards Outriders: Heavily incorporates Gears style cover system.

    • She meant you gotta be aggressive, you can't hide in the back, you'll die by scratch

  • The combat looks cool but God damn does anyone actually need another time leech games as a service game? Vomit

  • She says Beeta version.... BETA!

  • Man, I am loving that accent.

  • Gears of Destiny

  • I mean the character creation everybody always there for a long time u got to look good doing it😂

  • a world-bounded 'Destiny' only (in-game universe-wise). Hrm.

  • no pvp? dogshit game

    • at least they do not have to hold back (capabilities-wise)....

  • ResidentSleeper

  • Everything about this sounds right up my alley but after...recent events I just don't know

  • Does anyone know when the demo drops tomorrow?

  • can we please get more cool operators and stop with the apex color choices for clothing lol.

  • Gonna freaking take a break from warframe finally

  • Miles…Tom Cruise?

  • hopefully support ultrawide screen on PC.

  • That Link’s Awakening rap 😂 but the Majora’s Mask ad is out there 😅

  • I like how they just are lazy and “don’t want to change their silhouette”

  • Never thought, this is the last time i see Oriana.

  • I still play modern warfare. Don’t like Cold War.

  • Stop trying to make out riders happen it's not going to happen

  • Do Payday 2!

  • *Makes silent happy squealing screams inside*

  • The UI looks like destiny

  • Anytime access to the character creator? I might buy the game just off of this alone...

  • Is the demo on consoles too? ( PlayStation 4 to be specific) Sorry if this comes off as a stupid question but I'm typing in class so i cant listen to the audio. I hv y volume turned down low.

  • im excited for this even though im not a fan of looter shooters that actually have an end. when they have an end it feels like there is no point to actually making a build and perfecting it.

    • Have you heard of endgame yano the reason you level up and loot

  • Would love to hear Jonathan's opinion on the FiNN LMG. I know it's a real gun of course, but still, would be interesting to hear about how realistic it is compared to the real one.

  • If I was playing this this would be cool

  • No stop. This does not seem safe

  • I like the picking up box 📦 sound effects (especially the putting box down sound effects)

  • Sooo when does the beta end?

  • Pubg would be good to see

  • Not sure if this would impede the gun's function, but could you use a rubber insert to quiet the mp5's bolt cycling?

  • Do you hear that ? Sounds like a dead game gasping for money. Just ditch Cold War and have MW a two year game.

    • @IGN you’re*

    • Nope, he's not. I agree, cold war is dogshit

    • Your sad

  • I wonder if all the story mission maps will be in pvp.

  • Why is nobody talking about the way he said Lizalfos

  • When does it end

  • Did anyone else think of Timthetatmans bald ass head when you seen that guy in the beginning?

  • EA was the target the industry swore to destroy and Cory was the executioner

  • They recreated one of my favorite horror films in a game

  • Cory didn't just create a masterpiece of the industry, he was confident enough to dunk on EA

  • Character animation looks so stiff and clunky

  • I truly hope you don't have to play as a girl in Diablo 4. Way to disappoint a lifelong fan.

  • wow this is weak sauce. solid skip / 10

  • The bald headed guy talking at the end looks like he just got done crying or is about to cry.

  • God this is so nostalgic

  • Rule34 artists would be really happy


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