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Iron Maiden are an institution. Over the course of six decades they have come to embody a spirit of fearless creative independence, ferocious dedication to their fans, and a cheerful indifference to their critics that’s won them a following that spans every culture, generation, and time-zone. A story of gritty determination and courageous defiance of the naysayers, theirs has been an adventure like no other.

The band’s immense discography includes the studio albums ‘The Number Of The Beast’, ‘Piece Of Mind’, ‘Powerslave, ‘Somewhere In Time’, ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’, ‘Fear Of The Dark’, ‘The Final Frontier’ and ‘The Book Of Souls’ which have spawned many classic hits as ‘The Trooper’, ‘Wasted Years’, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’, ‘Wasting Love’, ‘Run To The Hills’, ‘Aces High’, ‘Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’ and ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’.



0:35An Invitation
An Invitationvisningar 170tn7 dagar sedan
5:51Talking Music with Adrian Smith - 'Gangland'
Talking Music with Adrian Smith - 'Gangland'visningar 510tn7 månader sedan
7:35Iron Maiden - Bruce unboxes Nights Of The Dead
Iron Maiden - Bruce unboxes Nights Of The Deadvisningar 577tn8 månader sedan
2:17Nights Of The Dead - Coming November 20th
Nights Of The Dead - Coming November 20thvisningar 372tn8 månader sedan
2:18Iron Maiden - A Message From Bruce
Iron Maiden - A Message From Brucevisningar 558tn9 månader sedan
2:57Fishing Adventures with Adrian
Fishing Adventures with Adrianvisningar 115tn10 månader sedan
1:56Carp fishing on tour
Carp fishing on tourvisningar 56tn10 månader sedan
3:23Adrian Smith talks 'Monsters Of River & Rock'
Adrian Smith talks 'Monsters Of River & Rock'visningar 105tn11 månader sedan
1:20Die With Your Boots On!
Die With Your Boots On!visningar 146tnÅr sedan
1:01Iron Maiden - 2020 Tour Sizzle
Iron Maiden - 2020 Tour Sizzlevisningar 479tnÅr sedan
1:28Iron Maiden - Where are we going next?
2:57Iron Maiden - Thank You 2019
Iron Maiden - Thank You 2019visningar 340tnÅr sedan
2:27Iron Maiden - Catching up with the band
2:53Bruce gets to fly in an Avro Lancaster
3:44Iron Maiden - 2019 Tour kicks off in Florida
6:18Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 6
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 6visningar 51tn2 år sedan
5:45Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 5
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 5visningar 54tn2 år sedan
5:46Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 4
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 4visningar 58tn2 år sedan
4:49Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 3
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 3visningar 63tn2 år sedan
4:42Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 2
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 2visningar 90tn2 år sedan
6:00Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 1
Iron Maiden - Nicko's Setlist, Part 1visningar 184tn2 år sedan
1:43Iron Maiden - C'mon Eddie...
Iron Maiden - C'mon Eddie...visningar 347tn2 år sedan
1:38An Evening With Bruce Dickinson - 2019 Tour
1:05Not cool Eddie. Not cool.
Not cool Eddie. Not cool.visningar 270tn2 år sedan


  • Listening this for the thousandth time. Love Maiden!! Blessings from Nepal

  • Totally Banging from the music of LEGENDS.💋

  • ZzZzZzZzZz..........

  • El retorno de la leyenda. Iron maiden vino a salvar a la nueva generacion que se esta yendo al hueco con toda esa basura para drogos y pornografia auditiva de los retrasados de la industria musical actual. Grande el metal y grandes los Irons, y obvio tu tambien, si estas por aca disfutando la melody...

  • menos mal no se unieron a jbalbin ajajjajaja

  • Wow. Saw them on their "Somewhere In Time" tour in El Paso while stationed at Bliss. That was over 30yrs ago.

  • Now we know Eddie has also the Force with him, as he throws the beast against THE WALL!

  • Greatest metal song of all time 🤘

  • New fan here:)

  • Ugly music...better for them stay retired

  • The Four Horsemen ;)

  • This fruit Is already ripe, but this world haven't notice yet, let's give them a shot of this!

  • In the end, "Iron Maiden's gonna RESCUE you, no matter how far!" 🤘🏻

  • Fodaaa

  • One of first music videos I saw from them, there at late 80s. I got it recorded from TV and watched lot of times. All that energy, the live images, all those illustrations of Eddie, that last one just screaming... I was 13 years old and already fan.

  • I really love the Western gunslinger sound at the beginning.

  • Sad they never released an official live film from this tour. They´re Maiden in their best moment.

  • a melhor música do melhor álbum

  • Listening Iron Maiden I feel I'm still 13. It's amazing how my sons today at same age have same reactions I had around 1986/87. Thanks a lot Irons, after all these years your ability to excite doesn't fade.

  • Yeaaaaaaaa thas rock........

  • Southern rock...arrg

  • Top😎👍🏻

  • As another fan mentioned, I don't think Iron maiden fully realise what an impact their music and lyrics, integrity and beauty in what they do have had on us, their fans. I joined in around 1980 when I got to an age (18?) when I could hear music outside of what my parents liked. Along with AC/DC, they have been my best friends I've never met. I'm so glad both bands have stuck it out with what they do and with such passion.

  • Excelente 😎👍🏻

  • Only blind people enjoyed your “show”. Those of us in reality see your true intentions. Time is up for humanity cause you, the darkness, has consumed everything.

  • Excelente 😎👍🏻

  • All else aside, the video is really good. Probably a little less violent than the original anime of Berserk, but not by much.

  • This is terrible.

  • Padu…terbaik

  • The song remains the same. Iron Boredom.

  • Muy chingon video y muy buena rola, felicidades Maestros!! Larga vida a Iron Maiden l..l

  • sencillamente brutal

  • Meeega geil 🤘🤘

  • Quem aqui é do rock?

  • Awesome Song, Awesome Video. Simply, Awesome!

  • все настолько ох"уенно и качественно что прям обосраться, звук гитары, вокал диккенса, мрачняк в стиле хэви-мэйданов, но ребят, не заеб..сь клепать все то же с 1995??????????????????????

  • Epic. Up The Irons!

  • Maiden are playing the music that inspired them as kids, you would think with time they would expand their sights towards greater things but no they are just paying homage to their earliest influences.

  • Well... I really don't like Iron Maiden but I have to say, this video is a masterpeace. Congrats.

  • awesome!! Maiden forever \m/

  • This sounds better at 1.25x. Up the Irons.

  • Vay arkadas! son 5 gundur her gun dinliyorum, her defasinda giristeki cift gitar riff tuylerimi diken diken ediyor! Animasyon harika, konu cok vurucu! vahsi bati mi istersin? country mi istersin? 00:59 klasik Iron Maiden solo mu istersin? 4:06 ve muhtesem final solo klasikler arasina girmeye aday ... The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear. You’re just too blind to see . Thank you Iron Maiden :)

  • Five years to produce this clip?

  • DANCE OF THE DEATH 2. Mais do mesmo.

  • Metallica ainda é a melhor banda de Heavy Metal de todos os tempos!!! Não é uma crítica, mas um ponto de vista por esse lado de manter sempre a msm característica, esse seguimento anime nos vídeos clips. Nada contra, reconheço a historia gigantesca da banda. Respeito demais o Bruce, o cara é ícone, lenda viva, por tudo q fez e ainda faz pelo metal.

    • Cara vc já ouviu os álbuns do Metallica? já ouviu Master?? pelo tipo de comentário dá pra ver q vc é um cara totalmente ignorante. Só pra vc saber MASTER OF PUPPETS foi considerado o melhor álbum de todos os gêneros, se vc não sabe??? Se não fosse o Metallica, hj o metal estaria morto. Foi essa banda q renasceu, alavancou e levou o metal para as massas, mas dá pra ver só por esse comentário ridículo q vc tem a mente fechada e não sabe respeitar opiniões diferentes.

    • O Bruce cagando é melhor que o Metallica kkkk

  • I'm listening this at 11:58pm

  • Hasta el momento la mejor canción para mi sin dejar de reconocer que todas son bellas

  • vim pelo casando o verbo

  • De lo mejor

  • Long live IRON MAIDEN, the only thing I haven't given up on and never tired of for 35 years

  • I don't care what anyone says or thinks . Bruce was Maidens best singer .

  • love it

  • Que intenso 😍

  • cuadradito y aburrido

  • When people tell you: "Metal is just a phase." Meanwhile you have Iron Maiden and so many other bands still shredding and melting faces after so many years. Yeah.. just a phase. I'm 31 soon and i still listen to everything the whole day.

  • Tell me please you hear it. Plz tell me you hear it. Anyone come on You got to hear it. It’s bad company’s- feel like making love

  • Brano semplicemente fantastico. Per me sono e resteranno i numeri uno !!!!!!!

  • I love how Eddie saves Adam and Eve then gives em “forbidden fruit as if to say “dude just make love” guess it all could represent somthing closer to good than evil the reminder we ain’t perfect.

    • Also who els thinks using slaves for motorized vehicles mental retarded.

  • Beautiful! You are masters of your craft and it is a pleasure and an honour to listen to you!

  • oh g_d, why the legendary IM can`t work with good artists? WTH? This mv just a piece of shit. Please use your tw or inst, u find whar u need

  • I need some undershorts with the union flag on it

  • Up the Irons , from Greece

  • En este video vemos hombres con un promedio de edad de 65 años, ojala el barbas me de la fuerza y energia que tienen estos hombres a esa edad. Larga vida a Iron Maiden!!!!

  • Satanás o deus deste mundo sabe o que as Escrituras reservam para a humanidade num futuro próximo, aqui esta revelado muitas coisas das quais ja foram escritas pelos profetas, esta geração será totalmente dizimada como aconteceram nos dias anteriores ao diluvio, BABILÔNIA IRÁ CAIR APOCALIPSE 18, toda terra adorou a Besta o anticristo e o dragão o diabo Apocalipse 13:4, Não querem se arrepender, não querem deixar de adorar os demônios, seus ídolos Apocalipse 9:20, é a hora da vingança (Lucas 21:22), Apoc. 16:6 DEUS DARÁ SANGUE PRA BEBEREM, DISTO SÃO MERECEDORES

  • biker mice from mars<3

  • Reportense acá todos los Fans Latinoaméricanos que Amamos a Iron Maiden.

  • ¿Quién piensa que Iron Maiden es la mejor banda del mundo?

  • nice .................

  • Ok, isso não merece 4,8k de deslikes.....

  • Love it..

  • God sent me.

  • WOW!!!!!!! Can't stop listening to it.👍❤⚒

  • It doesn't matter if it use 3D and 2D at the same time, this video is perfect.

  • This is such a fcking masterpiece

  • Nice one guys with the video. The lyrics to go alongside it were not bad either

  • Sempre curti, jamais será esquecido Irom Maiden ♥️🎵🎶💃

  • Still burning👹🤘💥💥

  • So at the end, it is Salvation.