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4:38Dream Just ENDED His Career (R*cist Tweet)
Dream Just ENDED His Career (R*cist Tweet)visningar 102tn8 dagar sedan
13:12Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!
Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!visningar 93tn15 dagar sedan
15:51Hot Tub Streamers NEED To GET OFF Twitch!!!
2:35:26Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren FIGHT Live Stream!!
Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren FIGHT Live Stream!!visningar 383tn2 månader sedan
41:20Def Noodles DISGUSTING Lies & Slander EXPOSED!!
16:21James Charles Career Is FINISHED!! **exposed**
James Charles Career Is FINISHED!! **exposed**visningar 151tn2 månader sedan
13:55David Dobrik's Career Is OVER!!!  **shocking proof**
20:41The Dark Side Of David Dobrik **shocking footage**
8:49Gorilla Glue Girl LOSES Her Hair??**update**
Gorilla Glue Girl LOSES Her Hair??**update**visningar 715tn4 månader sedan
8:31Dream's AWFUL Response To His Crazy Stans...
Dream's AWFUL Response To His Crazy Stans...visningar 166tn4 månader sedan


  • Bts Mic Drop: oMg wE'rE sOoOo fAmoUs aNd wE hAve lOtS Of tRopHieS hAteRs gOnnA hAte!!! Also the song: 💜✨ *a u t o t u n e* ✨💜

  • Who is jungkook i only remember is James Cook

  • the dream stans show that braincells are a privellage

  • As an army I agree with this guy and if you don't you probably toxic yourself sexualizing bts and doxing people for thier opinion is immature and toxic and most of bts haters are because of toxic armys

  • I love how ksi thinks he’s such a god but can’t even get along with his parents lmaoo

  • I thought “sexualizing minors is bad” was common sense but apparently i was wrong

  • Not beef or rivalry at all

  • Its just a character brah

  • Alright what does Dejis girlfriend have to do with this, I honestly don’t understand why you said what you said about dejis girlfriend, As I can see you are fanning the flames hoping for deji to reply or say something to you, Again it’s with deji so keep it about deji.

  • Craig Beckett said it the best about you and Def "Should've gone for the double tap."

  • Any one realize that dream 🔐 that wasn't dream that was hangout lol

  • Metallica its best world music history. BTS how shit and gay.. Blackpink no comments its holy veru shit..

    • I'm not trying to be mean but please stop calling BTS gay that's so homophobic yk

  • Ksi fucking called it

  • This another fucked up SElistsr.. was here thew seconds carry on bruh

  • Remember her from du hasha. She was problematic even then. Good player. Just a bit weird.

  • I like how he is talking about clout chasing but half the videos he makes is clout chasing

  • He has no chill 😂

  • Kavos is trying to scam you guys

  • Lol he’d tried to scam you guys with his game don’t trust him or not.

  • Lmao a whole 30 degrees.

  • bruh many artists/bands who actually are better get rejected even while being talented, coz they don't look "appealing". Meanwhile BTS is autotune autotune autotune. All people who know music theory can figure it out.

  • 4:45 Deji has never looked more like his dad than he does in that screenshot

  • Love ksi’s honesty, deji literally thinks he can beat anyone without putting any work in, that’s how massive his ego is, he surrounds himself with yesmen his parents back him all the way and we all know his girlfriends only there for the money, deji isn’t attracting women like that unless they’re fleecing his wallet

  • i think he will watch it again after the video

  • **HEATED**?

  • Popular opinion : you could really roast them more than this I see the potential 😂😂

  • The dislikes be going 📈

    • bruv

    • :(

    • 13 year olds teenage girls

    • ................................................................ ................................

  • M8 Stop swearing so much, there r 8yos and younger on here Yes I understand she swears as well, but she beeps it out! Grow up

    • This is a grown man who is legally an adult, and your telling him to stop swearing in his own video. Wow.

  • No one can hate bts more than me! NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE ME!!!

  • She’s losing it mentally

  • For the james charles thing the videos are fine you did the same but he does care about money

  • lets all just agree that ksi full on stated in his new video that if ddeji gave it his all he would even ko ksi,kavos u wont stand a chance and im not no deji fanboy i like gib more then the two but u just wont stand a chance against deji mate selists.infoUgx24HmHrmlFT7grj7d4AaABCQ

  • Goddamn, couldn't these people put this kind of energy into something else? That doesn't revolve around making stuff about real life people?

  • guys 60k likes if you want to see kavos fight deji

  • Ninta endi!!! Eneech poda mathainga thalayanta mine👈🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Here in Philippines a grab delivery driver was suspended because BTS fans got annoyed when he said BTS BIOT which means BTS Gay.

    • Well it's actually disrespectful saying that and for no reason at all. There's also nothing wrong with being gay but getting suspended is too much-

  • It's not a big thing that every day, a new one joins the fandom. They like their music, mvs and everything. They become excited to learn more about why this fandom is so popular and reknown for. But it all takes into a different turn when they are exposed to this toxic or more obsessed side of the fan base. The new fans get influenced by their works from difference social medias or websites. So that's how it marks the rise of those fans, whom you call 'cringey toxic army'.

    • ok

    • But they are not in a large number, they are just TOO LOUD, who overshadows the normal ones here✋.. who's just here for some music.

    • Because of having such a huge fanbase, I don't blame you guys saying that those toxic ones are just sending me threats and taunts to not like the band.

  • dreams fine i only watch the man hunts but what the fuck is with his stans

  • Its because they have a "trauma"

  • if he showed his face i would say cool anyways

  • Deji lost because he doesn't work hard enough for anything, I predicted this.


  • Here I thought the fortnite community was the most toxic community out there

  • This is a legendary video, oh the old days

  • 30 degrees?! i thought you said it was hot?!

  • I think what people should take away from this is that when people are in movies or on tv they're acting, even if the character they play has the same government name. I always assumed from a young age that Ellen degeneress on tv and Ellen degeneress off tv were probably two very different people. I always liked James Corden, at least as a comedic actor when I first saw The Wrong Mans, but I never assumed that he was therefore a nice person. We should probably assume less about most celebrities.

  • The fact that Dream will be in extreme danger by just showing his face is actually ridiculous

  • Am i the only one going only 30 degrees...

  • Why yo mic volume so low or am i just deaf

  • most of these people are like 12 y'olds IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF THINGS THEY WILL DO ONCE THEY GROW UP

  • You can't blame the team necessarily. A fighter is gonna either train or they aren't, you can't force a grown man into the gym. If he wasn't training then that's on him.

  • More siblings need to be as honest as ksi

  • Haha 30°C is only like 80°F

  • well who else can say these things except his older brother i would do the same

  • It's my birthday :D so please don't be mean to me today xoxo

    • No one asked for your birthday, kiddo

    • You just called yourself a toxic army because this video is for them

    • @Code thank youuuú😘

    • @Jiminnnnn happy birthday mate 😁

    • @Code uhhhhhhhh....well- idk

  • 🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🌯🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🌯🥫🥫🌯🥫🌯🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🫕🥫🥫🍝🥫🌯🍝🌮🍙

  • Ksi isnt being mean his showing brother love tbh

  • Oh hey you're the twitter guy.

  • Bro Kavos really didn’t understand the point of this video😂

  • This is kavos's funniest video.


  • I’ve purchased manscapped. Really enjoyed the product


  • Clearly he hasn't learnt from Jake Paul then. As much as I don't like Jake Paul he would absolutely smoke Deji in a fight now.


  • odd1sout is much better person than u

  • The deji video was somehow hilarious savage and sincere at the same time

  • You know what's sad? we had an issue with Bella Porche on tiktok where Korean's literally got butthurt over a tattoo and started drawing our flag just to tear it up, step on it and even spit on it. the sad part is that many filipino "Kpop fans did not even try to help defend the Philippines nor try to help clear up the misunderstanding, but now there is a trend going on in the Philippines called #BTSBIOT which translate to BTS Gay, and many "BTS FANS" are actually saying they are ashamed of our country and don't want to be Filipino's anymore and want to move to Korea. like if I can decide I will ship them there so they can see first hand how racist Koreans really are.

    • @YG Drake it was a sunrise tattoo and Koreans associated it with Japanese and thought Bella is supporting the Japan and they brought up their war against Japanese and how Japanese are horrible because they treated women as slaves and comfort women in times of war without them even researching that Philippines is one of the countries that help them against the war, and we are also colonized by Japan. but since they are natural racist those fucktards draw our flags and spit on them, you can even search it to know the full details.

    • What was the tattoo about?

    • ಠ_ಠ

    • damn

  • BTS fans = Islam (Both can die or Kill you for their Gods)

  • damn you sucking up ksi aint you😂😂

  • he’s literally cancelling himself

  • Why does it gotta be about likes? Just get in the ring and kick his ass kavos. I'd actually pay to see that 😂

  • How many times can someone mess up?

  • Bro deji v kavos best fight

  • Deji gonna make a video on ksi and call him a rascist 🤣🤣

  • #BoycottBTS

  • BTS fans BIOT

  • Deji vs Kavos is needed

  • Kavos do yourself a favor and get out in the UK sun for a few hours mate. A little bit of tanning and you would have all the girls drooling over you in the vest, real talk.