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12:28My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywhere
My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywherevisningar 2,4mnDag sedan
10:48Don't Judge Me Because I'm A Goth Like Mom
10:43I Am 16 And Still In Grade 5, But I Am Pretty
12:30A Psycho Adopted Me
A Psycho Adopted Mevisningar 1,6mn8 dagar sedan
10:05My Experience As A Female Soccer Player
My Experience As A Female Soccer Playervisningar 1,5mn8 dagar sedan
12:25I'm The Prettiest Girl Alive, My Mom Made Millions
13:01My Dad Loves Anime More Than Me
My Dad Loves Anime More Than Mevisningar 1,7mn15 dagar sedan
10:53Don't Watch My Story Animated
Don't Watch My Story Animatedvisningar 1,9mn22 dagar sedan
12:16I Love To Annoy My Mean Parents
I Love To Annoy My Mean Parentsvisningar 1,7mn22 dagar sedan
9:51My "Perfect Life" When My Sister Was Born
My "Perfect Life" When My Sister Was Bornvisningar 1,2mn29 dagar sedan
11:38My Parents Made Me Think I'm Ugly For 12 Years
13:23Mom Forgot I'm Her Daughter, Seriously
Mom Forgot I'm Her Daughter, Seriouslyvisningar 2,1mnMånad sedan
12:21I'm A Tomboy in A Family Of Models
I'm A Tomboy in A Family Of Modelsvisningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
10:29I Do The Opposite Of What My Mom Say
I Do The Opposite Of What My Mom Sayvisningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
13:19I Have The Lightest Skin In The World
I Have The Lightest Skin In The Worldvisningar 2,3mnMånad sedan
10:00Mom Thinks I'm A Loser
Mom Thinks I'm A Loservisningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
10:12I Have A Perfect Hair
I Have A Perfect Hairvisningar 4,6mnMånad sedan
9:59The School Bully Treats Me Like A Princess
10:54I'm The Youngest Professor In The World
I'm The Youngest Professor In The Worldvisningar 1,6mnMånad sedan


  • This is exactly like Cinderella

  • yeah u r

  • Mr clen magic eraser

  • This girl complaining about one brown eye and one blue eye Me, who is literally trying to get blue contacts so I can have one blue eye and one brown one: ._.

  • Katie distoryed her life

  • Next story: how I ate a tv

  • Oh man 😂 she is really loud

  • Oh yea I know how it feels cause I’m the oldest in my class but the shortest and everyone thinks that I’m 6 but I’m 9

  • Done

  • 1000000000000000000 000000000000

  • Don’t worry if you get bullied having a Hazel I and a blue why because I’ve always wanted one of the things You’re lucky

  • Next story:I’m a skeleton but can still move

  • Elon?... Elon musk

  • Its not why he can't talk its why can't he talk

  • im in love with this story this should be an acual movie

  • What the HECK is shower cream? wth? Bruh

  • When they are cringe but you can’t stop watching them

  • I subscribe

  • Her: i became a billionaire at 5. Her: becoming a billionaire at 18.

  • Life lessons I guess?

  • My name is also tiara what a coincidence💜😁

  • Do not stave yourselves please do not it does not work

  • Coming up episode : I'm jealous of my bff because she is ugly In the episode : Hi, my name is () and I am super pretty, well I think. Plot twist!: I'm ugly and my bff's pretty, I am super jealous! Makes no sense 🤣🤦‍♀️ Ok, I tried. I'm bad at attempting these stuff 😂 funny cuz of the stupidity -_-

  • lol i love how everyone is talking about the among thing and the actual story

  • I'm really happy that she stood up for Ethan im going in to middle soon so this really brings me up

  • I wouldn't really enjoy your videos and some are really stupid and really mean but you still make good videos that made me cry sometimes but that's it please I would love to win the giveaway

  • You hacked my phone you put a virus on it

  • Good

  • nice qwout

  • I was crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  • We knew what was going to happen 8:28

  • "deslike"

  • I had accidentally disliked it 😆❣️

  • That is scary and I don’t like scary stories without ending just “to be continued” And it’s 11 pm I’m going to sleep in an hour:[

  • Yeah I have been support of my mom but when she Being Mean to me I I don't really like it Times I just want to my room Cry that just creaming it me Sometimes which wish For a better mom But I I like her just the way she is and my dad I'm sorry for let hurt you Saying that I have a Dad

  • not deslike its dislike

  • Hi

  • 5:41 One piece Ok im sure your a weeb

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  • I love how theyre like :i was in a famous video, a show and newspaper! I CANT FIND ANY OF THAT U STUP1111D-

  • Cringe

  • I am a big fan of animated stories so I really want you to know I don’t need the money I have one you can give it to her I have a special need it

  • Thats not healthy you need to eat just eat more healthy food maybe that will help


  • 4:43 Seriously You even used hunter x hunter

  • Done

  • W h o l e s o m e

  • I have been subscribed

  • I wanna eat a scorpion so badly

  • 2:17 Ok I think your a weeb since you added some jojo references and a flying nimbus

  • I wanna eat a scorpion so badly

  • Liking this comment (might) give luck


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  • Your son looks like boruto in the video

  • Ohhhhh its so true,that you seriously need a gps to go to your bedroom, yh right think ill berlieve that


  • Do this story has a part 2

  • I am brazilian!

  • I love your video's

  • 6:27 her voice is like terrible and great at the same time

  • Me: *sees title* Also me: so... he likes anime more than she does...?

  • Brat:Who were you Martin Luther King now? Me:Excuse me!!!!He is a great person.And helped Black people long ago.If I was there you would be in the hospital.

  • What’s the channel

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Petra is a grown up

  • But in club Roblox they where calling me a six year old girl but I said to them I’m 40 as a teacher Job

  • I am that exact girl I don’t know how to read but I’m already in algebra and I’m only eight

  • Ummm how does she know what her parents said tge day she was born? She didnt even understand english yet. What an inconsistency!🤣

  • I cried when she asked hem to get married😭😭😭❤❤


  • Have you seen the horror movie the nun🎬

  • Ewwwwwwww

  • 4th Moral Of The Story: It's not a disability it's a different ability Dhar Mann

  • In the beginning when she said someone will get $1000 if they just subscribing it in seven days I said but I’m already subscribed I still get the money?

  • your lucky to have your brothers protect and WORSHIP you most likely. my brothers treat me like a piece of trash on the street when I'm allergic to cat -_-

  • I love your video