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14:16KSI x Logan Paul - IMPAULSIVE | Behind The Scenes
3:11:46KAMARU USMAN | True Geordie Podcast #144
KAMARU USMAN | True Geordie Podcast #144visningar 543tnMånad sedan
1:01:54LOGAN PAUL | True Geordie Podcast #143
LOGAN PAUL | True Geordie Podcast #143visningar 971tnMånad sedan
36:35Meet KSI’s Next Opponent... BRYCE HALL
Meet KSI’s Next Opponent... BRYCE HALLvisningar 800tn2 månader sedan
36:54GOTCHA HAT! Floyd Mayweather ATTACKS Jake Paul
GOTCHA HAT! Floyd Mayweather ATTACKS Jake Paulvisningar 525tn2 månader sedan
2:58:15A FATHER’S LEGACY | True Geordie Podcast #142
18:42THE NEXT EPISODE | The True Geordie Story
THE NEXT EPISODE | The True Geordie Storyvisningar 280tn3 månader sedan
1:21:26JAKE PAUL | True Geordie Podcast #141
JAKE PAUL | True Geordie Podcast #141visningar 541tn3 månader sedan
30:35Piers Morgan's OBSESSION with Meghan Markle EXPOSED
2:17:18JAMES ARTHUR | True Geordie Podcast #139
JAMES ARTHUR | True Geordie Podcast #139visningar 388tn4 månader sedan
36:30Kim Kardashian DIVORCES Kanye! (THE TRUTH)
Kim Kardashian DIVORCES Kanye! (THE TRUTH)visningar 297tn4 månader sedan
43:22JAKE PAUL Fighting MMA Champion! (Calls Out KSI)
1:12:34THE REBUILD 2 | True Geordie Documentary
THE REBUILD 2 | True Geordie Documentaryvisningar 568tn6 månader sedan
14:46Behind The Scenes Of ‘THE SHOWDOWN’
Behind The Scenes Of ‘THE SHOWDOWN’visningar 75tn6 månader sedan
7:56THE SHOWDOWN | A True Geordie Film
THE SHOWDOWN | A True Geordie Filmvisningar 233tn6 månader sedan
1:57:46CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PODCAST | True Geordie Podcast #138
1:52Keep Going | True Geordie x Gymshark
Keep Going | True Geordie x Gymsharkvisningar 185tn7 månader sedan
52:43Leaving YouTube | True Geordie Podcast #136
Leaving YouTube | True Geordie Podcast #136visningar 673tn8 månader sedan
39:39Church Pastor Has MELTDOWN Over Trump Defeat! 😂
2:46:56MANCHESTER CITY 1-1 LIVERPOOL | The Kick Off #117
33:31This Sh*t Again...
This Sh*t Again...visningar 404tn8 månader sedan
3:10:58MANCHESTER UNITED 0-1 ARSENAL | The Kick Off #116
2:44:06KHABIB vs GAETHJE | The Knock Out #15
KHABIB vs GAETHJE | The Knock Out #15visningar 2,4mn8 månader sedan
2:28:40MANCHESTER UNITED 0-0 CHELSEA | The Kick Off #115


  • I don’t like this devils advocate approach you’re taking

  • We need more of this.

  • Who saw Logan's coach dozing?

  • 8:08 is that gib??

  • well fucking done

  • I fucking loved this episode. Mad love from Chicago

  • It's so nice that Logan hasn't forgotten what Geordie did for him. Easy to forget now but Brian REALLY stuck his neck on the line by giving him that first interview

  • This does put a smile on my face

  • Maybe not the #1 podcast in the world, but thats the best episode they got so far. Loved the energy, it was amazing.

  • These Christmas episodes are some of my absolute favourites and I rewatch every-time I need a pick me up

  • I reject your reality and substitute my own adam savage

  • I love how well they all getting along and mad gift he got for Logan

  • This guy is actually my hero. The embodiment of chaotic good.

  • Can't believe TG is twerking for Jake Paul. Madness

  • Jake and Logan have grown on me. They put in a lot of work into content creation, nothing but respect.

  • Who's here after Logan Paul did an Impaulsive podcast with KSI on True Geordie's set. How the times have changed.

  • He ain’t no west coast gangster - Nate Diaz

  • JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

  • I find it hypocritical when you guys say MEN CAN BE WOMEN but then when a guy does this to himself to look Korean you mock, I have no respect for you both, but I disagree with both men are never women no matter how much you wish and this guy is British

  • Re watching these after Shaun's channel was taken down. Up yours youtube

  • used to be funny, now just a pair of bell ends

  • Aged like milk

  • One of the most powerful videos ever posted on to this platform


  • that was AWESOME!

  • Geordie looking like a proud dad 🥺🤣

  • Watched this a number of times Tyson is so down to earth and funny great podcast

  • Wow that moment when i just realized that i have watched basically all of the videos on your channel Geordie and i was not subbed. wtf xD

  • Fukin impressive video

    • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

  • Remember when Brian said that Logan beat Floyd

  • That Oli guy went from looking like the woman shouting after her Parrot called Chanel to malfoy from Harry Potter

  • Two points :)

  • Impaulsive is the #1 Podcast in the world. Love u Geordie....but....LP is my guy...

  • Logan Paul: Listed as 6’2 True Geordie: Listed as 6’1 Meanwhile 2:30

  • I thought jj was capping about TG being in the back I just thought they used the same set. Now I assume this is in fact True Geordies property

  • 8:22 that’s hilarious

  • Should remove this due to the fact bill is innocent

  • How do we know he ain't making it all up?

  • I knew it was tour set when I started to wach his podcast

  • Great ep 💪

  • Mr supreme talking about the podcast at the end but was sleeping is fking hilarious

  • Wow 😀

  • The best collab in 2021

  • Geordie is literally the uncle that hangs out with the kids and not the adults

  • The 2 point jokes is really accurate😭🔥

  • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

  • I get so much rocky vibes lol

  • Just watched again. Dont know how anyone can cry without tears? SElists just took him down. He will be snorting flour now with Cali. Lmao.

  • T.G is the best podcast ever In the history of forever

  • Ugh I love everything about thissss 🥺💖💖

  • What a great watch that was. Seeing them behind the scenes is so refreshing

  • Aw mate u actual sook up jacks a$$

  • Korean is nationality or heriatge/ancestry

  • Oli london is a white english man who thinks you can look like a nationality bruhhhh

  • Loved you in Biker Grove

  • How do you look like a nationality bruh

  • 3 years later and this is still entertaining and legendary as fuck

  • [Educator Intimidator exterminator] I Really Felt That One💯🙌🙏

  • Love the both of them

  • Human with pink hair,, wth??

  • Well khabib became the p4p and the best role model for the sport and fuked conor and all his team/fans


  • This was awesome

  • Surprised yous never done a podcast on the James Bulger story

  • Yo the audio and video quality 👌👌

  • Brian is such a sick interviewer

  • Fucking class 🔥

  • best trio its insane

  • I love this 🙏🙌

  • This podcast was amazing, never seen it coming

  • All these guys are at the top of their game. Incredible to see.

  • Connor X khabib next

  • The best podcast I’ve seen in awhile

  • No one : Neek : “LiKeWiSe”

  • Bare knuckle boxing on a Sunday 😂

  • TG went from a Conor fanboy to a Paul brothers fanboy.