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3:34How to Eurovision - Ukraine 🇺🇦
How to Eurovision - Ukraine 🇺🇦visningar 265tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of San Marino - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of San Marino - Eurovision 2021visningar 39tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Austria - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Austria - Eurovision 2021visningar 10tn15 dagar sedan
1:00Postcard of Cyprus - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Cyprus - Eurovision 2021visningar 25tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Ireland - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Ireland - Eurovision 2021visningar 10tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of United Kingdom - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Spain - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Spain - Eurovision 2021visningar 10tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Australia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Australia - Eurovision 2021visningar 7tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Estonia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Estonia - Eurovision 2021visningar 4,8tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Romania - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Romania - Eurovision 2021visningar 10tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Lithuania - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Lithuania - Eurovision 2021visningar 9tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Bulgaria - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Bulgaria - Eurovision 2021visningar 6tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Georgia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Georgia - Eurovision 2021visningar 3,5tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Israel - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Israel - Eurovision 2021visningar 7tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Serbia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Serbia - Eurovision 2021visningar 22tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Italy - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Italy - Eurovision 2021visningar 72tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Greece - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Greece - Eurovision 2021visningar 29tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Latvia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Latvia - Eurovision 2021visningar 4,5tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Albania - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Albania - Eurovision 2021visningar 6tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Russia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Russia - Eurovision 2021visningar 17tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of North Macedonia - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Denmark - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Denmark - Eurovision 2021visningar 4,1tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Slovenia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Slovenia - Eurovision 2021visningar 3,4tn15 dagar sedan
0:59Postcard of Malta - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Malta - Eurovision 2021visningar 5tn15 dagar sedan


  • 🇷🇸

  • So many juries didnt give even a single point to Russia. Song of ukraine was good, but that Russian song was just epic, i still listen to it.

  • gonna tell my kids this was Dragostea Din Tei

  • burda da detone olmus. o kismi soyleyemiyor belli ki.

  • 3 неделя как идет, а я все еще наслаждаюсь)

  • You cool

  • Bu şarkıyla aynı yaştayın

  • This girl looks like Billie Eilish, and that's all... 😶🤷‍♀️ Boring like all songs from Eurovision.

  • maNga kazanmalıydı yorumlarını beğenmeye geldim

  • This music is a trash never makes success in north, central & south America. you europeans are so incompetent playing songs.

  • Fermın'ın yanaklarını ısırmadan ölmek istemiyorum allahım amin

  • Obrigada 🙏

  • I know you are here because of the tiktok, 5 most rated eurovision songs... 👋

  • Alicia Á ARIELE

  • She gives me chills. Love from France ❤️

  • 🇹🇷'den selamlar 🇦🇿


  • maNga: We could be the same Eurovision: NOT TODAY! OH NOT TODAY!

  • Moldova's song and Azerbaijan's are my favourite songs from this year Greetings from Greece

  • You can't call this song bad because your country didn't win. It was the best song of this year. Love from Azerbaijan🇦🇿❤🇮🇹

  • Ни политика,не ковид... Сердце"забрал" навсегда!

  • I don’t understand why everybody is still mentioning Il Volo and Mahmood 3rd and 2nd place but still nobody giving credits to Raphael Gualazzi’s 2nd place: he literally made Italy come back to EV after 10 years and he went straight to the second place although he really deserved to win with that piece of art of song

  • The song is very mysterious and I like it.

  • WOMEN!

  • The fact that efendi is 4th herein but didnt even make top 15 in the final

  • Моя любовь!!!!!!

  • Eurovis

  • Powinien wygrać brawo!!!

  • شوضع ذولي الي معه يدورون 😭؟

  • I can't understand why they like so much... Their music is so fake

  • Tell me to turn around you 😂😭?

  • Popular opinion: Their win was fair

  • Love this song, one of my favorite ever!

  • Mnogo ste lepe

  • שיר מהמהם

  • Hadiseyi de bu şarkıyı da harcatmayız. Tek kelimeyle MUHTEŞEM.

  • Underrated song..

  • why you didn't win?☹☹☹☹

  • Brad pitts long lost brother

  • Me obsessed of listening to italy everyday-

  • Those 2 girls is not from abba

  • 12 points for their onlyfans

  • 4:13 that song improvisation is just too good. Fire.

  • Australi moed door

  • How on earth does she hold that note for that long, 1 second in and my voice dies

  • Ew

  • Clap your hands > mavi donlu lena

  • Nasıl birinci olmamış aq

  • As a Turk, I supported Switzerland. Switzerland is my favorite country after Turkey. If I wasn't Turkish, I would most like to be Swiss. I hope one day we will be a sister country.

  • Juries returned to the contest in order to eliminate immigrants' voting (that favoured counties with great diaspora) and bloc voting. I think they did a good job for the first and a horrible one for the second. And of course bloc voting is not only Greece and Cyprus: ex-Yugoslav countries vote each other, Scandinavian countries vote each other, ex-USSR countries vote each other. Someone would argue that juries have introduced one more kind of voting: networking or interests voting. Is everybody sure that it is pure coincidence and a matter of taste that Swedish jury gave 12 points to a song that was written by Swedish songwriters, (exactly like they did in 2018 and 2012) or that Albanian jury gave 12 points to Switzerland because of the song and not because the singer is of Albanian origin? Just saying....

  • why 11th place?!this song and this performance is fantastic!one of my favorites! my winner from Russia

  • Moldova 2021 ❤❤❤

  • I have listened this song 238473 times and it's a wonder for me

  • 2017=2021

  • sejo sejo sejo

  • This dude is a legend everyone here is vibing on his song for almost 15 yrs!

  • i love this band❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The second comment in my name I did not wrote.

  • Мне понравилось!!!

  • Wtf

  • Swiss: "I think we fucked up the most this time." Germany: "Hold my beer..."

  • and they let italy win 😐

  • Fun fact: The fact that his younger brother is one of the most famous singers and heard singers (got billions of listeners) and James got last in the contest is just crazy in my opinion His brother is John Newman with the famous song "Love me again" If you're wondering

  • I love this music

  • maNga 1. Olmalıydı

  • 0:47

  • This song sounds like a granberries song backwards 😅 I'm a fan

  • my favourite of eurovision

  • Depresion: This song : NO

  • Singing like this on those heels...

  • The more u listen to it, the more u like it.

  • Слова песни: Весняночка, весняночка Де ти зимувала? У садочку на кленочку Сорочечку пряла Там у лісі на юзлісі Сова в дуду дує Заспіваю співаночку Нехай вона чує Заплетися, шуме, барвіночком Я тобі співаю весняночку Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі Прийди, прийди, весняночко Та й не забарися, А ми вийдем на юлицю Будем любитися Весняночко, паняночко Заглянь у віконце Заспівали співаночку Засвітило сонце Нумо, нумо заплетемо шума Заплетемо, гуляти підемо Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі Заплетися, шуме, заплетися Барвіночком, шуме, застелися Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі Весняночка, весняночка Де ти зимувала? У садочку на кленочку Сорочечку пряла Ой у лісі на юзлісі Сова в дуду дує Заспіваю співаночку Нехай вона чує Заплетися шуме барвіночком Я тобі співаю весняночку Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі Нумо, нумо наробили шума Наробили, весну розбудили Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі

  • Najbolji dio kad pjeva na hrvatskom

  • I tied the record lol

  • This song is such an art.. I really like this one.

  • This song is so good…I like it 🤘

  • çok tatlı adam bence gözlükleri çıkarıp gözleri göstermeseydi finale kalamazdı duyar kastı evet ama iyi etti yoksa geçemeyecekti bu şarkı ve adam çok iyi. gözlüklerini çıkardığı her an böyle değil bilerek yaptığını düşünüyorum.

  • Whats up with all these turkish people here?? 😂😂

  • This song is so generic a white canvas has more personality. People saying it didn't deserve 0 points are in denial.