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8:07The DEADLIEST FLYING KICK Knockouts Ever SEEN...
9:19The DUMBEST Moments In MMA... (MMA FAILS)
8:02Skull CRUSHING MMA Front Kick KNOCKOUTS...
Skull CRUSHING MMA Front Kick KNOCKOUTS...visningar 109tn2 månader sedan
8:19The DEADLIEST Hook KO's That SHUT Fighters OFF...
8:35Liver RUPTURING Knee Body KNOCKOUTS...
Liver RUPTURING Knee Body KNOCKOUTS...visningar 20tn2 månader sedan
8:20INSANELY Powerful Strikes That Knocked TEETH OUT...
8:09MMA Fighters That Talked DURING Fights...
MMA Fighters That Talked DURING Fights...visningar 15tn3 månader sedan
8:49MMA Fighters That FAKED Their INJURIES...
MMA Fighters That FAKED Their INJURIES...visningar 14tn3 månader sedan


  • Conor days of prime is over

  • Bias channel

  • No.. Please no!!commentary just show the damn fighters Jesus!!


  • That’s nasty bbb he licked those gloves after that

  • Trash video.

  • Chop em like a tree

  • Conor is now sitting in a corner

  • 1:47 there is a lot of knockouts like this in TKD(tae kwon do) and they look si nice

  • sterling nr1 actor, better should be playing for a soccer team and not doing ufc

  • Click

  • Connors head was so big not even his legs could hold em up anymore ...

  • Jeremy Stephens on RDA

  • 💪🙏😁

  • Optimus

  • Honest

  • Like they used to say in middle school “ HE NEEDS SOME MILK”🤣🤣

  • Conor start flights you tubers and make some money.. your mma is done.. u cant win a ranked 10 guy.. still the best show man in the sport just stop fighting the best.. your just gonna get your ass whipped

  • I swear I thought Carlos and cam were related

  • 2:02 brok I can see the blood in the air:…

  • That's why you dont skip leg day boys!

  • Chicken legs. The mcmahon walk is history. Wwe next conor vs vince. For the undisputed mc chicken.

  • Legs always hurt

  • A *bloody hell*

  • And that’s not a “broken ankle,” that’s a tib/fib fracture, aka a broken leg.

  • What an ass kicking he took poor bastard it must suck to be a has been !

  • At 2:45 the video says “Tommy Etim”. Tommy?! Really!? And as if that head kick wasn’t bad enough!

  • Legkicks at heavyweight looks Scary 😳

  • 5:41 I'm from Poland I didn't expect that you will put Amadusz in this list and that was nice to see something from my country

  • Shit video, title is a lie.

  • you sound like old dani

  • This is just a totally unnecessary sport. And yet some people still find it entertain sometime. We have all the technology in the world to settle difference. Do not need bare hand and naked body fight to do that. So uncivilized.

    • I 100% agree. It’s so barbaric

  • Conor just signed an endorsement deal with Nature Made calcium suppliments.

  • 0:43 looks like a mirror

  • :43 looks like a mirror

  • Talk too much

  • "A beautiful performance..." Some mental illness is so ubiquitous in this society we refuse to call them mental illnesses.

  • Decent list left out a couple of great uppercuts though like JDS vs werdum and francis vs overreem

  • Conor Mc Gregor " Arogant" He sad " Even Jesus couldn"t beat me" Be carreful with your mouth Conor

    • Gregor crazy😆😀

  • shouldn't they be keeping their teeth together instead of thei8r mouths hanging open and vulnerable?

  • Colby is awesome, he has the balls to speak good about the real president.

    • Previous president. Love or hate him he lost.