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12:05What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels?
13:04How Israel's Iron Dome Works
How Israel's Iron Dome Worksvisningar 953tn21 dag sedan
14:42What Happens If Yellowstone Blows Up Tomorrow?
12:46The Insane Complexity of the India/Bangladesh Border
12:56Why the World's Biggest Ship is an AWFUL Idea
Why the World's Biggest Ship is an AWFUL Ideavisningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan
16:23Countries With WAY Fewer People Than You Think
Countries With WAY Fewer People Than You Thinkvisningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
13:08The Problem With the Middle East's Borders
The Problem With the Middle East's Bordersvisningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
15:56Why Taiwan "Sorta" Claims Mongolia and More
Why Taiwan "Sorta" Claims Mongolia and Morevisningar 1,1mn4 månader sedan
10:30China's Insane Plan to Dig a Canal Across the Balkans
10:48Why the Future of Cars is Inevitably Electric
Why the Future of Cars is Inevitably Electricvisningar 323tn5 månader sedan
8:59The World's Helium Problem: When Will We Run Out?
11:28Africa's Desert Problem: How to Stop the Sahara
10:58The World's Strangest Borders Pt 6: Wacky US States
10:46The Bizarre Way We'll Keep Track of Time on Mars
9:03The Pacific Ocean is VASTLY Bigger Than You Think


  • So that would happened after Der Eisendrache

  • You wouldnt have a 1 in 12 chance of having the same birthday as someone in the room

  • I,m scared of the earth ending but I won’t be there and now I understand that is nothing to fear

  • I sent a message to my dad. I still havent gotten a response and its been 7 years...

  • russian prince Volodymyr the Great? There was no "russia" to speak of at the times of Volodymyr! Soviet russia wants the world to think that russia is as old as Volodymyr, but in reality, russia is only as old as the Ivan the Terrible, who was the vassal of Mongols, who allowed him to rule the Moscow land in exchange for the regular payment. Volodymyr was the prince of Kyivan Rus, that was located in the territory on modern Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states and Russia, with the capital of Kyiv (modern Ukraine). He was not the prince of Russia, but of Rus, the state that gave birth to modern Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Saying that Volodymyr was the prince of Russia is like saying that Gauis Julius Caesar was the Emperor of Brittania. During the times of Volodymyr, modern European russia had no cities, only land of nomadic tribes. It's especially ridiculous when you combine the map of modern russia with the face of Volodymyr. During his time the territory you marked as his had no statehood what so ever.

  • Safest place would be behind me, have fun getting through a barrage of cats and plates and small people that i could actually lift and toss at the zombies. . .

  • Central American countries are invading America and we are paying for thier food, medical/dental care and housing. Liberalism is a self destructive mental disorder

  • people that died in Medival France:so no head?

  • No. let us thank God for his actions.

  • I think the most feasible option would be to build a train track. I could see more people taking a train trip than driving for that many hours.

  • YES!

  • Tell that to 69

  • I know it sounds crazy but I wish I lived in Alaska :(

  • Probably still safer than half the rides at a state fair or carnival.

  • 738k people is like .5% of 142 million not .005% how do you get simple shit like that so wrong during the first few seconds of your video...

  • *sigh* Charles the IV, King of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor had a long and successful reign.

  • 3:13 I think you used the word "nocturnal" incorrectly

  • i think more people need to understand that because the rest of the world now knows just how small the west is !

  • who decided Japan is a girl?

  • These people are hiding the aliens

  • What about the number hated by science teachers 69420 who think writing it on the board is so bad you need in school suspension, fuck you to the teacher I won’t say cause this channel shows science and she might see this even tho the chances are low

  • What does it look like outside of the universe

  • And when you see the clutch actually fully engage about 1/3 of the way down the track you can see the air come off the wing

  • What about kidnap 1 of them, preferably a person about 17-20 years old. Put the person In a biohazard suit so he/she survives. Then vaccinate and slowly make the person able to interact with the world. Then show this person as much as possible. From agriculture, manufactureing, foods, housing from Asia to Europe and back. Then, after 3-4 years put the person back on the island and observe what happends. It may not be possible because putting the person back on the island could introduce viruses/diseases that the natural inhabitants cannot cope with.

  • ok now close MAPS you won't find any tribes 😂😂😂

  • name Pakistan doesn't really stand for anything, it just means pure land, so we can name Stanistan. Pakistan. And pak translates same in all languages of stanistan

  • 2 days ago I randomly got reccomended a video from you. it looks interesting so I clicked it. I loved it, and now I wont stop watching your videos. History teachers are boring, your more fun.

  • Mate, as ex yugoslavian i just realized you have no clue! Putting some infomation togehter and to put the rest in a senseless way only gives the wrong picture. I‘ll stop whatching your videos couse i don‘t want to be missinformed.

  • I wish people would stop excluding Northern Ireland when they show 'Ireland' if you're going to leave out 25% of the whole country then at least refer to it as The Republic Of Ireland, it irritates a lot of Irish/Northern Irish people

  • What a legend to survive that as well as the divers who managed that rescue. I have watched plenty of diver videos from youtube recommendations and it seems like if anything goes slightly wrong with deep dives you're dead. So for them to save a man they didn't even know would be a live down there that fast is incredible.

  • 2:02 why you have to be so american?

  • Well that ruins my vacation plans

  • Maybe the Doomsday bunker in the whitehouse

  • bro why cant we use a helicopter ???

  • I would love to hear how the flat-earthers will try to explain the sunsets as seen from the Burj Khalifa.

  • All the sunlight that falls on the Sahara is reflected off as heat. Solar panels currently are about 20% efficient. So only 80% of current energy would reflect off as heat. This would cool the Sahara slightly and reduce hurricanes. It would disrupt global weather patterns.

  • You make the British sound like the villains here, but they're obviously the good guys in this story.

  • this is the asian version of Yugoslavia

  • bruh, how is the man who wrote the law softer than my friends in 2019 smh

    • thailand looks boring anyways japan looks cooler

  • The real answer: *she was hacking*

  • On top of all of this, why one million? 10,000 active inhabitances would easily be the most incredible societal and technological achievements ever achieved by humans.

  • Pausing it at the start and it has to be hands down.....the fire alarm in school

  • Love videos like these

  • Inteaanus fluids???

  • Buy a sailboat instead.

  • my best friend in primary school was from tibet but then he moved to canada from my home country,,, i miss him 😔💔🤚

  • I don’t need a 7 min video to know planes run on fuel.

  • I know this guy who survived at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years, although he was part vampire, his name was Dio btw

  • 69 years!

  • 4:22 oh my god he predicted the tva

  • Wtf the views to likes ratio don’t match

  • I like it how on the thumbnail the nordic coutrys are looking kinda big

  • This is the adult version of the boy who cried wolf.

  • I thought it was Alcatraz

  • hardest place to break in to is in belgium where they polish all diamonds around the world so they look cleaner. it has top world security and more then 100tons of diamonds

  • Bro Ik it’s late but u didn’t even do every country

  • I’m with Stephen Hawking, I think humanity has about a hundred years left. We humans are exceptionally good at destruction.

  • Would we get more stimulus checks

  • No but we're like 30,000 years *overdue* in a sense How can we say it's likely not gonna happen in our lifetime? 😱 It blows up every 600,000 years It's been roughly 630,000 Just my train of thought

  • Liberal are shaking in their yoga pants

  • dude 4 people under 4 y/o and only one homeless

  • Weekend at Oliver's.

  • 14:55 Typical dumbass commentary. If Russia was fighting with Ukraine, the Donbass conflict would be over in few hours with Ukraine losing big time. Why do you think nobody's attacking Crimea? Because there are Russian military over there. It's not Russia-ukraine war, it's civil war between nazi Ukies government and people of Donbass who refuse to bow down to them. I'm from east Ukraine originally and I know what I'm talking about .

  • I love rollacoasters but I'm scared of heights like that tho, it would f*** me up

  • hes lucky my cousin died last year lost his way in 4x4 vehicle end up drinking coolant and washer fluid

  • Those guys were just going for achievements at that point

  • idk why I'm so bothered by how off-tempo the drums are to the background music

  • 3:30 the reason it looks so good is because it’s in HD

  • I’ve driven from anchorage - Wilmington NC in a little less than 5 days. It was rough but fun

  • Is always the Chinese eating what they shouldn't be eating

  • People : *No* The wind : :>

  • this is all nonsense.

  • okay i believe in all mythical beings now with all thos universes

  • 4 million paid out out of 4 billion what the actual fuck

  • I live in Georgia and that area is formally called spaghetti junction

  • A COVID-19 nightmare

  • 5:09 Please stop to call him magellan, he isnt french,he is portuguese and his name IS Fernão de Magalhães !

  • That is a nightmare for a person who is an introvert 😳

  • Not everyone wants their country to be better connected with the rest of the world.