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11:19Why Jakarta is sinking
Why Jakarta is sinkingvisningar 2,1mnDag sedan
8:12The invention that fixed lighthouses
The invention that fixed lighthousesvisningar 496tn8 dagar sedan
6:05How highways make traffic worse
How highways make traffic worsevisningar 957tn8 dagar sedan
7:17Vaccine side effects are actually a good thing
6:48mRNA vaccines, explained
3:56Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?
Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?visningar 877tnMånad sedan
1:14:09Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration ceremony
6:14The warning signs before the Capitol riot
6:432020, in 7 minutes
2020, in 7 minutesvisningar 3mnMånad sedan
8:02India's huge farmer protests, explained
India's huge farmer protests, explainedvisningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
5:35The real cost of smart speakers
The real cost of smart speakersvisningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
5:45Why a US election in Georgia matters so much
Why a US election in Georgia matters so muchvisningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
6:14How virtual reality tricks your brain
How virtual reality tricks your brainvisningar 660tn2 månader sedan
8:22Napoleon's missing hand, explained
Napoleon's missing hand, explainedvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
7:22Der Kampf um Amerikas 51. Staat - kurz erklärt
6:37Wie man richtig Monopoly spielt
Wie man richtig Monopoly spieltvisningar 50tn2 månader sedan
18:19How tag became a professional sport
How tag became a professional sportvisningar 966tn2 månader sedan
8:15Why Poland is having huge protests
Why Poland is having huge protestsvisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
9:26The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explained
The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explainedvisningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
9:13How '90s porn led to the internet's foundational law
5:36La foto del eclipse que hizo famoso a Einstein
La foto del eclipse que hizo famoso a Einsteinvisningar 155tn3 månader sedan
6:37La forma correcta de jugar a Monopoly
La forma correcta de jugar a Monopolyvisningar 60tn3 månader sedan


  • why not talk about people who died after taking the dose?

  • why all of your videos recently focus on back people and white people? i want to see other stories too.

  • In two word (it's Kashmir)

  • *people died because the losing side couldn’t accept defeat* Flashback to 1/06/2021

  • So :What are you sinking about?

  • Very well done

  • This feels like i am watching a intro of a movie

  • Stone pelting as usual...smh

  • 3 words for this: Green New Deal

  • Nice

  • MCU is overrated because it has a bad writing and its character, for the most part, have nothing to do with their comics counterparts, and somehow tons of people seem to like the movies... If only they read one comic book...

  • He beat him like a rag doll 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • My people 😢

  • Wouldn't it be less expensive," in a lot of ways", to pipe in water than to build a whole new city and then deal with all the displaced people from Jakarta?

  • Yeah. Start getting out.

  • Look I don't know if I've seen a ghost but some paranormal things have happened to me.

  • This is a video full of lies is what I would say if I was an antivaxxer. Great video! I wish everyone could see it.

  • Brazil beautiful rich country full of beautiful people sadly destroyed by the racist white people in power

  • As an member of former colonies iam enjoying it.

  • Common sense

  • Black man : * Beats a white man with ease * White people : *Wait, that’s illegal*

  • This country is in competition with India for the worst water system.

  • I don't like how these videos are always centered around racism which is not relevant these days. How about Vox put their effort into actual journalistic investigation by taking a closer look at corona restrictions which are in effect.

  • You dont have to look for old fights to find boxers who suppose to be white hope... Andrew Golota was annouced one on 1990s by .. Don King

  • Ngl Sushant Singh Rajput's death really really made me cry. He came from a middle class family. Grew up like an average Indian kid. Made his parents proud with good grades. Fulfilled his dream and became a successful actor and all of a sudden without telling anyone disappeared.

  • Do I have to have a “trip” to feel this? Or can I take a small amount and relax?

  • Racism in the 1900s ?! Impossible

  • Another story of US excellency!! LOL

  • china..

  • inter national waters ?? so wot can you say you can't so they can do it

  • These videos should be shown to all people in the world

  • It's just modern-day colonialism honestly or just another form of manifest destiny. your religion might give you permission to invade another's homeland, but most of the people that go to live in the country weren't even born there. However you try to justify it, it's just a group of foreigners who have never lived in the area come from distant lands to displace people that have continuously lived there for hundreds of years and have nowhere else to go. You aren't Israelites, you are Americans, french, germans, etc, you have homelands and are displacing people that have nowhere else to go.

  • Hmmm… white mob violence after being let down after a lot of hype. Where have I heard this before?

  • Never trust everything vox says

  • What an embarrassment

  • Normal state of white peoples

  • Alien WatchMojo: Here are the Top 10 weirdest images ever discovered in space.

  • They were talking about how boxers represented the pride of their community. Now boxing is just youtubers trying to stay relevant.

  • Lookrs like a man,sounds like a man. Probably a man but this is 2021 and anyone can be anything. Me personally,I'm a gold fish.

  • The way the Netherlands are run now, it would probably be beneficial to partner with them.

  • The opposition of jakarta governor called cebong and buzzer should watch this chanel,flood in jakarta happened since long time ago but the cebongers blame mr anies (governor of jakarta currently).

  • "Black man wins championship" doesn't mention his name. Real Buzzfeed vibes lol.

    • It makes sense to not say his name. His name is not the interesting part. Plus they did say his name, it just wasn't the headline. He wasn't an icon before that.

  • I watch this video on my sweet home in Central Jakarta. Me and my family always trying to not wasting water in daily basis bcause i know water is going to be very rare in the future.

  • Imagine buy 1 get 1 event goes to apple store

  • the only reason for the coup is Fethullah the laughing terrorist organization

  • ●in bible and Quran and other text said : yajuj and majuj (turkic and mangol) will come to destroy HUMANITY and our religon. Midean (kurdish) and marduk ask Cyrus to made wall against yajuj and majuj (tork , mangol) And He build the iron wall at north of median empire , Anatolia

  • There’s a parallel to this and Trump supporters storming the Capitol.

  • this is completely upsetting...cats are NOT toys

  • I would have loved to see Johnson do a windmill punch for the knockout.

  • Wait, so an outbreak of white mob violence against African Americans isn't a race riot? I'm pretty sure that is a race riot. It's a riot spurred by racial tensions.

  • who elese thinks vox is the better vice news

  • i need a spike lee film abt this

  • Thank you Vox for taking us back in history ✌️ Hi Vox team I would like you to map history time line of boxing in the world & America.. And how it is losing it's popularity since the late 90s Thanks!

  • So another example of humans causing their own problems

  • Интересно

  • it has been in jakartas responsibility to fix it for 70 years, japan made it, sorry but if its their own fault not the dutch, if not for the dutch, jakarta wouldn't have the telephone

  • It’s really sad that I didn’t know who jack Johnson was...

  • can't stop recommending shawn from !nsta gave me access to my acct perfectly

  • Who’s here at 100 seconds til?

  • Once the ground above the plate begin to shake, surfaced soil fall through the tectonic fault line, everything on top get to lower few inches, over the years, it added up to few feet.

  • cant we move on from the past and all this race religion etc etc issues and focus on the future? like climate change and things that we can actually change and matters the most. instead of looking back all the time, lets look foward together.

  • We should spread this video and share to many and many countries so that they can at least help them

  • Me watching this in my bed in my house in Jakarta next to the ocean: _"interesting"_

  • hamburger

  • its all over christians have always been willing to destroy anything to be the god on top, stay stronge !

  • Im in the Snoop Dogg contest, go check out my track.. I didn't use the triplet, no regrets!

  • This lady in this video is "SO" hot! 😳

  • You finally realized...😱

  • Racism isn't history yet

  • 60mil people are just MINORITY in China meanwhile Malaysia population just about 32mil... we are consider micro-minority I guess

  • Apparently, it seems, the democrats are the ones who stole the election with the mail-in ballot system, lol.

  • the osama bin laden comparison is gr8

  • 🙏🙏🙏 Please God save Jakarta and their people.

  • Vox :let's create a video that makes people think they're the authoritarians instead of us.

  • who's watching this when North Korea isn't testing anymore thanks to trump

  • imagine your favorite athlete winning a big game offended the losing athlete's fans so bad that the congress had to step in. sour grapes level 1000.

  • Wow, they really didn't hide their racism back then! Horrifying >_<

  • He is a real fighter. Fought till the end.