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0:28Meteor lights up night sky over Norway
Meteor lights up night sky over Norwayvisningar 337tn2 dagar sedan


  • What's the problem here? It's just mostly peaceful climate change.

  • I'm praying for turkey 😢🙏 from Morocco 🇲🇦💐

  • 8 months later, this is so sweet. I can't wait for Trump and his minions to be indicted and jailed! Then finally, the Republican party can be cleansed and return to respectability.

  • Oh no why man why?😭😭

  • Такое горе, молодец, что простил..

  • The people who started the fire have been caught its nothing to do with climate change.

  • I will give you an award for the shittiest actor

  • Pray for turkey,from indonesia🇮🇩

  • Me turns on caption to understand what she is saying Caption:

  • “ How many cases were in the United States 🇺🇸? When I close the country ? “ Trump shuts this women down!

  • 🤣🥰🇩🇿🤍🚭🍌

  • What’s also disgusting is you see people hitting the cage and I would assume yelling at him / talking to him, stressing him out even more

  • 3:40 , She called her audience "not mature enough" while Putin was there in the audience. That's when you know she is fishy.

  • Legally

  • Cats came across on the ships, blues may of been linked to egyption pharaohs

  • If you think this is bizarre, wait until Joe speaks and do a segment on that.

  • Pray for Turkey.. from Malaysia ❤

  • They put 5g in the ground pluss towers now look at the world...

  • i am curious, why do we never hear from the administrators of the residential schools, and, why did our government believe that indiginous children should be brought into mainstream society

  • Love to China. It brings peace, construction and economic development to other countries.

  • Lucky it was a golden retriever they're the saints of dogs.

  • Great country،brave people،love from Pakistan

  • I have absolute no hope in humanity anymore.

  • Ye ha! were gonna rock and roll now!

  • Faranheit 451, anyone?

  • Sino-Samoa relationship too important

  • Pray with turkey , It is threat by nature for us

  • biden can you tell me what the LONG TERM EFFECTS ARE??? EXACTLY... 🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐

  • This is all caused by the spraying of the skies for so many years…..

  • Big Smoke: That's my dog

  • So eloquent. Just like the bigoted child-sniffing head of cabbage y'all voted in.

  • In the old days that dog would now be 'invited' to join the space program 🐶🚀

  • Nice the left doesn’t love, hug and kiss you into the emergency room!

  • iyi sen bunu hak ediyorsun. Chenneme yanmak. Dana ceza gelecek.

  • Rip sky king

  • It's freaking sickening. if this is an arson to show hater and take it out of nature and common people who work hard for living. Whatever their motive is It's dead wrong and evil.

  • If you’re obviously guilty, going with public pretender is probably not a right move.

  • yanny

  • Why did the amphorae have tear shaped bottoms instead of being flat? You'd think the latter would be immensely more practical.

  • Wmk 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • i can hear both??

  • This bird is the first siren

  • go live in china adern

  • The dumbest thing ever

  • There is a Holy Visitation on tha land 🙏🏿APTTMHYAH 🙏🏿

  • congrat ISS team.... It is important to know how to solve problems of this type or worse ... together as a single team because what comes in the future will be more rude ....greetings from Colombia

  • Congratulations. Vaccination is one of the most Deceptive Inventions Promoted By Science, said Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD. To better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs read the Historic, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

  • ah yes, the synth bird

  • Fair enough, that's really fair, and I'm ok with it. I eat meat, you eat dogs, doesn't bother me.

  • this is weird turkey just suddenly on fire now? someone playing there

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Poor Horses :(

  • She was definitely extremely Aggressive.

  • Complete disrespect. Unbelievable.

  • China was furious so John apologized fast.

  • I don't agree with some of her politics but I'm certainly proud as a woman hearing her standing up to sexism in such a unflinching, unapologetic manner. Certainly a woman to look up to. I welcome more strong women like this in my country of New Zealand.

  • How come happened?

  • hey if British firemen were to put out fires endangering immigrants lives? should they be imprisoned?... discuss

    • What have immigrants done to cause a fire? Wasn't it the oil companies that caused the climate change to begin with? The oil stolen from oil rich countries? I think you should sue the oil companies.

  • People show their true colors when others are in need. If you hate the Turkish people at least have some empathy for the animals and keep praying you ain’t next! Allahım sen vatanı be Türk milletini koru 🤲🏻

  • Engineers thought the temperatures were within acceptable parameters.... Tonight on Seconds From Disaster...

  • Wonderful discovery! The trade system across the Mediterranean across to India on the trade winds and down the east side of Africa was so impressive 2000 (ish) yrs ago.

  • Climate change

    • This Climate Change was caused by a Green Energy Farm located just near this location. This nearly killed 14 Horses :O

    • @Yesim İlkucar evil people honestly. But climate change always plays a factor aswell.

    • No, it wasn’t, it was a terror attack. At the same time, fire broke out in 20 different cities and 58 different places. They burned our country but they burned our children future as well… and lost of animals died:.(((


  • Pray for turkey....the fire can be extinguished within a short time and people will start a normal life again...amen😭


  • Hey shoresy, give ya nuts a tug.