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19:08Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!
Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!visningar 931tnDag sedan
11:39Answering Questions I Would Usually Avoid
34:25Something we want to tell you!
Something we want to tell you!visningar 2,6mnMånad sedan
27:14A New Member of the Family!
A New Member of the Family!visningar 306tn2 månader sedan
17:07Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!
Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!visningar 614tn2 månader sedan
28:46The Story of How We Met
The Story of How We Metvisningar 347tn2 månader sedan
23:42Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Everman
Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Evermanvisningar 159tn2 månader sedan
10:58Trying to Predict 2021!
Trying to Predict 2021!visningar 189tn2 månader sedan
BEARD EDITS IN REAL LIFE!visningar 255tn2 månader sedan
29:45Our WORST Dating Experiences
Our WORST Dating Experiencesvisningar 462tn2 månader sedan
10:09Awkward Stories From The Closet 2
Awkward Stories From The Closet 2visningar 434tn3 månader sedan
10:22Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!
Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!visningar 349tn3 månader sedan
9:10Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!
Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!visningar 293tn4 månader sedan
9:43Why I Went To Hospital (again)
Why I Went To Hospital (again)visningar 477tn4 månader sedan
10:48Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)
Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)visningar 321tn5 månader sedan
KEEP IT OR YEET ITvisningar 495tn5 månader sedan
8:53Exposing My Browsing History!
Exposing My Browsing History!visningar 408tn6 månader sedan
11:35Trying To Catch And Rescue An Injured WILD Pigeon
10:21Awkward Stories From The Closet
Awkward Stories From The Closetvisningar 823tn7 månader sedan
10:32Coming Out - 1 Year Later
Coming Out - 1 Year Latervisningar 907tn7 månader sedan
10:24A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)
A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)visningar 453tn8 månader sedan
10:11Trying To Cut My Own Hair
Trying To Cut My Own Hairvisningar 510tn9 månader sedan
11:16Buying The 7 Strangest Things Wish Recommended Me!
12:05Making whipped tiktok Coffee - Easter Edition! 🐰
17:00I guess I just live in Animal Crossing now
I guess I just live in Animal Crossing nowvisningar 577tn10 månader sedan
17:49Social distancing with Animal Crossing!
Social distancing with Animal Crossing!visningar 748tn11 månader sedan
12:36Doing Things My Parents Never Let Me Do As A Kid 2


  • Are you going to continue Danandphilgames

  • dans face in the thumpnail is sinister

  • Thanks for the ace shoutout! With or without v-card (weird concept in general tbh) feels very validating ^_^

  • i know dan has hated on phils jumper before but its so CUTE its stepdad chic

  • I've never had a community guideline breech I'm gonna say until now

  • Dan's reaction when eating the banana cake thing made this feel just a little more personal and awkward-

  • I want the sloth sooo bad

  • Don't mind my german ass just waching this video enjoing Dan's apperence and stuff and just casually spilling my drink all over myself when Phil suddenly starts counting in german. Also: HoW cOuLd I fOrGeT tHe SeChs✨

  • oml not the hamster fic i was traumatised 💀

  • i’ve been watching y’all since i was 12 and now i’m 21 :,)

  • I legit thought my dog barked at the beginning of the video XD

  • god i didn’t realize how much i needed this

  • Omg you don't know how much I have missed these!!

  • This video just cheered me up after I deleted eleven pages of a graded paper. Luckily my bf could get a previous version back. Thanks for making me laugh after this mini breakdown. Really needed that!

  • Seeing them film together has made my 2021 so much better

  • *Phil counting in German* : 1...2...3...5...4... *Me as a German* : ...Wait a minute...

  • I love Phil's top. Abiior

  • They are just lucky they didn't lose all their subs

  • Me forgetting Charlie lives in Canada let alone my own city

  • Guess it’s time to go back and spend the next three days rewatching Dan and Phil’s videos, this just takes me back to the good ole days

  • "Crawl inside your ears" 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6 months later and I'm still invested with Steve's life

  • This was in my recommended lol

  • *Game:* Hamster in a hat *My brain:* This has awaken many buried memories

  • going back to my roots ...

  • I knew Dan was doing competitive Videogames What is the gamer Tag

  • i realised what radical conceptussy was just as i was going to ask the comments section lol

  • lmao xD

  • phil: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4 me: you're doing amazing sweetie

  • I know this is random but if you are a Christian/religious please can you like this comment? I am just wondering how many religious people are part of the phandom.

  • They have inspired so much creativity.... And dhmis has shown us how horribly weird that can be

  • The amount of serotonin I am receiving today due to the videos I'm catching up on might kill me.

  • I needed this energy in my life again

  • i was always just a casual viewer of dan and phil so that hamster hat fanfiction was not something i knew about and i wish i'd neevr known about it wtf

  • hey lol

  • so... I’m the only one here in 2021?

  • D A N I E L

  • Phil i- This video is monetized via a squirl movie please-


  • We might have a second ice age. Ha ha ha... ...heh


  • Yes we want this. Yes this is content the world needs.

  • I actually thought you broke the cup for a second

  • IT IS NOT OKAY HOW EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THESE BOYS I AM... when the video popped up and i saw dan, i thought i was seeing things but 10 seconds in my brain has finally caught up and i nearly cried. um... yeah.

  • i cant believe i grew up with these dorks i love them sm and not the hamster fic resurfacing istg jskjisjoajoaja

  • Watching innuendo bingo during the pandemic just hits different

  • the moment phil came out in the maid costume was a wild experience for me I SCREAMED

  • genuinely thought this was a dan and phil cute moment compilation but it's not it's just a regular video 😂

  • ok wtf phil looks GREAT in all of them ngl

  • I'm not closeted, I'm open with people but a girl at work hadn't realised that I'm trans. We were on our break together and I was on Twitter arguing with a TERF and she was like "are you okay?" And I was like "yeah, it's just this woman. She thinks I'm a misogynist just because I'm trans." And then she was like "You're trans?! I had no idea! How long have you been out? Which way are you going?"

  • Why did I thought Dan had winged eyeliner in the thumbnail

  • EVERYONE wants this dan don’t worry 😌

  • I'm German and omg this counting in German is too funny 😂😅 also, you said 1 2 3 5 4 8

  • “I don’t wanna come out!” *laughs in future*


  • 9:54 PLEAsE 😭

  • wow nostalgia is really hitting right now

  • Thank you🥺

  • Am I the only person who hasn't lost their introvertism throughout Covid? Because it's been almost a full year in lockdown and I'm actually alright-

  • this is exactly what i needed, thank you <3 youre both wonderful

  • this video is a serotonin boost, i missed you both <3

  • you guys make me so happy <3 ive been extra depressed lately but this video made me genuinely laugh out loud for the first time in a while. i love you both so much!! thank you for this <3

  • OwO tubbo (phil) and tommyinnit (dan) ................................. OwO

  • Okay but the ones Phil hated were the best, those heels and shiny pants looked good on him...and "dark academia"...

  • How was this 4 years ago? Time is flying, we're all dying.

  • im emotional

  • Ok, so Dan and Phil have both kinda tried to hide from the internet that they were gay for over 10 years... yet there are so many videos in which they talk about hot guys, list guys as their 'weakness', name guys as their crushes... Like, the cover wasn't even thick xD

  • I miss Dan and Phil games :(

  • and i'm here again. good lord.

  • phils shirt is to irritating

  • I’d actually love to have the sloth it’s so cute and weird 😂

  • This is being recommended to me in February of 2021, no idea why but I’m not mad about it

  • I’m sorry but at 5:54, Phil genuinely is the twin of Voldemort

  • 18:08

  • The lads are back ✨☺️✨

  • I replaced fried food with a nicotine addiction, trust me you’re good

  • Dude fuck American dominos that looks so good 😭

  • ill take some stuff

  • I can’t believe phil chose a hamster in a hat 😂

  • when I saw the hat and hamster card I audibly gasped