Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan Abroad in Japan

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British Guy making videos in Japan.
Officially better than Simply Red.

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British guy living in Japan.

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23:20I Stayed OVERNIGHT at Japan's BIGGEST Theme Park
29:4812 Reasons NOT to Move to Japan
12 Reasons NOT to Move to Japanvisningar 3mnMånad sedan
25:18I Tried EVERY Japanese Fried Chicken | Ft. @CDawgVA
12:13I Tried Watching Japan's WORST TV Show of All Time
19:11What $250 Buys You at a Japanese Hot Spring Inn
13:49Why Kyoto's Traditional Homes Are Going EXTINCT
12:46What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market
16:48Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARSvisningar 1mn6 månader sedan
16:02Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japanvisningar 1,5mn6 månader sedan
16:41Inside Tokyo's Most EXPENSIVE Penthouse Apartment
18:53What ¥1,000 BUYS You in Japan's No.1 Dollar Store
16:43I Spent a Day in Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park
19:22I Tried Japan's WORST Food (So You Don't Have To)
21:50Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)
Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)visningar 1,3mn8 månader sedan
17:49How Does Living in Japan Change You?
How Does Living in Japan Change You?visningar 1mn9 månader sedan
19:30What Owning a Sushi Restaurant in Japan is Like
14:59The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanese
The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanesevisningar 1mn10 månader sedan
19:44What Driving in Japan is REALLY Like
What Driving in Japan is REALLY Likevisningar 1,8mn11 månader sedan
18:36Why I DON'T Watch JAPANESE TV
Why I DON'T Watch JAPANESE TVvisningar 2,8mnÅr sedan


  • awesome video, but i wondering this video is 6 years old is there any benefit for you if i gonna like old videos ?

  • After three years trying the japanese method for kanji learning I finally decided to give this method a try. And yeah, it works.

  • I seriously think this could air on tv or something and be passable

  • 15:56🤣🤣🤣

  • I was expecting the entire interview in Japanese with English subtitles.I always like to hear Chris speaking Japanese. What an amazing moment. If he ever makes those T-shirts Chris should get royalties for the idea lol

  • Superb chaps! I genuinely hope Natsuki had a good holiday lol coz the poor man works so hard. Thanks for giving us your holiday Natsuki!

  • That has been one grand adventure!

  • 999 thousand views😳

  • Norm is so outrageously handsome ! I'm obsessed 😩🥴

  • TV just fell, out of the natural selection of media and entertainment, lost to the internet I guess. 15 years ago I was so dissatisfied of the content on TV, besides some foreign shows and Anime, everything local is utter shit, never watched anything aired on TV, besides news, since I got my own PC. When they say National TV dumbs the population down, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Danggg I'm going to miss this series!

  • You guys are hilarious 😂

  • Ok,I'm traumatized fam....

  • 3mins in and I'm already scared man.....is this really ok to watch fam....am I not going see some ntr shit right,fam

  • Chris lying in snow and cursing his life reminded me of clannad:after story.

  • this is like heaven to me i love snow so much and saddenly i saw snow once in my life bc its never snow in my country .. fuck i love this vedeo

  • this was such an amazing series, i waited for each and every video each week, savored it with special snacks and drinks... it's just an incredible journey to watch and be there as it released! thank you Chris and EVERYONE who worked on it!

  • I need some DR HAIR JELLY right now! 🥼 + 🥛 = 👱‍♂️

  • Liqourice is truly disgusting.

  • I'm glad no one suggested Dr KY Jelly 😂😂

  • 4:30 foreshadowing

  • no mushy peas and curry with the fish and chips oof

  • Loved every bit of it guys, much love from Germany

  • young british man...i have never laughed so much. perhaps its bcz its 3am and im dehydrated 10/10 yen yen

  • I think the next Journey Across Japan will be an Amazon Prime Exclusive :)

  • Big up to chris for making natsuki happy!

  • yaaaa pokemon yellow

  • damn, you can really see the age of the video… but still kinda good

  • Ah this series was awesome! Thank you!

  • you are awesome

  • wait a minute you were a PC user... go figure


  • Nagasaki looked beautiful, I wish you showed a bit more of the city centre and Chinatown. Love this series. Looking forward to next year! 👏

  • you have the same facial hair as me... damn are we dirty... <3

  • I’m just happy they find our Writing “Nice” Enough looking to use as “Decoration” Korean stores have some gold as well

  • Been a fan since 2017 and this is my favourite video of yours Chris. Brilliant work

  • Don't go to North Korea go to Saudi Arabia.

  • hahahaha dr hair jelly got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Does Joey actually have to pack the labcoat on every trip, just in case Dr. Jelly needs to make an appearance? 🤔😂

  • Where can I order a pallet of Dr Jelly Hair Gel??

  • Omg I had an endoscopy last year and they knocked me tf out 😂😂 not to mention I’m sure the images were digital and not being printed on paper (US btw)

  • Chris is a better looking elon

  • Keep your marmite, I think I will get some almond butter.

  • (G)old video, Starvations LOL

  • "Chris' hair is shit!" - Natsuki (whose hair really does look like shit as he says this)

  • Thanks for another great series Chris, keep em coming :) Love ya!

  • Chris Broad you’re an amazing content creator, I love Dr Jelly and Natsuki is awesome shoutout to everyone else who helped on this series too it is amazing

  • Honey 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I find my self watching these videos. I wonder what what is next?

  • Holy shit this guy fucking rules

  • Every time I hear the intro song I get the feeling "Bargain Hunt" is coming up. 😂🤣 But then those funny guys appear and the voice of Japan. Phew, I'm relieved I'm back to crazy normal. 😎🥴 Keep it up guys. My favourite channel.

  • Well what should I even say Chris Broad is a fucking Cinematic Genius because man when I am coming from the trash taste specials I realised how much work has been put behind each one of these videos but then again man you had to betray Panasonic by switching to Sony also I noticed a bit of pulsing in the background in the Dr.Jelly Ad but it was great anyways I wish I could support you but I myself have no supports so yeah Great work keep making and I will keep watching

  • natsuki's english is soo fucking funny

  • Life is Balloons- Natsuki

  • I look forward to the next Jelly Across Japan.

  • Joey killing everyone with that bad brains shirt

  • The most wildest and entertaining series in youtube.

  • Hmmm... I want to do that... sounds fun...

  • Come to Vegas bitch

  • Whatever this dude introduces, it will attract you to come into Japan. Considering the current situation in Japan, it's something like this dude is asking to join the Banzai Attack.

  • What's the location of the love hotel? gotta visit it when I get a chance to go to Japan.

  • Your accent sounded perfect to me.

  • Ive rewatched both journey across japan via car. Ive always wondered how u shot the car scenes without ian and norm in it. Are they in the boot? Hahaha Nevertheless, love alllllllllllll ur vids. Except the abandoned love hotel. Too creepy... way tooo creeepy

  • re-name this (dr) jelly across japan

  • These are just so well done. I love the old series' (and still go back and watch them cause they're great background noise), but Chris really outdid himself with this one. I can't imagine the cost, logistics, and effort required to drag guests and a camera crew around the country, but I know I'd love to see these continue. Biking, driving, flying, w/e. Hell, how about a JournEat Across Japan, and combine this format with your food videos. Whatever you do, i'll continue watching it.

  • Hmm interesting

  • "Chris' hair is shit"... I laughed so hard

  • what da dog doing?

  • What a ripper way to close off the third “Journey Across Japan” series, mate. Despite living in Nagasaki for the past three years now, there are always new things to find hidden away, but all the touristy sites in the city have earned their well-deserved reputation. I was going to say that Mt Nabekanmuri has the better view overlooking the city, but if the burgers at Mt Inasa are as good as you say they are, I might have to revise my opinion. While it was creative of you guys to use the karaoke booth as a makeshift hair salon, the barbershop that Chris pretended to walk into is actually where I usually go to get my hair cut. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what comes next, especially if the Doctor Jelly saga becomes a tetralogy or not. - A random Aussie living in Nagasaki