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0:32FUSER - Demo Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:31Nintendo Switch My Way - Weekend Getaway
0:31Nintendo Switch My Way - Among Us
Nintendo Switch My Way - Among Usvisningar 378tnDag sedan
50:46Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021
Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021visningar 1,8mnDag sedan


  • I didnl not expect this announcement. I hope they bring online play back with this release!

  • Sequel Sequel Sequel Sequel Sequel

  • after it died? bruh

  • I have so many questions for this game!!!


  • Hi.

  • This game looks awesome I hope it doesn't end on a cliffhanger with no sequel for 20 years

  • If Splatoon 3 is getting launched to Nintendo Switch in 2022 why you giving us the trailer 10 months from launching the game??? Just launch the trailer a couple of days before the game launches on Nintendo switch.

  • Wii U 2

  • Whoa! This ain't no ACNH!

  • 2/10 not an island

  • Wii U

  • Ajá la abuela jugando n switch

  • Not going lie. I have give credit to the team for still pushing out new updates For a game that was called baby's first diablos.

  • I'm so excited for this. Not that I've finished it yet lol

  • I saw this on my home page and literally had a heart attack because I thought it was a new trailer. But then I saw the release date of the video

  • Looks like nostalgia is back on the menu boys


  • Hype

  • None of these people have any idea what a switch is until they acted in these commercials

  • Now imagine Battlefront 2 classic getting this kind of treatment.

  • Does anyone remember Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series that came out for the Nintendo 64 and GameCube? I really hope we get those games for the Switch one day.

  • I'm glad but only so the fans can shut up about it. Now if only the same thing happens with Knights of the Old Republic...

  • The Best waifus

  • Galactic Battlegrounds next, please!!!!!!!!

  • Ok... When do we get midtown madness 3

  • Hi

  • .

  • cool nintendo, they just grabbed some joycons. might be enough joycons to get along a half year before they drift ouf of the house.

  • I know people say the tower in the beginning is the Eiffel Tower, but when I first saw it I thought it was the match making tower from splatoon 1

  • Máster piece

  • This does not feel like an official Nintendo ad

  • whats the video link? i love this

  • Can you do more New games and stop 20 year old ports?

  • why nintendo switch also wii?😭

  • I miss the goold old days where Nintendo sued people for, reasons. Oh wait, that's still a thing...

  • Epic

  • Welcome to tissue hub, Leave all your depressed feelings about metroid prime 4 here its ok to cry Even baby metroids cry sometimes *sad baby metroid noises*

  • Wasn't this posted before?

  • This is awesome to see return. I still love the tie-in books following Omega Squad and the rest of Clan Skirata... Vode An!

  • I want remasters of the original STAR WARS Battlefront I and II from the 2000’s!

  • Why the F did they not include this in the Direct but bothered to shove in a plain title for a a free to play Zynga cash grab instead?

  • All these Xbox ports but no SSX Tricky

  • this game is epic, but I have to ask: are they bringing back the multiplayer?

  • Where do I sign up?

  • You know Nintendos making 🏦 bank when there using a lot of celebrity to make more commercial. Also anyone noticed no mention of there chat system.

  • A very interesting title and thumbnail...

  • I don't know why everyone's hating on commercials like this. It's fun! And still so much better than the wii u days *shudder*

  • Shovel knight amino : exist Nintendo in 2017 :

  • WHEN!

  • Is this a re-upload?

  • Hopefully the pro controller will work on this.


  • Ugh im mad im broke

  • A great game that deserves more recognition and a damn sequel. I don't know any star wars fan who would be opposed. Totally worth $15 for the switch.



  • NO WAY

  • I had this in my recommendations now and i shocked for a second because i tought at first it was an OoT Switch Remake Trailer

  • *Let's get this Bacta Brothers*

  • No remastered graphics ?

  • Totally not disturbed by that thumbnail and title... Nothing disturbing at all...

  • That glibly like intro later full of betrayal...masterful

  • The live chat in the Nintendo Direct with this game be like: Zzz Actually looks kinda fun.

  • Nintendo please

  • Te amooo Nintendo swicht al fin boy a tener la Nintendo switch de marioooo mi primera 😍🥰😘

  • Alternate title: Nintendo Ninja's spying on a 3DS Hacker

  • Price???

  • Dios mio de que año es esta cosa?.......... Pensar que hace años decian que iban a traer el battlefront 2 y en su lugar cae.... el museo del abuelo

  • Is it now canon?

  • coloca os Angry Birds no Super Smash Bros