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4:28Deadpool and Korg React
Deadpool and Korg Reactvisningar 11mn8 dagar sedan
0:31Epic Offer
Epic Offervisningar 2,4mn8 dagar sedan
0:31The Bobby Bonilla Wireless Plan
The Bobby Bonilla Wireless Planvisningar 151tn22 dagar sedan
0:31Mint Condition
Mint Conditionvisningar 270tn22 dagar sedan
2:37Interview with My Twin Brother
Interview with My Twin Brothervisningar 1,2mn29 dagar sedan
1:46Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy
Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomyvisningar 5mnMånad sedan
2:05Welcome to Wrexham
Welcome to Wrexhamvisningar 1,4mn2 månader sedan
1:01Don't Aviation and Mint
Don't Aviation and Mintvisningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
0:49New Aviation Spokesperson
New Aviation Spokespersonvisningar 1,4mn2 månader sedan
0:49Highkey Craving
Highkey Cravingvisningar 290tn3 månader sedan
1:23Dream Job
Dream Jobvisningar 8mn3 månader sedan
0:50HighKey Adorable
HighKey Adorablevisningar 419tn4 månader sedan
1:33Bitcoin DocuMintary
Bitcoin DocuMintaryvisningar 3,9mn5 månader sedan
0:59Highkey Romantic
Highkey Romanticvisningar 469tn5 månader sedan
0:39Sugar Panda
Sugar Pandavisningar 417tn5 månader sedan
1:20Mixing with Diddy and Beckham
Mixing with Diddy and Beckhamvisningar 457tn5 månader sedan
0:59I Don't Know
I Don't Knowvisningar 1,4mn5 månader sedan
EndorseMintvisningar 2,8mn6 månader sedan
3:23Betty Birthday Throwback
Betty Birthday Throwbackvisningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
1:14Deadpool 2 Monologue
Deadpool 2 Monologuevisningar 1,7mn6 månader sedan
0:40Mint Cameo
Mint Cameovisningar 699tn6 månader sedan
0:39Last Minute Gin
Last Minute Ginvisningar 864tn6 månader sedan
1:05The Ugly Xmas Sweater for SickKids
The Ugly Xmas Sweater for SickKidsvisningar 1,1mn7 månader sedan
1:01When Satan Met 2020
When Satan Met 2020visningar 4,7mn7 månader sedan
1:28Match Made in Hell
Match Made in Hellvisningar 6mn7 månader sedan
0:31A $500 ad
A $500 advisningar 5mn7 månader sedan
EnticeMintvisningar 894tn8 månader sedan
Forgivenessvisningar 2,7mn8 månader sedan
Unlimintedvisningar 761tn8 månader sedan


  • Which Ryan is this . The Gosling or the Renolds one ?

  • I think it's a kind of hint The Beginning of MCM (Marvel Cinematic Multiverse)

  • I waana see the interaction between korg and colossus

  • I want Deadpool 3 please

  • I would watch a movie that was just Deadpool and Korg hanging out. Taiki Waititi is the funniest part of the MCU. Also that bRyan bReynolds guy is kind of alright, I guess. Jokes aside . . . Free Guy looks fun.

  • Could've filmed your own hands lol Seriously tho, this is cool

  • Deadpool's "after" voice.

  • Agenda agenda agenda

  • 1/2 penny per view. With 11 and a half million views. This video made $57,500 (that’s *$8,000,000 here* 🇯🇲 )so far, that’s insane. His entire channel is a add it’s brilliant to be honest.

  • Universe: I feel like I've forgotten to do something important ... Universe: (puts Taika and Ryan in the same room together) Universe: Ah, that's what it was. Much better.

  • Everything involves deadpool

  • Jodie foster 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Help me guys.

  • ...why did I expect Deadpool to rip some mad basslines with an MS20?

  • Okay, dark world sucked. Ragnarok had the best thor music ever and that's all you need to know. (shit... now I gotta go watch those scenes again... back soon... hey Deadpool, why don't you have any good fight scenes I have to go back to every time I'm reminded of them?) Yes, I thought that movie came out ages ago.. I kept expecting to hear it was out on amazon prime by now. Free. On Prime. As in... they gave up on charging money for it cause it wasn't worth it. But hey, theaters are very desperate now. Maybe someone will *not* go see Black Widow for the 99th time in order to see Free Guy but... probably not. Better luck next time? They should just do a Deadpool series on disney+

  • I would like to watch every movie of Ryan Reynolds 🤣🤣👌

  • I remember hearing that between takes while filming Spaceballs he would have everyone laughing so hard that it took a bit for them to calm down to shoot. He just loved making people laugh so much.

  • Damn that’s my name 😂😂

  • Wait...is this an actual company or will I get Rick Rolled if I click the link? He's so chaotic that I don't know.

  • Korg have no idea he is talking to Noobmaster69

  • Mr reynolds i am immediately in love with these skits/short videos that you put up these are amazing

  • Green screen with a 30 seconds ad and two standing-sill guys: 2.4M views.

  • I'm just gonna say .... R.I.P Mr. Bottle 😂😂

  • I'm sorry that does it, I'm gonna have to hunt that man down and marry him...

  • My New movie 6 underground is so huge. You wanna watch it on a Bigger., Better Samsung Q LED. For such HD viewing you will need a High-speed 5G connection like Mint Mobile. Than the Aviation Gin ...

  • 🙏🙏🙏

  • That’s it I’m sold! Now, shut up and take my money

  • he didnt even take the sip for real

  • Hugh Jackman: Australia's nicest mean man

  • Instructions unclear, I look like skeletor.

  • I wanna see him put together an hour stand up routine..

  • I thought Ryan Will get a Vasectomy not make it.

  • i love you i hope you read this i watched all your deadpool movies

  • Hide-the-pain Harold would be proud.

  • Ryan Reymolds could sell 3rd world child sponsorship to 3rd world children.

  • 0:04 That small print is gonna kill it. So not unlimited then. You'll get throttled when you go over 35GB

  • 5G is actually not that great. While the speed is awesome the range and stability is absolutely horrible. It is so bad that your download speed goes down if it literally just rains. If you aren`t right in front of a 5g antenna without anything blocking it, your speed is going to break down so hard that 4G actually gives you better performance while being away twice the distance. It is like with radiation. Everyone who had physics in school knows about alpha, beta and gamma rays. While alpha rays have the greatest ionizing power but can`t even go through a single sheet of paper, gamma rays have less damaging power energy wise but penetrate right through you and even most objects, giving you easier cancer than alpha rays. 5g is very good for densely populated cities but worse than 4g pretty much anywhere else.

  • Guy is dead pool playing games. He is fully immersed!

  • If I lived in America, I would have seriously given all my money to this man

  • I got my 5G injection today!!

  • 5G... a lot of g-force

  • He just makes me laugh. Whatever he is doing. I bet he's entertaining even when sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper!

  • This is fucking incredible.

  • Aviation American Gin: When you wake up on Monday still wearing the same underwear from Friday........

  • It only we knew that you can't get herd immunity by having massive rallies, like they knew in 1918.

  • Only Ryan Reynolds can post ads on SElists and get ad revenue from SElists

  • This 30 sec ad is like 5 sec long. i like it

  • Aren't you the guy from fortnite?

  • Free Guy: Ryan Reynold's attempt to make a movie worse than Green Lantern. Of course, I'll watch it....sometime. Not in the theater, of course, I have to wash my hair the weekend it comes out

  • It also gives you cancer

  • I sometimes like to take my dinner into the bathroom with me and sit on the toilet facing the wall so I can use the back of it as a table while I poop and eat at the same time. Such a time saver.

  • nickleback = rockstar. ...that's about it.

  • What's in that coffee I ask?

  • 2019... was that before or after the global lockdown? i seriously can't remember how life was prior to 2020

  • he's still Van Wilder

  • This technically means jacksepticeye is officially canon in the mcu

    • First. This trailer gives away too much. Ryan Reynolds is literally just me, (sorry for the insult.)

  • Just a few more months then we'll see this masterpiece of a movie😊😁

  • Dude understand what we want not those ads with all the noise and things we don't need

  • Yeah I preferred dark world :I

  • This video paid for itself pretty much

  • I'm still waiting for 4G.

  • Funniest i have seen so far.🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Reynolds is the reason why straight men want to be gay

  • The mother of all clickbait, that's for sure 😂😂

  • Dude, you must open the service in Canada, you gonna crush Roger, Bell, Fido and Virgin all in once.

  • deadpol in , black widow out , make sense , justifiable

  • Did you displease the gods🤣

  • 5G networks also uses around 20 times the energy of 4G for very little real world benefit for the vast majority of users so not very green but hey we won't mention that 🤔

  • The Truman Show millenial gen z version? :P :D

  • I can't wait to see Deadpool 3

  • Korg is a Rock star... Literally

  • Worst beard

  • Korg is a Rock star... Literally

  • And then they took the gin to space

  • wtf ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!