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13:58GOODBYE Daft Punk : Their TOP 10 Songs
17:41Songs you can't NOT sing along to
Songs you can't NOT sing along tovisningar 646tnDag sedan
16:14Singers Who ACCIDENTALLY Became Famous
18:07famous singers who NEVER had a #1 song
16:53Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #2
Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #2visningar 767tn8 dagar sedan
7:11Making A Song With A VOICE WARPER
Making A Song With A VOICE WARPERvisningar 271tn8 dagar sedan
14:23Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents
Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talentsvisningar 479tn8 dagar sedan
19:16Biggest Hit Songs Each Year (2010 - 2020)
Biggest Hit Songs Each Year (2010 - 2020)visningar 788tn8 dagar sedan
20:26Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USA
Who Writes Better Songs? - SWEDEN vs USAvisningar 462tn8 dagar sedan
23:37Top 100 Best Songs Of All Time


  • We all know roomie is better

  • This should be your new song

  • That complicated one is just what I call "real DJing" lol. If DJs don't do that sort of crossfading I usually don't consider them DJs for some reason

  • 0:22 that means he makes tons of videos he just privates them so we don't have permission but we do now.

  • Joel sings sins and I didn’t know I needed that today

  • Annie approves.

  • If you ever do another one of these, allow me to reccomend some of John Fassold's mashups, like "haha my music taste is pretty diverse haha I hate mainstream music 😌" or "shawn mendes.mp3"

  • Thank you for including my mashup in this video!!!!

  • BRUH thats creepy im literally eating my fav lollipop

  • joel is a crush...

  • Roomies head:no hate comments about me knowing bts My sis: who the hell is bts

  • Justin Beiber give Edward back his hairstyle.. Edward from Twilight 🙄🤚

  • I’m living that first one. Dang... 😻😻

  • You should do a video “Songs that surprisingly got in the top 10” or something I don’t know just a thought 🤷‍♀️

  • I was Born in 2006

  • Neil already became a god once he created Harry Potter Puppet Pals!!

  • My husband and I picked One More Time as our last song to play at our wedding, so worth it!

  • Write a song about one of your sponsors

  • I feel like you would have found more embarrassing moments in male singers lol

  • 6:53 the eye of the deep wouldve been so much better

  • I was named after Kesha

  • That doll is so cringe

  • My brothers gone missing and even when I was crying roomies videos helped me relax a little bit and take my mind off thing. If he’s reading this thank you for making your videos as they help me through rough times.

  • This is by far the best episode of "Songs That Shouldn't Work Together But Do". Such candy.

  • White panda -"Hot N Cold"

  • Sir you just sing like my dad very beautifully I like it

  • This is amazing

  • 0_0

  • If i remember correclty, the animation is part of Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. Could be wrong tho.

  • Can you a impression of rapper NF?

  • You missed the clapping in the Dua Lipa song as well.

  • Literally any "Psychosocial anime mashup" ever made is unironically great

  • I loved Nickleback I had a signed pick from the guitarist when I was 10. I still like some of their songs and I'm really not ashamed nostalgia is real.

  • I’m just happy Paramore and Demi Lovato is on here :)

  • 4:20 standard violin play , even for a kid cmon

  • This is fire tho🔥🙌😌I love that beat

  • 0:40 OH MY GOD. At my school when the lunch bell rings, they play this song on the intercom (our mascot is a bulldog). I love and hate this song.

  • i know youre a gamer and im surprised u havent reviewed video game songs. heres a list of 10 songs you should review, they all have lyrics: last surprize- persona 5 gangplank galeon remix- smash ultimate jump up super star- mario odyssey rashids theme- street fighter 5 Live and learn- sonic adventure 2 pokemon theme (cuz y not) lost in thoughts alone- fire emblem fates devil trigger- devil may cry skyrim theme toss a coin to your witcher- witcher

  • I would say that “I’m so tired” counts for clapping because of that snapping sound.

  • because of the songs