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Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
Viewer discretion is advised


30:01100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]visningar 10mn8 dagar sedan
1:24:272000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]
2:00:012000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]visningar 28mn2 månader sedan
10:011000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft In Ten Minutes]
0:36Official Trailer: 2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
1:01I Unlocked Iron Man In One Minute And This Is How
20:01100 Drops - [Stark Industries]
100 Drops - [Stark Industries]visningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
20:00100 Drops - [Among Us]
100 Drops - [Among Us]visningar 7mn3 månader sedan
10:0120 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]visningar 1,2mn5 månader sedan
20:01100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]visningar 1,6mn5 månader sedan
10:02I Unlocked Eternal Knight In One Day And This Is How
10:00I Unlocked The Diamond Camouflage In Rainbow 6 Siege
10:01Playing Halo 3 at 240 Frames Per Second!
Playing Halo 3 at 240 Frames Per Second!visningar 476tn7 månader sedan
10:01New and Notable Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay
New and Notable Watch Dogs Legion Gameplayvisningar 383tn7 månader sedan
18:01Luke and Tors’ Game Night - Biped
Luke and Tors’ Game Night - Bipedvisningar 811tn7 månader sedan
16:01How To Make The Most Notable Fireworks In Minecraft
10:01Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard
Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hardvisningar 4,6mn8 månader sedan
15:0120 Drops - [New Chapter 2 Season 3]
20 Drops - [New Chapter 2 Season 3]visningar 1mn8 månader sedan
30:01100 Drops - [The Grotto]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]visningar 4,2mn8 månader sedan
10:02I Unlocked Midas In One Day And This Is How
I Unlocked Midas In One Day And This Is Howvisningar 3,6mn8 månader sedan
4:07Luke TheNotable's Hardcore Minecraft Fireworks Show
15:0110 Drops - [Apex Legends Season 5]
10 Drops - [Apex Legends Season 5]visningar 586tn9 månader sedan
1:11:121000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]visningar 9mn9 månader sedan
1:30:011000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]visningar 46mn10 månader sedan
0:46Official Trailer: 1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
30:01100 Drops -  [Ranked in Rainbow 6 Siege]
100 Drops - [Ranked in Rainbow 6 Siege]visningar 2,7mn11 månader sedan
30:02100 Days - [Minecraft with Tors]
100 Days - [Minecraft with Tors]visningar 43mnÅr sedan


  • Tors: Lets have some fun! LTN: pRoFiTs

  • Timestamps on where he died: 1:03 4:10

  • “I ask for a moment of silence for the dead villagers”. *ad plays*

  • I don’t remember the tac smg in season 5 lol

  • Hello there I’m a Dino nugy man costume thing :)))

  • more! more!!!!!!

  • Hu

  • I waiting for 3000 days ngl 😌

  • Pleas keep doing this series

  • yess 3000 daysss plz luke

  • We need 3000 days!!!

  • 3000 days?

  • This man plays my favourite 3 games lmao

  • isnt this enough likes or 1000 cuz u prob close

  • Does he know that you can look at the amount of days he has in F3 mode?

  • You should do a 3,000 Days Video Luke

  • He cheated lmao, you can only find 3 diamonds max in a weaponsmith chest..

  • *Me:* this is beautiful I’ve watched it more than I’ve watched the lion king *How many times I’ve watched the lion king? I know it’s over 100 but I don’t know if it counts to 200*

  • so this is the beggining of a legandery series

  • I really like this 100 days series and I hope that 3,000 days are what he does next.

  • 10:00 n e t h e r a c k

  • I loved the part of the one word days

  • God bless you all

  • Where is 200 days with tores

  • Dab

  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment Start.0 Goal.17

  • you just said bitches

  • You should do 100 days of sky block

  • Are you still making it, or are you stopping for no reason at all?

  • Its easier to find villages at least

  • 10:00 that's basicly the entire nether luke, this is nether wart

  • Me: Watches ALL the videos (100, 200, 1000, 2000) In one sitting Also Me: Can't watch this for some reason

  • Is anyone going to talk about the horse burning at 24:12

  • The peaceful sarah phylogenetically surprise because lute postnatally nail qua a tangible opera. enchanting, makeshift cheese

  • *now unlock roblox tower heroes jester in one day*

  • Please do more

  • You said that you would never make an iron farm


  • Wow

  • Make another!!

  • Custy wusty can't get a shotgun meta ace Luke the notable ammeture

  • Next time just have the first half of the title

  • Can you make part 2 of this?

  • 200 days

  • I didn’t think it was possible... I was wrong.

  • I just realised all the vids are the same length

  • Does he know that it will show how many days you have in F3 mode?

  • 19:03 when you dont upgrade all the walls because you dont have enough coins in clash of clans

  • Whats rhe seed?

  • 28:51 i think you should continue this series....

  • Um what about day 0-300

  • now do it again

  • Its hard to believe that he spawned in a hilly forest by the 2000th day

  • I miss these days

  • 3000 DAYS 3000 DAYS 3000 DAYS

  • luke said 240 frames per second 3,021 times this whole video


    • Calm down it was just a joke



  • make a tower out of dianones plssss

  • When I watched this I remembered that I saw clips of your attempts in 100 days

  • I had a horse that could jump 5 and a half blocks

  • The rare punishment thessaly applaud because cent splenomegaly retire qua a knotty deer. bored, stupid hedge

  • One million likes😱

  • just finished the whole video and your raw will power is amazing

  • malaki: I was at s s security when I see moxie. Moxie: no malaki: you did it Moxie! Moxie: no My favorite part 4:41

  • Noice

  • this video like goal: 56.8M

  • When the comments are set to newest first automatically

  • I have Minecraft too and I'm 8

  • 4:57 I can totally relate to that because creepers always blow up my stuff I fucking hate them

  • So many people just now commenting this video is like 7days old

  • 4:43 the other wither skeleton wore the head of his friend

  • why is everyone commenting 2 months after the vid and im only getting those?

  • I apologise for my language but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST

  • I still can't believe he copyrighted 100 Days Let's Play videos smh

  • can you make an enderman farm on your 3000 days hardcore minecraft video please

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  • Whar