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I'm a young motovlogger from Phoenix, Arizona! I've been riding motorcycles since 2015. My first motorcycle I learned how to ride on was a Suzuki GS500F. After taking a motorcycle safety course and finally gaining some confidence on the streets, I decided to purchase my second motorcycle. A Honda CBR600RR. After some time passed I decided to add another motorcycle to the family. So I purchased a Yamaha FZ-07. Again, more time passed and guess what I did. I purchased my final bike, as of now. A Honda Grom!

All content uploaded onto this channel has neither any affiliation with its uploader nor any relation to the rider portrayed in any way which includes, but is not limited to his or her likeness, residing area or personal identity.


0:23Got any staples, Mr. Staples man?
Got any staples, Mr. Staples man?visningar 763Dag sedan
0:58He doesn't like crotch rockets 😂
0:22She wants my babies pt. 5
She wants my babies pt. 5visningar 27tnDag sedan
0:35Helicopter vs bikers
Helicopter vs bikersvisningar 15tnDag sedan
0:26"Can you do a tailwhip?"
"Can you do a tailwhip?"visningar 29tnDag sedan
0:35I can't do that
I can't do thatvisningar 243tnDag sedan
0:17"My butt is sweating" 😂
"My butt is sweating" 😂visningar 211tnDag sedan
0:16That was a bad bet
That was a bad betvisningar 36tnDag sedan
0:11WANT A DONUT? pt. 4
WANT A DONUT? pt. 4visningar 230tnDag sedan
0:05WANT A DONUT? pt. 3
WANT A DONUT? pt. 3visningar 99tnDag sedan
0:36My neighbors hate me. pt 2
My neighbors hate me. pt 2visningar 53tnDag sedan
0:07WANT A DONUT? pt. 2
WANT A DONUT? pt. 2visningar 167tnDag sedan
WANT A DONUT?visningar 95tn8 dagar sedan
0:13Give me a shovel
Give me a shovelvisningar 157tn8 dagar sedan
0:29"What does this say?"
"What does this say?"visningar 13mn8 dagar sedan
0:13She's got a ride
She's got a ridevisningar 117tn8 dagar sedan
0:14She wants my babies pt. 4
She wants my babies pt. 4visningar 1,8mn8 dagar sedan
0:26"Aren't you hot?"
"Aren't you hot?"visningar 631tn8 dagar sedan
0:12That's not how you do it
That's not how you do itvisningar 275tn8 dagar sedan
0:37Tesla drives him when he's drunk 😳
Tesla drives him when he's drunk 😳visningar 1,1mn8 dagar sedan
0:11Motorcycle Chinese fire drill
Motorcycle Chinese fire drillvisningar 108tn8 dagar sedan
0:33This'll get ya a high five pt. 2
This'll get ya a high five pt. 2visningar 887tn8 dagar sedan
0:37He got a turbo
He got a turbovisningar 1mn8 dagar sedan
0:30He chased me with his RC car
He chased me with his RC carvisningar 6mn8 dagar sedan
NOT IN TRAFFICvisningar 3mn15 dagar sedan
0:14The cops caught me
The cops caught mevisningar 5mn15 dagar sedan
0:30Kids robbed me in broad daylight
Kids robbed me in broad daylightvisningar 662tn15 dagar sedan
0:14Got any spare change?
Got any spare change?visningar 238tn15 dagar sedan
1:00This'll get ya a high five
This'll get ya a high fivevisningar 10mn15 dagar sedan


  • What did I just watch💀😂💀

  • Who knows if this lady has any power to tell him what to do. But lol about adults with noise maker toys.

  • Nah really u didn’t right it front of thhen

  • Love you mas face by the way were the vlogs at

  • And the bad part is I would follow the law after that more so than I would by a cop giving me a ticket

  • You have to let it warm on idle otherwise you just score the piston and liners and mess it up.

  • He has speed 2 pots

  • Those kids emit an unnatural aura... Pretty scary

  • Must be white🤣

  • For those of you responding to the British guy he's just trolling you trying to get a reaction and laugh about it, don't stop guys.

  • That's a shame. Such beautiful bike.

  • We need more cops like this

  • 😁

  • Shell get over it

  • That fool looks like Act Man.

  • She is just an old lady trying to live a quiet life! You don’t know how much she probably had to go through in life! Not saying you are wrong at all but sometimes you just can be a little bit selfless and it would not make your life harder or anything! It will have zero effect on your overall life.

  • This is what people say Canada is like.. did the video cut off before the police apologized for slowing down the biker?

  • If you don't have turn signals you are to use your left depending on the side of the wheel in America its the left

  • I will drag race that dude

  • Don’t touch my stapler!! I’ll burn the place down…….

  • plot twist: shes 16

  • Ugh I hate motorcycles and specifically motorcycle people. My roommate used to have one and a motorcycle at idle is NOT that loud. Unless your the kinda guy that wants giant exhausts and you rev the Christ out of it. South Park nailed it with the motorcycle f4gs episode. Also suped up trucks are lame too. I like shooting guns, it’s my personal choice of hobby, but I don’t overload shells and fire off blanks thinking “well I’m not TRYING to annoy anybody within a mile radius. That’s their problem.” She comes off like a Karen sure. But if her husband came out and was like “Wtf buddy” bet ya Mr Motorcycle wouldn’t be so glib.

  • The Cops Society Needs;

  • A 24 year old woman was killed in my town while doing a wheelie on a motorcycle. She lost control and went into an incoming vehicle. That oncoming vehicle had children in it. They had to watch as she laid on the ground with a detached leg and a torn open abdomen as she bled to death crying in the road in front of her boyfriend. And she had a 2 year old baby that will now grow up without a mother. Bikers really need to be safer out there. They're out of control.

  • That’s the way it should go

  • Fonts remind me of gta

  • how is that plate visible? xD

  • That's how you handle that shit

  • Stop taking the piss and being arseholes to law enforcement just for the fuck of it. Boring low lifes, sorry, had to say it. Go ride off into sunset and shut up.

  • Where's the rear view mirror on the golf cart that's he's driving?

  • Take your donuts and smarten up

  • In the Philippines it is not street legal

  • I used to watch a motovlogger that would ride around his town and get recognized at Walmart back when he had a smaller channel, is that this guy or someone else?

  • See if this was england all you need is a horn😂

  • He got.hir by a car u guys more hurt him because u throwed him

  • Romela

  • At least they’re honest!

  • You could say this joke is now a staple in his repertoire

  • Good thing you didn’t sit on it 😰😂

  • Sees camera immediately stops talking

  • I'm tearing up

  • funny

  • if he pins this comment i will cry no cap 100% facts

  • Lol that’s hilarious

  • Oh my I would appear to be first

  • Waht

  • *dude: looks like he got hit by a car* *also dude: proceeds to yeet onto pebbles*

  • Can we talk about how this creator had liked basically every comment?

    • @MasFace well it shows how good of a creator you are

    • Takes some effort. 😂

  • suck as good cops

  • Mom spaghetti is from Eminem lose yourself

  • But if he was black....

  • Can’t stand riders like him, like put a shirt on you ain’t impressing anyone looking like that

  • Guess on which camera side is he going to stand in 5-10 years from now when he has kids, or in 30-40 when he old and have trouble sleeping.

  • It’s so weird that my name is Mason and his is to

  • my dad has a E92 😀

  • Interesting when the asshole is the one recording.......

  • Bikes that makes noise are for small size penises, sry man.

  • What happened?

  • What? Was something supposed to happen in this video? Based on your mass of ads in your description this just some bullshit made to sell other bullshit? Nothing happens. How does it have 12 million views?

  • This foo hella high

  • This is beautiful.

  • She's cute, idk why.

  • Factory defect get paid from Honda get a LAWYER !!!!!!!!!!

  • Shitty cop

  • It has nothing to do with being insecure not wanting to ride bitch. It’s about respect. You have to have no respect for women as drivers. 🕺

  • First couple videos I seen, I didn't really care for this guy. But he seems genuine and is always interacting with people. Probably made those kids day.

    • There's not enough interacting with people now a days. Especially after this last year. Gotta fix that

  • I got my first ever custom body today to put on my rc car

  • Street legal aside from the mirror... so it's not street legal... lol

  • You don’t answer questions until they tell you why your being pulled over.. I back there blue 💯 but this is what would constitute as illegal.. know your rights people

  • Are you fooligan

  • I don’t like Motorcycles cuss that’s how my uncle died… but There cool I support whoever Rides them

  • I love your videos man I do some motorcycle vids but no often and yeah yo Our way better than me. XD

  • Moms spaghetti… he’s nervous but on the ser face he looks calm and ready