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9:58:20LIVE! Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 | Sunday
10:18:51LIVE! Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 | Saturday
10:12:21LIVE! Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 | Friday
0:42Hate Won’t Win
Hate Won’t Winvisningar 8tn2 månader sedan
2:15Coming up on Sky F1 in 2021... 🤩🤩
Coming up on Sky F1 in 2021... 🤩🤩visningar 141tn4 månader sedan


  • where was the traditional radio check with Lando?

  • I'd like to see a live heart rate reading for both drivers on that first lap! Pulsating stuff!

  • Honey G Ant Man? He needs more exposure in life.

  • Who is 00:28

  • Get in there Lewis. Big up the best British driver in F1 history. 👊🏾😉👌🏾

  • Hamilton should have been disqualified, the stewards chickened out

  • I wonder if Lewis ended up spinning out instead would they have penalised Max? Are they just looking for someone to blame and as only 1 car survived the incident they penalise that one? Looked pretty much 50/50 to me, like they were both playing chicken with the other and neither conceded.

  • Agreed, it’s racing and what we all want to see. What was brilliant by Lewis is that he psyched out leclerc on with the same move on the same corner at the end of the race. If you watch it you can tell that Lewis was just putting the wind up Charles, as you could see him backing out of the move. However it work Charles got the jitters and bailed… brilliant Lewis!!

  • HAHA MR babyhorner

  • Would love for Ross to say,you can go one more time round ,but if you run out of fuel you are walking back to the pits

  • Zak is like the cool uncle and 🍯🦡 is the big bro that is funny and Lando is the little one

  • Its just a Racing incident but others are making a big thing off it.....Ayrton Senna ramming Prost the professor of the track, that was deliberate act.

  • Christian. Grow up. I support neither.

  • This is what I live for... 'Fame' - Yes Russell, evidence you don't care about Formula 1, just about getting into a position of fame.. good work lad..

  • I don't think we've seen a crash that devastating in forever at least since Juels Bianchi

  • Mclaren looks like a fun place to work, way more than any other F1 team

  • Was Hornet actually at the British gp? Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like one of the redbull team just described what happened to him over the phone.

  • Horner be disappointed that max didn’t win the race don’t blame Lewis Hamilton blame yourself

  • More importantly why did Verstapens tyre come off the wheel rim, surely it need investigating.

  • Max knew Lewis was there and knew what would happen, it's a racing incident.

  • Horner go home and nurse to bady just take it easy .

  • It's for you to survive in any corner you must look after your self Hamilton played a fare game

  • It began in 1950, not in 2022

  • I blame Bottas

  • Its racing for god sake i like both drivers but max was on the outside he clipped Hamiltons tyre if you cant handle it horner become a taxi driver

  • No it wasn't the sprint race that made him win it was because he cheated

  • daniel ricciardo the man that can do a perfect impression of nikita mazepin

  • “I’m going to take turn 1 flat, might not get to turn 2, but I’ll be quick through turn 1” reminded me of Iracing free weekends

  • No doubt that Hamilton could see where the cars were placed. Verstappens only view was in a small mirror. The onus was on Hamilton to take a tighter line or back off. It’s Hamilton’s fault.

  • hamilton the dirtiest black driver on the grid.

  • get over it these and worse crashes have been going on for years and will continue get real

  • Sally Max didn't back off otherwise he wouldn't have ended up in the barrier.

  • In my opinion Hamilton just wanted Max out of the race and he did what he did knowing it was wrong and has got away with it, disgusting manoeuvre I think and just can’t believe he’s not faced a harsher penalty for it 🤷‍♂️

  • If Lewis was half-way alongside, he wouldn't have hit Max's rear wheel when he rammed him off the track, he'd have hit his floorpan.

  • Make Seb drive the RB7 once again

  • GOATed video

  • Great Drive Charles but I understand you’re not over the moon

  • Sorry it was a racing incident it happens Get on with racing

  • That's not "Max noticing Lewis, and giving him some room" that's Max trying to bully Lewis into lifting. It didn't work obviously. Although I'm certainly no Hamilton fan, I tend to think he'd done enough to win the right to hold his position, from then on, its up to Verstappen what he wants to do about it, and a racing incident. I also happen to think that racing this hard in the first few laps when they are in P1 and P2 is a bit reckless, so I think Verstappen should have given way. As regards Hamilton being off line, I think there'd be even less overtaking if the racer off line was always subordinate to the driver on the racing line.

  • Mercedes will be running more simulations like this in the remaining GP races to c where to take out VS but still keep their car in the race. Always seems lead car comes off worse if hit from behind the side.

  • Let's not forget that Max said in an interview prior to the race that he was ahead in the championship so Hamilton had more to lose than he did. Also, Christian Horner complained that you would never try and pass at that corner, but it's a race track, you try and pass anywhere you can.

  • Always check your blind spots.

  • So emotionaly he's thinking about his kids his wife what a great father and great husband he is, he tried hard to escape the fire, proud of him👍🙏

  • He'll hype up Lewis as much as he can, because it fuels his own legend as the only person who could beat him.

  • Shame on Coulthard / Webber still team members of Red Bull. Channel 4 F1 broadcast showing unfair bias towards Horner and Co.

  • Zak is the best team boss.

  • Can't stand Hamilton, but Max was definitely at fault. This is one part of his game he should be more pragmatic and concentrate on finishing. He would have won if he was more patient.

  • Well said Lewis. Everything he said was on point.

  • Is it twin or single spark?

  • I think horners driving is very dangerous here he could of seriously hurt somebody.I hope he’s happy with himself somebody with his experience should know you can’t drive a car on 2 wheels.

  • Norris is better than jenson button

  • Hopefully one day, someone WILL take him out ! .......... What's with pointless muzzles ? Stop playing with the bloody thing ! Leave it alone or take it off !

  • Max's fault all day long. And Pirelli for making tyres that just pop off the rim.

  • how good was this!! 😂👌👏

  • Boi let me focus :)

  • Why didn't they show verstaps view. Doesn't he steer into hammy?

  • Max left room, Lewis was off line for the apex unlike when undertook Le Clerk, how can Toto claim the corner was Lewis when his front wheel hit rear wheel of Max…..ask, who got the penalty and why. I think he should have a drive thru. 10 secs does not fit the crime. Lewis showed his true colours post race celebrations. He’s lost any respect I had for him.

  • nobody: absolutely nobody: zak: yep that corner was flat too

  • Didn’t Senna once say, if you see a gap and you don’t go for it then you are not a racing driver. Or words to that effect. These are two racing drivers, racing incident in my humble opinion. Also didn’t someone once say Senna would position his car and leave the decision up to you wether you had an accident or not. Hamilton is a big Senna fan… just saying