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24:24Hair: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
22:24Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
25:55Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:25Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  • Why are you so annoying

  • White people know all this and dont care.

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  • Approximately five and a half thousand closeted/open racists that don't like facts clearly didn't like this video.

  • People saying the cost is too much well the uk did free healthcare for all after WORLD WAR 2 how tf do you not have more money than a bankrupt empire

  • Teach the people ✊🏿

  • Feet partly of iron and partly of clay, I wonder when that image will fall to its ruin.

  • “What if I made a runny dog turd that can talk…” - God creating Tucker apparently

  • all of this seems like first world problems. if i was american i'd happily change to these cheap not-actually-health-care options

  • That judgmental tone is also very in line with mainstream christianity.

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  • My theory seeing what's going on since November 2019, This virus was manufactured in a Lab, it was to be used in Hongkong to disperse the umbrella movement, it is also to be used in Taiwan to seize Taiwan. Wuhan was the testing ground. What followed thereafter was a false flag operation to steal the election from Trump, and at the same time to extend this opportunity to the world for their one world government in 2030. CCP style totalitarian regime will be the head in the one world government run by the left in usa for this new totalitarian world government. Every government the world over is part of this false flag operations. The original 2019 wuhan virus symptoms is different from the false flag operation. The wuhan virus effects were that your muscles totally cramped up, like seizures, or like strokes. What we are being told now are fake numbers created by every government, to instill fear, suppression and suffering so these criminal governments can have total control. Once this happens with the lockdowns, people will eventually rise up and fight back for basic survival. This is what the globalist and the puppet governments wants, a chaos so they can unleash martial law and eradicate as many people as possible, like how Bill Gates suggested, to bring down the population by 80%. The worst people that will suffer these effects are children as they will be robbed of their childhood. Politicians are sadistic, so they place self enrichment before human lives. That is the sad truth. All the annual flu bug numbers are now the false covid numbers. [email protected] if you want to discuss further , attack me or be on my side. I love to read what you all have to say. To stay healthy, just take your Vitamin C. Hydroxychloroquine works but the government refuses to use that on the citizens as that's not the narrative of the corrupted WHO and Fauci, the one that started all this. Government always lies so does their propaganda media. The biggest liars are TWATers, FAKEBOOK, Google, Corrupt News Network.(cnn) and more. Peace to all until the uprising. God be with us to take down these tyrants.

  • a leftist program that makes life for the middle and lower classes harder and tricks them into huge debts under the pretence of giving them presents and it being green and good for the economy? what a surprise oh wait, it's not. even john oliver is mad about this one, that's saying something. thanks obama (and biden)

  • “that tree can get it” bro

  • I kom from Danmark

  • gotta love how johnny oliver thinks he knows more about medicine than professionals who studied it. "water aint cuttin' it, trust me, bro"

  • Funny story, I know a girl I went to high school with who refuses to get her child vaccinated because her fear of vaccines causing autism. Her child was diagnosed with autism this year. The irony is delicious 😋

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  • *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* VISITSME.UNO SElists: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SElists: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #子供戦士子供猫

  • If the two halfs voting on whether to tackle income inequality about the increasing gap between the wealthy and the middle class/lower class are made up of half wealthy and half the middle and lower classes of course nothing will ever change, no wealthy person is going to vote against themselves being wealthy and so it will always be split and just keep getting if the three were considered seperate groups and given a 1/3 part of the vote instead we could make it work, until then nothing will change

  • John must talk about child support and how bad it really is to everyone. Including sperm donors.. Child support is a scam that ruins the lives the lives of all poor people.

  • This the greatest episode of a any late night show

  • Dunno where the stats come from. Where I live blacks and whites are equally as poor. It's the people from China and the UAE who are the ones who can own houses and property.

  • Everyone knows Biden didnt really win. I know it, you know it, John Oliver knows it. All libs know it, they just won't admit it because they got their way. It's common sense and it will go down in history as a corrupt stolen election sooner or later. You're on the wrong side of history so enjoy this liberal fad while it lasts. It won't last long after they run the country into the dirt. I'm not a trump supporter. I just refuse to pretend I don't see what's obviously right in front of my face just so people will like me more. By all means, keep making videos like this though. It will make it that much more glorious when the truth is finally brought to light. Even if I were a liberal, I wouldn't be content with a win accomplished by cheating. So now let's hear all the hate from the tolerant and loving left. I can't wait.

  • So stupid that so few believe in reparations. Black people, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians all seriously deserve them for terrible things the US Federal government has done to them.

  • 😴

  • Here's a tip on how to stay alive: Don't steal stuff

  • America "greatest" country in the world. when the fuck are we gonna start living by that

  • My god do democrats ever stop being petty?

  • Invest in OMI / ECOMI, it will be huge!📈💎✋⭕️

  • is it just me or the there is an image of an african face on the key..

  • Another proud moment for Utah...

  • Black men came home from wars to be told they couldn't live HERE, they had to live THERE

  • Tell you hwat! You get your vaccine, and I'll check back with you in a year to see if you're still kickin.

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  • 😈HELLO J.O.🕺😈 thinking of you, wishing you well, (swimfan)🍰

  • You are a good man Mr Oliver. 🥰 Thank you x

  • This would directly violate the 14th Amendment.

  • Reparation will never happen

  • You mentioned the Rainbow Coalition this episode, you should do an episode on Fred Hampton and his Rainbow Coalition and the class solidarity he built

  • I have watched every single episode and all I can say right now is, fuck you HBO. It is bullshit that I'm paying a sub for HBO fucking nordic and yet i see the episode here three full days before it comes out on HBO. Sure, a talking void that sounds like archer is cool.. But is it subscription to HBO cool? Hell no. Anyway, canceling it

  • 5:01 he’s like why did I agree to this interview

  • SOMEONE TELL ME ABOUT AMWAY!!!! I don’t want to be sucked into a pyramid scheme but the people who recruited me are really convincing (or maybe they’re brainwashed too). I haven’t signed up or paid for anything btw. Pls tell me your experiences with Amway or what you heard or know about them pls!

  • Since large corporations benefited most from racist policies, perhaps corporations like HBO should be taxed extra and directly to fund reparations. I support that idea, John, good call!

  • i dont blame white people for wanting to live separate ngl

  • It starts at 10:56

  • 25:01 It all clicked. Literally this one fucking law. I grew up in Passyunk ave apartments around '91, philly was and still is highly segregated and that was a 'black area'. I got lead poisoning from that house and they demolished the places before anyone thought of sueing them. I come back to that area after a decade and it looked immaculate. The once large, outside community atmosphere turned into a colder, prettier, insulated township. That hit me hard, not because of the change in appearance but because that community was destroyed and repurposed, pushing out the previous people and bringing in the rich.

  • First time I've ever left a comment on SElists. I convinced my (very smart) but reasonably conservative husband with puppy dog eyes and love.

  • When I was growing up we had smoking areas in our high school for students and teachers

  • Something is wrong with that person

  • This is a ploy video to avert from John wishing people die horrible deaths because humans are awful animals.

  • Lol

  • Lol that's how he makes his money acting like an ass telling lies they caught freedom of speech it's called dumbass

  • I have a family friend who is very well off and would still stop to pick up every single one of those pennies lol

  • Watching this 4 years after is surreal

  • “Bruce’s Beach”… Native Americans: Are we a joke to you? It’s not Bruce’s

  • I don't get why people get so upset about that. You don't have to pay medical debt. You can still get a house in someone else's name and not have to live lavishly. Living simple is the way to go and you should never go to the doctor unless you absolutely have to.

  • Don’t be surprised if LA gives the land back but asks for 50 years of back pay for the property tax they didn’t pay after the land was stolen from them.

    • They literally can’t do that they can’t tax you for something you don’t own witch at the time they didnt

  • When my grandparents were looking to buy a house they actively looked for housing in integrated or minority neighborhoods, but every realtor they talked to would either outright refuse to show them any or insist that there were none available. They were very obviously Jewish (down to my grandfather having an almost laughably stereotypical Jewish name), but apparently they still qualified as "too white to live anywhere near black people"

  • You don't have to learn how to style black hair to be a hairstylist and asian straight hair (who are different from what I have heard) but as a black person you have to learn how to style straight hair.

  • How can USA call itself a democratically with all the racism and corruption

  • I am a big proponent of closing out federal housing dept and mortgages

  • its not my fault you spend your cash on shoes and jewelry !

  • Dear sir , please make a video on Pakistani hindu sikh christian buddhist .afganistani hindu sikh jain buddhist . Iraqi yazidi christians . You are great so please make a video

  • Forced segregation was wrong. So the solution is forced integration?

  • 7:44 - Gen Y/Z here to point out that this generational wealth growth? It's not there anymore. At least not for us.

  • Absolutely love you. Also disagree with you.

  • Sounds like colonization but wayyyyyyy quicker

  • The warehouse is Dusty and hot you have to keep hydrated or pass out

  • These people actually believe in Psychopass theories.... that is chilling

  • Looking at this again in July 2021--we lost. We lost. America failed. Six hundred and ten thousand Americans died since this episode aired, and 45% of the country wants the pandemic to continue forever. We will reach a million by March 2022, I guarantee it. It will never stop--vaccine or not--it will never stop.