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4:41:48BlizzConline Day 2
BlizzConline Day 2visningar 373tnDag sedan
4:08:22BlizzConline Day 1
BlizzConline Day 1visningar 1,4mnDag sedan
8:062020 Blizzard Fireside Chat
2020 Blizzard Fireside Chatvisningar 109tn3 månader sedan
5:04Story Time with Chris Metzen: Snow Fight
Story Time with Chris Metzen: Snow Fightvisningar 70tn10 månader sedan
3:51Blizzard | Girls Who Code Program Recap
2:46BlizzCon 2019 | Day 1 Recap
BlizzCon 2019 | Day 1 Recapvisningar 24tnÅr sedan
4:32BlizzCon 2019 | Overwatch Recap
BlizzCon 2019 | Overwatch Recapvisningar 49tnÅr sedan


  • Overwatch is going Warframe

  • wait no reforged # ban blizzard for lies

  • Where is warcraft 3 reforged

  • Great Work from CarBot, but Blizzard muting WarCraftIII is just disgusting....

  • Why was this even put up it had ZERO CONTENT.

  • ty blizzard

  • only unconditional love <3

  • 22:00

  • Oh... my word... No.

  • Time Stamps???

  • blizzard died 10 years ago

  • Mamamoo hard carry!

  • Garage Sale

  • Diablo 2 Reforged

  • Sarah Kerrigan is best character of blizzard universe.

  • Blizzard doesn't deserve CarBot.

  • honestly, the twitch version of metallica sounded better than anything they put out since the early 90s:)

  • This was so good guys please do episode 2 next year! Please! This was so much fun!!!

  • Hold the dooor!

  • Where did they host Blizzcon Online? Only 75 comments? Anyone's wedding would have more crowd than this.

    • My mind has more pretend people's in it then this



  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix Reforgef

  • Sharing love to old part of company

  • Laaaaaaaammmmeeee ..

  • 봐도봐도 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Friendly reminder that all of your custom made content are automatically owned by Blizzard, not you.

  • The real Diablo 3 is coming in 2021, it called Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  • Deckard Caine would be proud.

  • loved it. want more! :)

  • 1:24:52

  • Testing to see if my comment Not mentioning WC3R appears.

  • The March of Cringe

  • Oh you're gonna feel real alone when you have no customers

  • Fix Warcraft 3 Reforged.

  • All the games no one wants or stopped playing YEARS ago.

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤧🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • When the CarbotAnimations video is superior to this one... omg... RIP Blizzard.

  • 이제 rts장르 종말을 알린다

  • Thank you Blizzard for these awesome games 😊

  • Anyone who create these games work in blizzard? 🐶


  • MAMAMOO 4:00:00

  • When are you guys going to return to your aborted fetus: WC3 Refunded? You promised it right? Where's your integrity?

  • 2:33:15 3:11:45

  • waiting for starcraft 3

  • none of these games were ever an arcade lol

  • Repair the game, buff rdruid

  • Repair the game, buff rdruid

  • 10 years of promises, 20 years of disapointment

  • Wow, A-grade BS

  • WC3 never forget

  • Why those runes don't match Diablo 2's runes?

  • This entire channel must be purged!

  • METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this bgm is similar to high way to star 00:49

  • Where's Heroes of the Storm? Oh, right, it was murdered.

  • Please make this canon. This was amazing.

  • cringe host

  • You literally removed mountain giants from the "balancing the scales" mission in WC3 to make people buy reforged.

    • So you can only use them when you own Reforged? These guys has no shame

  • Blizzard. We remember, we love, we grieve.

  • Sure hope Blizz paid good money for this.

  • That whole "baby shark" segment was painful to sit through.

  • just stop.

  • This is amazing :)

  • The Diablo roleplay campaign was amazing, hopefully it will return next Blizzcon :)

  • Need the Grapes of Wrath supplement !!!

  • This just popped up in my recommended today, whats funny too is this trailer contains more content then all of 2021 blizzcon, oof.

  • Nice. PC version please

  • We want Metzen back. Enough of this soft BS.

  • Absolutely love how familiar they are with the game itself and its memes. Love it!

  • nothing on starcraft universe :( , we need more RTS with campains and stories :(.

  • Blizzard worst company ever? like if you agree