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  • Who cares.. they are the enemy!

  • And there are people with easy access to the vaccine and declining it (in other countries).

  • The BBC is a cult with a cultural Marxist agenda. This is typical BBC biased reporting trying to ridicule someone with common sense who wants to keep his country running.

  • RIP...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • So the value of all these apartments will go down... Who wants to buy properties where the land will flood and destroy its foundations?

  • The end of the world is near.....

  • Misplaced : 200,000 people Died : 33 people That's a cover up deaths.. just like how china covered up during covid..😒😒

  • Covid curse 🤣🤣

  • This is bullshit

  • Prayers and best wishes from India to Chinese people 🙏❤♥

  • seriously folks.. no human on earth knows whats going on. The audacity of a few scientists explaining the vastness of the universe, like come on! but doing great work so far but just dont tell me you know whats going on as you can only observe through beady human eyes and brains , its like an ant figuring out the vastness of the mountain and meadow.., you can only work with the physical body you have to perceive from.

  • 30 people really I smell CCP lies 🤣

  • 24.07. an international online conference will be held. GLOBAL CRISIS. This already concerns everyone. this is a unique conference, translation into 70 languages, 180 countries are participating. Creative Society.

  • Even worse, one tunnel called Longhai tunnel over 4 km which buried about 3000 cars and the dead is uncountable.

  • The human race has gone mad

  • 🙏 vaccinator s.

  • Karma..Chinese paying for CCP plot for spreading corona pandemic to world.

  • Abu hajaar is still rollin’

  • No mention of climate change! Someone needs sacking.

  • Vaccinating indigenous tribal people's in India might turn out danger for them as they were always living in isolation with their own tradition and culture especially the northeastern tribes

  • End of times

  • The future is very bleak. Where can we flee when it all goes wrong? It is one part of the many parts destroying our European heritage.

  • The politician are busy massing up other country .the tax pyers are suffering.

  • Take GOD away from His children , GOD may take away them...

  • Trash Alert

  • That's God's wrath right there

  • This is no Jihad.. its just using the name of religion and ALLAH to quench their dirty thirst..all fake boastings that they follow path of ALLAH..

  • China covid 19

  • protest of millions of French people in the street calling for a revolution. this guy: "ohh the majority of people LOVE the vaxx"

  • American administration has always been loud mouthed in their military capacity but real losers, be it vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan. It is not technology that wins wars but the men managing those wars. I am sure that the Afghan forces will defeat the dangerous perverted Jihadis and establish some sanity in the Islamic world.

  • It was a poor penalty kick which does deserve criticism. Black people are also allowed to be subject to criticism without racism playing into it but the left and the toxic media will always push the ajenda

  • the latest euronews from Brussels.

  • China has a large military to help it's people.

  • Sarfraz, shahid Afridi aur boht se TV anchors ko yeh Karachi nazar aa raha hai.

  • For God sake! This is unbelievable!

  • How to virus get out there?? In that REMOTE area?? Lol they’re Already isolated, I’m confused how the “virus” made it over to them

  • While we're all locked inside our houses losing jobs they believed it wasn't our disgrace now they'll take the change and wait for land and much more KKKKKKK

  • Re- Immigration...Globalist colonisation! None of this is coincidental, it is policy… Beyond the smoke and mirrors of PC, multiculturalism, SJW, BLM, inclusion, exclusion, virtue signalling, diversity, identity politics etc etc… Is the hidden agenda of the disintegration of culture and national identity through unbridled immigration (legal and illegal) on the road to the ultimate globalist destination of 'one world governance'.

  • HARP


  • Wouldn’t be happening if the people had followed Donald tRump's advice and raked up the dead leaves! 😩

  • Ask Allah for his mercy

  • They won't get sympathy for this. People won't forget the fact that they let out a virus that wiped out millions of people across the planet so easily.

  • this is why i hope the aliens come and make us go extinct, we are becoming too stupid as a society

  • Materialism phylosopy destroyed natural balancing system beyond repairs and use of climate control technology HAARP as weapons to destroy rival's economy by some countries,are the main reasons for large scale disaster.

  • Nice to see BBC reporting quickly when bad happens in China.

  • Psalm 93:3- The floods have lifted up, O Lord, The floods have lifted up their voice,The floods lift up their pounding waves.

  • Very sad to know this .

  • Psalm 93:4- More than the sounds of many waters, Than the mighty breakers of the sea, The Lord on high is mighty.

  • "He made that joke in 1998." This is a comment that shows the Japanese people's perception of history. I brought someone's comment below that describes Japan correctly. ▪Germany: We must make sure it never happens again. ▪Japan: We must make sure it never happened

  • I guess thats film "the producers" removed then?

  • 33 dead. The Freemason number.

  • God bless these people who care so much about their fellow man. What a blessing you are! You are setting the bar high for the rest of the w🌍rld. Thanks for upload!

  • I love the fact that they cant tell us what the comment was. So, just like in the rushford graffiti case, we have no idea what was said, and it probably wasnt anti semitic.

  • This is not "flood" damage, this is building-your-cities-in-the-wrong-place damage

  • 😂😂 these moment's make the news

  • Semua kejahatan yang kau buat... Akan dapat balasan nya... Allah maha berkuasa.....

  • Indonesia will be regretting this decision 20 years from now....

  • O no, what is everyone going to do when they see the funny little crosses in japan?

  • Maybe this is why all fish are dying and birds and the sink holes in the land? I think it may explain Covid as well. Radiation poisoning.

  • They live in prison

  • Must be the world famous racist Jane Stokes

  • He is so guilty ...this is a train wreck. Sad.

  • BBC should do a video about Dawn Butler telling the truth in parliament when they get a chance... Maybe in-between sionist diversion videos at some point.

  • Preciso receber meu dinheiro dos drones que o Brasil me deve para Consertar esses problemas. 👷♦️Ⓜ️♾️


  • Ah yes, because japan had a lot to do with the holocaust. This makes perfect sense.

  • That's a shame init karma for covid


  • When u build dams just to choke downstream nations u will suffer. Karma is cold and inevitable