"What does this say?"

Publicerades den 14 jul 2021
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  • For anyone wondering, the windshield says: *Before I leave* *on this journey.* *I pray you're* *watching over me* *and if my bike* *lay down today.* *I pray to God* *I walk away*

    • @Rob Barrowman your a disgusting person. Go believe in your Allah. Jesus is love and saviour ❤️

    • @DanDeMan I think you’re simply projecting the weaknesses of your own beliefs and worldview

    • @Blkbrdmntr Vimes Albert Einstein isn't a book and he doesn't know everything my guy don't go off of one persons believe. What I was saying was that humans were monkeys and it's proven but church said that theroy was fake

    • @Rob Barrowman Like you did technically attack ...Christianity not even America just Christianity

    • @Rob Barrowman Gods?

  • Why are cops always asking where u going where u coming from. It is simply irrelevant. U want to issue a violation then issue it without unneeded conversation of topics that are none of your fucking business!

  • Its just kind like a little....what??

  • Before I leave on this journey, I pray you're watching over me. And if my bike lay down today, I pray to God I walk away.

  • 13 million views. Nothing happened. Okay.

  • Good police interaction here guys. Be kind be friendly and communicate what you’re going to do before you do it and odds of you getting shot go down dramatically.

  • I feel the tension with Arizona cops 😂

  • why dont cops like saying the reason?

    • Hopefully he will soon retire and allow more professional folks to take over.

  • That's why I'm scared to drive my 87 supra.. even if u look illegal ur getting pulled over and if u ask too many questions a bullet to ur chest... Sad but true.

  • Bro's acting like he owning the cop, but he's nearly having an attack from the stress he has L

  • The man so chill.

  • Wait so what does the bike say?

  • This is a cool vid! Love the prayer on the windshield especially.

  • I’m tired of all the short videos that just end abruptly and you are left wondering what happened. So stupid.

  • 🔵 I neither understand the point of this video nor what the title: ("What does this say?") Refers to.

  • Why do videos like this exist where nothing fucking happpppppppeeeens

  • I'm a rider and I love that. Thanks bro I'm gonna use that

  • The quote on you bike is amazing I love you video's

  • Bruh this is making me mad all these cops be pulling u over for no reason at all

  • Cop out of line, must state reason for stop before asking for any paperwork

  • I got pulled over on my Gsxr750 by two policemen at Gun Point. One cop had his light on me, hitting my mirror while he had his gun drawn on me. The other officer asked for my license and registration. When I asked the officer why I was pulled over, his response was to tell me that my rear tire was bald. I replied, that it is a sport bike and therefore the tires don't have treads. My buddy told me that they pulled me over,, since they wanted to see if I would run.

  • Hash marks to the floor and still can't give his name, department and the reason for his stop when he walks up. This is an example of the kind of cop you don't want to be. Hopefully he will soon retire and allow more professional folks to take over.

  • Cop looks like a Fuckn Prick ...

  • Imagine if you like this comment

  • gta subtitles, npc police man? i dont like where this is going

  • He pulled him over because he’s black

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • What a dumb question. Like the cop isn't going to tell him, like it's some kind of secret.

  • “ where’re you going?” “None of your fucking business, give me the bullshit ticket you stopped me for and continue to go fuck yourself” Any dude this nice, that actually pulled over knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong......

  • don't answer questions

  • Why is this number 4 on trending?

  • It says, jez kid you sound guilty AF we both know you were speeding and he's going to write you a ticket.

  • Y the frick.. is... this... trending...? :O

  • Who cares

  • You stink of sarcasm.

  • What did u get pulled over for

  • Y’all are weak as hell this a normal interaction right here 🤣

  • I’m all for being respectful but why do people turn sweet when the cops pull them over? You literally asked if you could remove your gloves. Come on mannn.

  • Morning breakfast with the fam is so special!

  • How does this man hearth every comment😳

  • Dudes just looking for pictures of Spider-Man.

  • Cops pulls you over, don't start arguing with him. Since your laws are dealt in different courts, watch your words as they are evidence. You don't need to tell him where you're going, be cordial you can tell whatever you want but the truth. All traffic tickets can be argued against in court, as long you weren't in the wrong and there aren't plenty of evidence that can be proven against ya.

  • Nothing,u have notging to see...

  • You could have wanted to just take a s*** and was holding it, too...who knows🤔

    • I meant he could have just wanted to take a s*** and was holding it my bad lol!

  • For those of you responding to the British guy he's just trolling you trying to get a reaction and laugh about it, don't stop guys.

  • Fonts remind me of gta

  • What happened?

  • What? Was something supposed to happen in this video? Based on your mass of ads in your description this just some bullshit made to sell other bullshit? Nothing happens. How does it have 12 million views?

  • Shitty cop

  • You don’t answer questions until they tell you why your being pulled over.. I back there blue 💯 but this is what would constitute as illegal.. know your rights people

  • Heard I could get a heart here

  • See how if u Cooperate and have nothing to hide u don’t get beat or shot WOW

  • Great metaphor for life. Hey come here I've got something to show you! Just kidding your gonna die know though lmao honestly never gets old

  • Cops always wanna know where you was headed as if they need a lift or something

  • My man asking for insurance lol

  • give me heart for no reason kind biker guy thanks xoxo

  • He ends up in jail

  • The caption of this video is "what does this say" , this video makes no sense to me. I don't get it. What's the caption asking me to read.....

  • Police : Where are you heading? Your answer: None of your business

  • Love that litl' Prayer he has on his windshield

  • Why is it that every time I see a "biker getting pulled over" video they act like little twitchy weirdos all scared and way too friendly with the cop? I swear every single one.

  • The biker seems like such a nice guy I'm not sure bout the cop though

    • @niduoe stre oh nice I love to see people being kind to each other

    • regularly in the 90s on a Honda VF1000. My dad did it in the 70s on a KZ900. Funny.

  • *¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡""I HATE A BITCHASS-MOTHERFUCKER""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • *¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡""GOOD OFFICER MY ASS, ""SEE WHAT I MEAN, ""YOUACTED LIKE A BITCH, ""YOUFELL FOR HISBULLSHIT, ""THEUNIFORM MADEYOU COWARD-DOWN LIKE A FEMALE-BITCH""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


  • Why is this even trending??

  • I'd love that sticker for my bike, where can I buy

  • 1: you don't need to know where I'm going & 2) you don't need to know where I've been I've never answered these questions & not once has it affected the traffic stop. My interaction with a Leo is always no or yes

  • I'd rather have a ticket than do all that trying to not get one.

  • Click bait

  • 😂 That cop literally looks like a NPC from GTA5. And he says "I said STOP!"

  • '''where you heading over?'' Me: ''Finding an REAl Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Micheal's House!''

  • Me: Nice Hairline

  • Wtf

  • Me seeing truck in background

  • Difference: this guy is respectful to the cops when BLM aren’t

    • Ill take, missing the whole fucking point for 300 Alex.

  • Where are you headed? To hell if I don't change my ways. Fuck you officer, you are lucky he stopped. You cant catch a sport bike with a fucking patrol unit. I used to outrun them regularly in the 90s on a Honda VF1000. My dad did it in the 70s on a KZ900. Funny.

  • Every comment gets liked? Serious dedication right there

  • Never answer cops questions

  • What a dickhead 😂 dude was so respectful

  • Privilege

  • Fake cop his badge is fake and the uniform is fake :| he's not a real cop

  • As a public servant they should be required to tell you why you've been stopped immediately.

  • dude using the gta font

  • It’s like you were playing gta 5

  • what?

  • You about to make tear up

  • Y didnt he explain why he was being pulled

  • No need to say thanks to a cop when you are doing what HE asks of you

  • Pretty sure the cop has to explain why a persons been pulled over before any information is allowed to be asked for 🤔 otherwise your wasting my time., how about a chase bud

  • He needs to explain prior to you handing him your DL

  • Always reply that you’re headed on a scavenger hunt for a warning

  • Full vid??

  • Where I beem going or anything else is none of your business servant. Stfu I am your boss n you will listen. Name and badge number??? Why am I being accosted in my free travels? No RAS for the impeding of my free travels n putting my in custodial arrest. I will not answer any questions what so ever without representation. Am I free to go yes or no. Nothing less nothing more point blank

  • What it saying if you comply with the officer you won’t have any problems