We BURN DOWN Goonzquad Headquarters w/ MAMA Goonzquad | Season 1 Episode 2 Cooking with Goonzquad

Publicerades den 17 mar 2021
Goonzquad gets a visit from Fat Finger foods and Mama Goonzquad after a day of nearly burning down the original Goonzquad headquarters. 😨😨😨
The new Goonzquad headquarters location is high in the mountains and required a trip up in our trusty blue car. Mama Goonzquad unwittingly leaves the keys in the car and Billy and the gang show up to save the day.
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Mama Goonzquads Chebureki Recipe:
1-2 Tablespoons of Water
2 eggs beaten in a bowl
Half of a Large Onion
1 lb of ground turkey or meat of your choosing
Salt and Pepper to taste
Frying oil (Vegetable, Canola, or Peanut Oil is preferred)
Raw Tortillas ( www.walmart.com/ip/TortillaLand-Soft-Flour-Tortillas-Medium/22374196 )
1. Dice half an onion finely
2. Empty meat into a mixing bowl
3. Combine onions, meat, salt, pepper, and water in the mixing bowl
4. Mix together until everything is well distributed.
5. Take Raw tortilla and place on flat surface and use a brush to brush the outside of the tortilla with the egg to the edge. This will help is seal when cooking.
6. Use a tablespoon of the meat mixture and spready it evenly in the center of the toritlla.
7. Close up the tortilla in half and use a fork to seak the edges. Continue until out of tortillas or meat mixture.
8. Bring about 2 inches of oil up to heat on a low to medium low heat. Make sure you have a cover as well for your saucepan or skillet so that it does not splash you.
9. Place tortillas aawy from you into hot oil and then let cook for about 1 minute a side. If tortillas are getting to dark then turn down heat. If the oil is smoking alot remove from heat source and let it cool with the lid on.
10. Get a large plate and cover it with Paper Towels. Take tortillas out and place on the paper towels to let oil come off.
11. After a few minutes of cooling Chebureki should be good to go. ENJOY!!!
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