Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream

Publicerades den 22 feb 2021
Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream on the Dream SMP
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him - @Rudylmao


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  • Am a gril!

  • u know how emotional this is this is litteraly THE first video/movie/series to ever make me cry

  • im sad that you wil not visit dream again :(

  • i hate you tommy vor this i dont care what you say

  • Are you real Tommy

  • I cant Tommy's attitude. :^

  • The acting on the dream smp is amazing

  • Dream: Just once a month it will help me it will help me better Tommy: Fuck off mate

  • Think about it then just have so that I can stream power we all know what's inside nightmare

  • is it weird that i feel BAD for dream? :/

  • im really just glad this is all scripted-

  • I love how they're just eating potatoes while arguing

  • Dream sounded so sad when Tommy said it was his last time there.


  • Me-hmmmmmmmmmmm /my brother -this is tea cringy



  • He protect he attack but most importantly he screaming for sam

  • oh my god why did u thorh his books?!

  • "dream is like jared."

  • 39:39 your mum

  • lol

  • Am I the only one who felt bad for dream because no one visits him and he losed his clock🥺 Edit: I also feel bad how he treated dream and burned a lot of the stuff he had in the prison 🥺 I never hated tommy but I’m starting to dislike him a little

  • I like how when Tommy walks closer as if to look Dream in the eye it just zooms in on a bright green square

  • I HATE you Tommy you disrespected Dream he is my life and you put Dream in prison so you put my life in prison.

  • :( I kinda feel bad for dream if you visit his please tell him I said hi

  • i’ve studied acting for years and i must say tommy is a great actor better then some of the people in my class

  • famous last words, "every tramatiing place seems to always have blackstone" tommyinnt 2021

  • Dream : I don't know more than you dude. Me : LIAR

  • 37:18. I'm scared

  • 26:53 hear the explosion

  • 😥Im sad

  • 30:30 I'm new to Tommy n his channel (absolute pog btw) n I saw the animated clip of this b4 I saw this video... its cool tho lol

  • Can you not swear so much

  • I feiel bad for dream

  • Its so sad

  • Hi tommy :)

  • Can you please stop swearing l am 5 please

  • why the fudge do you have to be so mean to him!!

  • Question- When Tommy was stuck in with dream why didn’t he kill himself in the lava so he could respawn to the bed on the other side?

    • because he only had one canon life left so if he had did that he would’ve used it since him being stuck in the prison with dream is canon to the story

  • I’m moving on to bigger and better things..................BiTcH

  • Please help hint

  • Why Did You Type You're Own Name?

  • Sometimes they take Minecraft way to serious.

  • I think you have to join the car so I can get you out

  • Nobody will help you dream to stop nobody will help you

  • A dream I will not help you stop

  • Dream

  • I wish stream can go back in time to fix everything because he’s kind a like my favorite SElists or but sad Yep go back in time

  • I just noticed I just noticed the drip the dripping I didn’t notice it another time but when drain told us no no

  • Oh now I get it now I see the drip because it’s dropping I thought you didn’t drop but OK but OK OK OK

  • Ggyyyyyyyy

  • But I’m not gonna subscribe because you’re not gonna do that anymore but I am I still subscribe to you and your other channel Yep

  • I’d like when you visit dream that’s some good videos and subscribe I like it when you visit in

  • Is it storming in your place or is it just in the game

  • Just watching you talking to you people

  • When you’re talking to your stream it’s like he’s so embarrassed because I am because he can’t like he doesn’t have a streaming stuff

  • When I lived when you looked up it looks so satisfying because of the lava going down but some parts were not because they didn’t win the same time but it’s OK

  • Where is techno blade what happened to him does he visit dream

  • You could escape like that

  • I couldn’t drink get admin commands

  • Cream is not amazing anymore

  • Do you wanna say goodbye to the biggest SElists or of our dream he has 22,000 subscribers like million or I don’t know 2000 million I don’t know 2 million I don’t know bro just we don’t like it I’m gonna unsubscribing just because of you because I do he’s a bad guy

  • Well you have the longest left but you’re funny

  • Mommy SMP

  • You should not call it the dream S&P anymore you should call it the arm the S&P something I don’t know your name

  • poor dream

  • Wasn’t this a bit harsh? He sounded really sad

  • Tommy it’s his smp if you want Wilbur back keep dream


  • dream is so so poor now did u know that im her top top fan please let him out 😔😔😔😔 i need her alive please he did not stream anymore😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭


  • I heard to dream his a ediot

  • Tommy wy are tou so hard to dream fuck off


  • Expload the fucking egg

  • @30:28 this audio is mostly used for edits and I love it

  • Tommy be scared of dream and techno


  • wait why is dream in there?

  • ;-; ;-; do not play a game at 3:00 am ok plsssss bitch

  • So the reason he cant escape via lava and then respawning in the bed he clicked is bc it would count as his final canon life?

  • And I don't know if this is a compliment but you're an idiot

  • Stop being mean leave him alone let him out of jail maybe he has change just give him one day at least


  • Tommy is going to cry

  • The fact that after Sam doesn't answer, Tommy starts demanding _Dream_ to let him out, despite the fact that Dream is the prisoner and clearly not in charge of that, is such good writing. Tommy suddenly being locked up with Dream, not knowing what is happening and with the echoes of TNT above him, is panicking, and despite the fact that just a few moments before he was the one boasting about him finally being the one in control (unlike in exile) the second he starts panicking he falls back on Dream having all the power. Fear and trauma kicks in and suddenly it's _exactly_ like back in exile, at least for him. It's kind of blowing my mind how well Tommy's trauma is written and the fact that Tommy can act it out to boot.

  • The fact that it's TNT blowing up is just the cherry on top of Tommy's PTSD triggers

  • don't mind me just eating a bag of starbursts

  • i know how to escape the six blocks at the corner behind the glowstone lectern and chest are obsidian that you could break, it would take a long time but if you break those and then use the flammable blocks to bring the fire over to the hole you could make a nether portal

    • exactly, and thats why awesamdude put crying obsidian around the cell so he couldnt do that

  • dream looks cute in the thumbnail

  • Lol love you Thomas

  • Bruh ur crazy dream has not doing anything on you bruhhhh

  • 7:10 George? is looking good.

  • How could Minecraft ruin your friendship

  • dababy lesss goooo

  • I have a question ??🤭🧐🤨 Why is Dream in prison really what did he do idk why he is in I’m new to the channel?? Pls comment on what did he do I know he almost killed turbo I know that that’s all pls comment what happened??🙁😕😯😃😄 *Watches the rest of video* ohh nvm I know why

  • im not gonna lie but i do feel a bit bad for dream

  • Guys can you please explain what dream has done I heard he manipulated Tommy but what's with the he manipulated others and his loved ones on a minecraft game? Pls explain