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Publicerades den 6 jul 2021
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  • Oblivion NPC Dialogue version. You all asked for it. Here it is!

  • McDonald employed have been acting wild lately

  • This was the most American cringe interaction I’ve ever seen

  • This is an npc conversation

  • Lol

  • Throw the chang at him. It would've been funny if you did

  • Who the hell is watching this shit

  • Dude seems like a douche

  • Are you the manager? -no

  • Employee gave the same attitude as he received🤷‍♂️

  • What's up with all these video shorts that are completely f****** useless? What a waste of life like the comment I just made

  • What the heck is happening?

  • thats from a slong i think dude no no? XD

  • Be nice at the employees, pls.

  • Not sure whats happening. But in laughing

  • Almost seems like they’re either best friends or somehow related

  • Something is wrong with people like u that post about 'bad service" from a restaurant because u think that your issue is the only one person has had to deal with all day. You paying in most cases next to nothing for a meal and the person serving it actually doesn't make much money but u just expect things to be perfect. Maybe you should think about how much shit the person in the window has had to deal with that day and your problem probably isn't that bad. If everyone Stopped giving hospitality service employees shit maybe the service would improve. Just a thought....

  • Everyone involved is a fucking waste of air

  • That was hilarious lol

  • I have never been more confused in my life than I am now.

  • Dude, you’re an idiot if you can’t get through a McDonald’s drive through without having a problem

  • That’s how u get punched in the face

  • In some weird parallel universe, this is an intense argument that makes sense.

  • Mason bruh I’m confused. So did you pay for it and they refused to give you your food or what?

  • karen 101

    • why do you like every commet

  • Man just got coconut malled

  • Expecting better service from a McDonald's?

  • What did I just watch💀😂💀

  • Waht

  • Mom spaghetti is from Eminem lose yourself

  • Interesting when the asshole is the one recording.......

  • Moms spaghetti… he’s nervous but on the ser face he looks calm and ready

  • The coolant dig was dope as fuck.🤣😂👌🏾

  • Please can anyone give me some context

  • First manager sells meth to 2nd manager that's what I got out of that

  • Tf I just watch?

  • This was one of the dumbest vids of seen.

  • Why you gotta be a POS when you can pay for food but yet complain when you don't get what you want like damn bro I would told you you need your ass whooped thinking you are coming up to someone who is actually working for a living providing you a service we can deny

  • This is so cringe. How do people actually live with themselves making content like this.

  • why do you like every commet

  • “So when do I my sandwich?” “That’s the neat thing, you don’t”

  • 🤡🚲

  • This is so embarrassing

  • /r/recordedowndeath

  • Why post something so irrelevant to everything… what even is this video

  • Whoo asks for a manger?? Stop dealing with fudds

  • Why do you take that kind of disrespect you hear how he's talking to you

  • Speech

  • Eminem is the only person I know that mentions mom's spaghetti in any song.

  • That is funny I’m 😂 that man🙂

  • Glitch in the McMatrix

  • I can’t tell if they’re arguing or just talking..

  • Npc conversation

  • Okay but can we get some context?

  • This video was a bit cringe but I loved it👍

  • This feels like having a stroke

  • "Ima little upsety spaghetti bro"💀

  • There is vomit on his sweater already Mom’s spaghetti he is nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd oh so loud he opens his mouth but the words won’t come out and i don’t know the lyrics anymore

  • out of context maybe but this video makes the one filmimg seem like a dick.. like a rich one that acts like minimum wage workers are second class..... and they werent falling for it. 😘😘😘

  • I just want to know the original problem

  • 🤣

  • Why does he look like Skrillex

  • clown to clown conversation 🤡

  • What is going on? I’m so confused

  • what the fuck is even going on in this video lmao ☠️

  • I'd HATE to work in hospitality In America. The selfrightiousness privilage me me me is way too much.

  • As someone who works in the service industry, some people really suck, like dis guy

  • That guy on the bike is a douche

  • What happened


  • What happened before this though?

  • No

  • U should of ordered food just to throw it back at them

  • This is the most chaotic conversation ever fucking seen and I’m about to have a nervous break down thank you

  • They’re definitely friends

  • and they want 15 dollar an hour! most of them can’t even produce quality service or handle complaints in a sensible fashion.

  • Guy on the bike is a douchebag... Dude

  • ...Most of my brain cells commit suicide while listening to this conversation...

  • *upsetti spaghetti*

  • Atleast he caught along 😭😂

  • What is the context here

  • Whan Canadians have an argument

  • people who like make a big scene like that the next time you go to that restaurant if they remember you they’re just gonna spit in your food that’s why I just never make a big deal only when no one‘s watching 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #givefastfoodworkersabraek

  • It’s McDonalds, did he expect him to actually care? Lmao

  • Eminem “there’s vomit on his sweater already moms spaghetti

  • This guy sucks

  • Is this even real life anymore? lol :)

  • Biker was getting verbally reamed and he thought he was in control lmaooo

  • I couldnt get what was goin' on! I mean how can one create an issue without an issue actually being there....?What's the purpose of this ? Totally ridiculous!

  • I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what I just watched

  • Cringe

  • What exactly was the point of this?

  • I want my time back from watching this video

  • What in the NPC

  • Man-Karen