This Epic Studio Tour Almost Killed Me!!

Publicerades den 13 apr 2021
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The Linus Media Group team has been expanding a lot in the past few years, and with it so has our office! Linus is here to show you all around and see what's been happening behind the scenes.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Linus in nick office : idk why nick is talking to Colton, which not work here anymore Also linus 1 minute later : Coltin is working, but from home

  • Linus looks like the opposite of the Boss that cut corners and say "deal with it" to his employees. He looks like he genuinely cares in how to make their lives and jobs easier and better

  • It is continually inspiring to see what you’ve built Linus. A great example of hard work, knowledge and surrounding yourself with the right people. Awesome. Speaking from my little corner of knowledge in the world, I noticed a few comments about “acoustic foam”. A term that always triggers a bit of concern in me. I hope you’re getting good advice from those around you as to what actually works and what doesn’t solve the problems you’re trying to solve. That field is, unfortunately, a world of misinformation and misunderstood knowledge. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes and putting a little inspiration out there.

  • The only places which could be called office desks in Germany (or in most of Europe) are not according to regulations (Sun should not come from behind displays, but sideways)...

  • I like electronic locks

  • thousand of super Computer.I have 1 i5 2 gen computer

  • lol this makes me want to rob the office

  • That tape wall is neat!

  • Tehran is always eating I'm office videos lol

  • probation? as in they have been in jail?

  • I would do anything to work for LMG

  • The abusive oyster whitely shock because smoke univariably whine round a kindhearted harp. learned, lewd stopwatch

  • I am so proud of fellow Canadian who has given employment of so many people and contributing to Canadian tax buffer. Not to say, Linus is very caring boss.

  • 17:07 worms armageddon action? Ow yeah 😁

  • I liked the tape wall a lot


  • 24:29 AMONGSUS

  • Add LTT coin into market pls lok

  • Buy shoes! 10 years same sandals

  • sik id be down to apply to be number h-z take the pic and itll be chill with me

  • I wish I could rob your studio 😅

  • wow i guess the crypto mining paid off well

  • 24:28 when the monitor is sus 😳

  • Ngl he is the coolest boss I have ever seen his employees would be very happy!!!!

  • Linus loves asians I see

  • Wonderful

  • 11:37 in the bottom left corner is that what I think it is

  • this place is a freaken maze, i tied to map it in my head and i just gave up

  • Sup G?

  • is that Lloyd from entourage?

  • not a single black person working there

  • 23:21 Madison looks like someone doing illegal stuff... which might be true

  • Oh so this is where the 10 RTX3090s that Nvidia made went to.

  • at this quatly of production i am astonished the he doesn't have his own enterainment website.

  • I want to work at LTT more than I want to at Google.

  • 21:30 bruhhh linus my man make some money!! sell those to me at msrp pls 🥺🥺🥺

  • i really wanna rob this place

  • Anybody else shout "OOOOF!" out loud when that thing hit Linus? Just me? Coolcoolcoolcool

  • this is heaven for me

  • I know that entire building has gotta be cold

  • Tech CEO’s are scary

  • I’d love to see ijustine review this place again.

  • you should build me a pc

  • This man has to much money

  • They missed the server room though

  • Wouldn't be a tour without Linus dropping something. Only this time it was on his face 😂

  • I wish nicky v still with lmg

  • why o why do i feel so POOR watching this Video ? :| ...

  • 29:13 for the action.

  • It's so cool seeing how LMG has grown. This expansion is completely bonkers... maybe enough funds to do whole room water-cooling 2.0 ;)

  • remember when people just recorded and uploaded vids from their phones?

  • Okay he is cool but did he just fire someone

  • 23:45 That gesture doesn't look like what you think it looks like lmao

  • vsvs dv

  • Are all companies organized this well or is this just exceptional?

  • Infinity < Linuses electrical bills

  • 24:27 sus I see

  • Lol I dint know g was a number

  • can I be your next probationary employee pleeeease?

  • "Into computer's or whatever"

  • He forgot to show the server room 😭

  • It's interesting how this has transformed over the years into a highly professional business, but hasn't sold out to the vendors with their big marketing budgets. I'm so pleased you realise how important and valuable your credibility is, how much we your viewers trust you. I hope you keep it real, keep it fun and entertaining and informative.

  • I will be the first Black person to work at LMG. Manifesting it into existence 🙏🏽

  • Workshop needs more safety signs :D

  • My goodness look how far LTT has grown

  • Cool to see the thumbnails of the top videos, and I'm glad to see that Madison's original build in on there. :-) One of the few LTT videos that I've watched more than once! Looking forward to seeing her feature more on camera soon. :-)

  • wasn't Madison just hired? why didn't she get a probationary period?

    • Linus explained this on the wan show. It's because Madison was already well known on the internet and she also streams on twitch she was already comfortable in front of the camera. Thats why. Same goes with riley when he first joined he was already well known from ncix

  • Disrespecting the Bridgeport 😳🥺

  • linus just gave us a tutorial on where the expensive stuff is so someone shouldn't have trouble when someone robs his studio

    • unless it turns out that he actually went through with the plan to rent a different office for this vid and nothing is in the same place

  • in that editing booth is that an audio base that monitor is sitting above, and what is it called? please and thank you.

  • Im gonna be there soon!

  • I love m.2 shelf :)

  • I wish I have that title ‘the guy who does technical support for the technical support’ Anthony our true legend.

  • 21:14 thanks Linus it just makes it a lot easier rather than searching for parts when I'm wearing a burglar mask

  • why do u guys don't use aeron chairs for ur office u guys should have enough money

  • this is really cool when you take a look back at what it all used to be. a whole office set up in your average suburban house with the servers in a bathroom, and clogged up copper tubes lining the walls of the editing den with random junk just absolutely everywhere.

  • 12:45 whast that hand doin there?

  • Your office, camera and equipments are far better than my country's top movie/cinema companies'

  • 24:28 hi Maddie

  • It's incredible how big you've gotten. As.. as a company at least. Sorry about that body height thing. Just kidding, all the respect.

  • Im just so amazed how fricking sick empire he just built up. Such respect👌👌

  • Looks more like kindergarten school than a studio..

  • The small sound booth/workstation is gonna need more than just foam on the ceiling to properly mix and master videos on studio monitors.

  • Dude, your audio room is too small and too square to get anything decent out of it. Your better off having your editor wear open back headphones like the Sennheiser HD650's for accurate audio reproduction then checking the mix on a separate stereo commercial device instead. It's ok for a vocal booth, but not monitor mixing. If you manage to make it work, kudos to you guys.

  • For a moment, i though its Epic Games studio tour... :P

  • Next-gen cubicles

  • Anthony is the only one who is capable enough to provide technical support to technical support

  • Can you please make the logo wall into a desktop wallpaper?

  • I came here to shitpost, but I’m proud of Linus and what LTT has become

  • You guys should collaborate with youtuber Glenn Fricker (aka SpectreSoundStudios) to help you out with the audio studio!

  • That tiny room is ABSOLUTELY NOT suitable for audio work. Please, for your own benefit, find someone that actually understands audio. Spectre Sound Studios on SElists would love to work with you.

  • does anyone know what chair is anthony using?

  • manequins like that can go up to like 3k dollars. its crazy

  • So, when are we having Linus District Tour?

  • i literally thought this was a tour of epic studios and i put off watching it for like 5 months

  • i see where half the suply of rtx 3000s went xD

  • Collab with Spectre Sound Studios, Glenn Fricker is the man for the job

  • those GPUs are literally worth their weight in gold right now..... it's ridiculous.

  • Do an audio studio collab with Spectre Sound Studios

  • Now image that wall with the ltt logo with RGB