The Strangest Aircraft Ever Built: The Soviet Union's VVA-14

Publicerades den 16 jul 2021
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As an aircraft designer, physicist, astronomer, philosopher, painter and musician, Robert Bartini is often described as a genius ahead of his time. Throughout his life, he designed over 60 aircraft and made significant contributions to Soviet aviation. Although most of Bartini’s aircraft designs never left the drawing board, many of his aeronautical innovations were incorporated into production aircraft.

In 1965, Bartini was given a rare opportunity to realize the full potential of one of his concepts. With the emergence of American Polaris missile submarines, the Soviet Union needed a new kind of aircraft to respond. Bartini proposed building the ultimate submarine hunter. Designated as the VVA-14, it would be a truly unique and innovative aircraft. With a catamaran-like fuselage it would be optimized to fly within the ground effect (like other ekranoplan of the era), giving it endurance needed to fly long-range missions. It would also have wings so that it could fly like a conventional airplane if needed. Bartini would equip the VVA-14 with both a conventional landing gear for runways and a unique inflatable pontoon system to give it amphibious capabilities. Ten lift jets would allow for vertical take-off and landings (VTOL) from any kind of surface, giving the aircraft the ability to operate from the even most harsh and remote regions of the Soviet Union. Development would stretch nearly a decade, but like Bartini himself, the VVA-14’s design would end up being a little too ahead of it's time.

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  • Gotta Give it to the Soviet , they truly Think big.

  • Really interesting piece on this design totally brought to life with excellent VFX and 3D modelling.

  • Аэрофлот deals only with civil aviation

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  • What an imposing stance when looked from the front - the enemy platoon along with commander would give up merely upon seeing a giant wild cat with paws in a hunting demeanor approach speeding towards them with two tonnes of weaponry waiting to catch you with your pants out, flying so low that the ten turbojets sounds would add up as the perfect horror background score to this giant - if that is not an insanely batshit craziest and yet the most stunning of Soviet engineering feat ever - I don't know what else is. And to know the fact that they are yet to declassify most of the pre-cold war era operations, projects and feats - Soviets were the mightiest - their influence over the technological world is still very much active. Mother Russia - you eternal beauty!

  • Incredible. I had a cloud cloaked ship visit me a few months ago in the sky that looked exactly like that. I never could draw or describe it to show anyone .. and I could find no book or movie with any similar depiction of spaceships. And I told myself ... be patient .. it will make sense one day. . And today I know this . This is ET technology passed to humans 50 years ago . I met the crew off this ship .

  • With modern meta materials, this would now be viable.

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  • Wonder why engineers were so productive and creative in the 60's and 70's and what happened to modern day engineers

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  • Sounds like they didn't want this revolutionary technology developed and bought out to the public.

    • @shaun douglas The engines were a problem but not because they were half arsed but because they had a problem with salt water because after every flight the salt would fill the engine so much that it required 25-30 hours of cleaning the engine in order for it to take an 1 hour flight. And that isn't even the biggest problem.

    • @shaun douglas China actually has a prototype of an ekranoplan but it has disappeared since it was last spotted on google earth Safe to say it didn’t work out for them either

    • @Liew Not disagreeing with you, but it sure sounded like the Russians approached this aircrafts engines half arsed with a company that had to much else going on to commit any sort of decent effort for the desired outcome. Has anyone really and i mean really put any major funding and works to actually look into this? As it seems in this particular instance that was not the case.

    • @shaun douglas No one went half assed It’s just a shitty concept with too many problems Only place ekranoplanes are being used in are island to island travel which is far from the ambitious ocean crossing and faster than planes

    • @shaun douglas The amount off problems the Russians had with the vehicles is such that everybody else keeps away.They look good only on the drawing board,simulations and animations.

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