The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  • Historical sites: Napoleon was considered ugly by many women Me, a cultured intellectual: Nah man, he just spent most of his skill points on dexterity and agility instead of charisma.

  • Fun fact oversimplified is saying dammit in French

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  • Alternate title: Napoleon beating up the entirety of europe

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  • Please make more videos! 👍

  • Can you guys do the Vietnam war?

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  • I'm a history buff and I'm a huge fan worrying about the wars and how they were fought in world history... napoleons Bonaparte to be countries that teamed up against him not just winning one time winning for times of the coalition.. you must be a truly badass military commander.... and thank you oversimplify for all the hard work you put on these videos and I do really appreciate it and it makes me want to learn about Napoleon Bonaparte and the history of france... I'm from America and I love this country very very much ever since I came when I was a baby from Portugal.. during America's Revolution, we ordering our own country it's not for Francis ASA sending more troops and supplies so thank you friends for that and also thank you Napoleon Bonaparte for the Louisiana Purchase.. America always had a plan to extend their country from the East to the West Coast and if we didn't buy Louisiana Purchase that I still think we'll still be a half of a country now so thank you friends and thank you for the Statue of Liberty... Vive La France!!!

  • Dude is a legend

  • After this video I was hooked up with OverSimplified

  • Napoleon actually was french nadir shah the great✌💥

  • Yo does anyone know the name of the fanfare/march song when Letizia Bonaparte is giving birth to the army? :P

    • La Marseillaise And it's not a march song, but French anthem


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  • moral of the story : when they approaches we run away

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  • Thirty years war

  • I learned way more in this video than I had ever learned back in my high school history classes combined! amazing work man, love the animations and storyline! keep it up! :)

  • the further I go on this video, the more I understand how much Levi Ackerman is inspired by Napoleon

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  • I’m pretty sure the ottomans had more territory in the Arabian peninsula and Egypt.

  • Funny & informative as usual 💖! Ironically, the expansion & collision of nations may have contributed to the sustainability of civilization. Resource depletion or disparity was “externalized” and infirm like me or outdated policies were selected in colonial development or war. However, it is risky, costly, even catastrophic now. I hope we can achieve environmental, economic, social (including human), & political sustainability with new techs & humane policies.

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