Publicerades den 27 mar 2021
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  • I think that is just called lazy

  • I covered half of my phone coz I was scared that something scary might appear on my screen lol

  • ウォレスとグルミットとかトムとジェリーを思い出したのは俺だけ???

  • Could be completely wrong but I'm pretty sure that music belongs to IHE

  • And here i'm in my small room wondering then name of the song

  • That is a sick house

  • アホすぎる笑笑

  • It's the greatest/stupid creation I had ever seen.

  • The song 😂😂😂

  • Weird flex

  • Лентяи

  • Tour for house 😒

  • ひろゆき!?

  • どっかに引っかかるか壁が擦れそう

  • Song name???

  • That's just lazy

  • #epiclazyness

  • Man... So that's what it's like to be a rich kid with nothing but free time

  • Nice house flex

  • if this camera man doesn’t have the smoothest movement…

  • Loaded people:hahaha ur house is soooo smol is liv in a 69 room mantion Me: That is one expensive string

  • What the title should have actually been: GUY SHOWS OFF HIS LIFE CHANGING HOUSE😱😱😱

  • This is so dumb

  • Its more useless

  • Lazy get up and you know they went and bought a screwgun/drill then return it

  • What is this song?

  • What the

  • How

  • He is so busy

  • All that just to stir a pot😂😂

  • Handy🤙

  • thought camra man was in creative to times

  • If its an invention then patent it

  • This remind anyone else of mission impossible ghost protocol

  • I hate peoples

  • Forget the invention. That house in amazing

  • How he got the time to do all that when he can just do it normaly

  • Me when my mom says "can you stir this for me".

  • It’s not the greatest but ok

  • No else noticed all the burners being on?

  • Paja extrema

  • How much string did they use


  • i would love to have a home like that. im jealous...

  • Yung tamad ka;

  • "The greatest invention you'll ever see!" Phones: Am I a joke to you?

  • 😂

  • "..." "..." "Kevin Macleod Music?-" "Kevin Macleod Music."

  • Same problem with 5min craft , if you're gonna go to the trouble of doing all this stuff why not just stir the pot as intended ?

  • 間屋大撚到呢

  • 家広いな

  • Just flexin the apartment

  • weirdo

  • Why no one is talking about doing all of that is more time consuming than straight up cooking normally

  • Por qué la humanidad es una mierda ? La humanidad:

  • I need that

  • Dont waste your time, its a string that wraps around the whole house that stirs a pot of pasta incorrectly

  • Me thinking how huge is their house and pretty rich to play whatever you feel like and post in youtube

  • This is my life of being laze with mom saying I need to stop being laze lol

  • I really wasted my time to look at this.

  • Is not a greatest is a dumb

  • Boomers: *Its free real estate*

  • Le ganó la cuarentena xD que diga la pereza :'v

  • Just put a chair down there at that point

  • Lol Speed the word pg on youtube

  • “I thought I asked you to cook dinner” “I am”

  • So fucking lazy

  • Et dah,mager sebenarnya

  • ESA CAsa es mas grande q mi barrio ;'v

  • Oh yeah let that plastic cookin utensil melt in the pasta, went through al that and decides to add plastic instead of wood or metal

  • Hahaha

  • We get it your rich

  • That music tho....

  • Nice

  • Дистанцию саблюдаем!!! А то чихнешь в суп кто его есть будет???😅😅😅

  • そもそも家広すぎだろ

  • Him having all four burners on was a bigger flex than that big ass house.

  • 部屋広すぎだろ

  • Let's we name it as " invention for Lazyness'

  • このままあの糸に火をつけたらミッションインポッシブルだね

  • Sykunno

  • Them say: greatest Me:nope The laziest

  • No supra key maintenance is Cucina skinny serum

  • Glorified house flex

  • Videos like this are why I support abortions.

  • U got dis from Jason derulo

  • Oh to have a big beautiful house ☺️

  • I’m sure all of use are so extremely excited to see you casually flex your mansion

  • Re gil el chavón

  • Laziness be like:

  • Nobody cares about ur house that u share with ur Bf’s. Honestly why u so lazy smh 🤦🏻

  • 0.0

  • 😂😅😂

  • GREATEST INVENTION YOULL EVER SEE My man have u seen ur phone that thing is legit the size of ur hand and it can do more things then u could in a lifetime

  • ✂️🧵

  • The person who filmed it : 🤸


  • Am I the only one wondering why there isn’t a chef cooking in that million dollar home.. and why is it penne? Spent all the cash on the house and had nothing left to eat

  • People: wooooow Me: the paint on the corner of the wall is gonna rub off 😫😫

  • That house is so beautiful mate and the Mac and cheese is the best part