Publicerades den 9 maj 2021
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Produced by Jon Olsson.
Edited by Aron Reijnders: aronreijnders


  • Are you guys going to learn your kids Swedish or English or both? I was just thinking about it. Congratulations and good luck. Much love!

  • This makes me laugh so much. A big timer car, just gets destroyed by kids. I used to be a car guy. Now I would take a vw and kept the money for investments for the kid.

  • Hey, Mr dad plus mr mom. Just watched the girls night out video. DUDE MAN UP back ground look at me I haven't had a boys night out. Dude, You chased a hottie for years this is what you wanted. DUDE.. very not cool keeping the RR tank on full. What if baby needs to be rushed to the hospital. Opps no gas. It's your job" to keep the tank full. Not your wife's job. Those babys need a daddy who knows what he's doing. Those girls lucked out. Armed robbers could have SHOWED. Car jackers, kidnappers, you put 4 ladys and baby in HARMS way. Very not cool. Fill the tank daily if needed. And be happy about it. Clean the windows also.

  • Main man Leon is going to be a serious F1 driver, i can feel it

  • Sorry to burst the bubble but I’m pretty certain 100mph is not at all record breaking there is Cigarette racers doing 145mph lol

  • I’m surprised how shit the boat looks

  • Hope you get to keep the phantom when that thing finally divorces you and then maybe you can start actually making good quality action vlogs again like the old days with Benny bc these days it's pathetic I just wanted to see the fucking boat

  • mph in a boat ??? not in europe john !

  • And it's sold.

  • I’m still waiting for my Richard. 😏 Such an handsome man. 🤩

  • Red bull hat is off, his hair is amazing

  • Jon while your getting the boat finished get a practice boat to learn the ropes such as in docking, rules of navigation on the water , and basic boat operations and systems so time on waterf will be enjoyable and safe

  • Get some sleep guys.

  • holy shit :O

  • When a new vlog?

  • Jani's father is so awesome to leon. I wish jani's sister had a husband and father to her kids like Jon... Honestly, she deserves a guy like her father (Ricard) and Jon.. Gentlemen for sure 💜


  • Someone have a link for the webiste

  • When my older son was Leon’s age, he decided he would help his dad wash the car and when his dad came to the side that he was washing, he was washing it with a rock! 😭 It’s funny to talk about now, 23 years later!😂

  • Man these videos are always such a blessing. Have a great day everyone! Also sick color grading as always, I need a drone asap

  • yacht tour

  • so boooooooooring video

  • The old man should color his hair before make this videos...🙈

  • Imagine you are having a house that big and the car is bigger than your house’s garage!🤣🤣🤣 absolutely amazing video from India as always❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow, I’ve been away from this channel so long they had another kid?

  • 5:47 Klara 😍😂

  • Does anyone knows which camera Jon’s uses? It feels good to have the vlogs back 🙏🏽👌🏽

  • can't wait to see this beast when she is all done!

  • Leo and Lea? Really?

  • In case he's selling his house. I buy. He has great taste!

  • Wasn’t Jon blonde before lol

  • The new boats RAD! But can you please get new wheels for the other boat?

  • So wheres the yacht?

  • Why is there a Cut on youre left upper arm?

  • So you only vlog when you have a new product coming out that you want to sell us, cheers mate, unsub

  • Leon has a better car, than yours😱😆😉

  • Jon what is going on with the house in Indo?

  • TanByKlara är den största leecharen, ett bra exempel på en person som bara hänger och bor med andra som har det bättre i livet.

  • It's amazing that he has 2 babies and still finds time to vlog for us. What a legend congratulations 🙌🏻

  • you guys are very cool

  • Swedish girls..

  • Jon, you need a hair stylist - lockdown is no friend of you Head 😋

  • Klara looks like really high maintenance...

  • Leon always speaks Russian “yes” Да, да, да 😁

  • Those tape measures are pretty sharp, just saying.

  • aye give me 12 years and ill buy it.

  • 03:10 That picture, wow!

  • did they definitaly leave Monaco ?

  • and the house in Bali ?

  • whens next video please i can’t wait to watch

  • What is Jon actually doing for work these days? bags? still influencer? Fulltime Dad?

  • Omg Leon ist so sweet, happy and full of live. I am so happy for you to have such a wonderfull kid. He seems to be very intelligent and interested into many Different things. I wish you luck and health for your second Baby.

  • You only make vlog when you try something to sell or sad

  • The boat will be sold before first sailing as I suppose some good offer will came :D Anyway, it seems brutal 👍

  • Your boat is so fast, I hope you go gently when the family are on board.

  • wow 💗💗💗💗

  • Well done, been waiting to see this yacht finished , great job looking fast

  • Now that was a clickbait title and thumbnail.... 15 minutes of family life and interior stuff and 10 seconds of boat. I mostly watch your car/boat videos. If you use your cars/boats to get views on videos about your daily life, you have lost me.

  • The boat looked like a xxl Jetski with the water at the back 😅

  • You gonna own a 100 mph plus boat and Richard still won’t let you near his, what could possibly go wrong...........👨🏻‍🦽😟

  • Can't wait to see this thing in the final state #goodjobBernico

  • Hey sailor .. On the water we measure speed in Knots :)

  • That boat is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD!! Hahaha

  • Great photos! Good job. Amazing, your whole family is model-worthy!

  • that noise... though

  • Life is good if you rich and healthy....

  • Have nice n safe day to all- love from TIBET

  • great Vlog

  • 13:34 Thank me later 🛥❤

  • "Im coming right now!" Jon: "Okay, go all the way!!" I mean there are kids in the bus, keep it together! jk love the vlög

  • I appreciate all the effort you take to film with kids and provide us with footage. Not easy i presume, i hope you keep doing it if it feels good. Even if its once a month i'll always check it out. Nice b-roll on the car, thats effort in what you may presumed was a 'boring vlog' without. Loved it as always. Also that boat is sickkkkk but not the reason we click on your vids Jon, we click because its you ;)

  • when are you trading the rolls for Taycan Jon?

  • i want to buy shoes

  • AH MAN! Leon has a Dutch bike! how cool. Same color as my Gf aswell :)

  • Update on the Lombok villa soon????? :D

  • That ending Intro to the boat where the kids are just going nuts really spoke to me as a dad of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. These younger and/or child free viewers have no idea! 😂

  • Jon Olsson 6:18 Yessss, I haven't heard this since Gumball 2015! Lol

  • I would want to detail that front passenger sit Jon! don't know how many Times!! lol

  • Happy to see Jon & Janni back vlogging! Now Grandpa Rickardo can be babysitter and the the yacht out to Monaco! Lol

  • How come no one is talking about the sheer raw power of his boat.... at like 70% power...

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • the boat is NUTS! Good to see another vlog. Hope you upload more.

  • What records is this breaking? Go to miami, there are a number of cigarette boats, center consoles and sportfishing boats that would smoke that thing.

  • such an inspired couple!

  • I love watching you and Leon there should be a lot more of that especially where I'm from great video

  • next video "Sold boat - now going to get inflatable palm"

  • she definitely had the massage seat on

  • Lovely to see the family thriving and the boat looks and sounds insane 👌👌

  • C'est Normal is coming 🔥

  • Tacogratängen är så svenskt de kan bli, men är det nästan bättre än tacos... ? Självklart!:)

  • Your boat is fukin insaaane!!!

  • 3 years...wth... dont they usually build and finish the huge yachts in that time frame. And a cute blond in the background needs introducing if shes in the vlog, cutiepie. cheers

  • So excited for this boat

  • NI måste måsteee få flera barn HERREGUD vilka fina barn ni 2 skapar OMG!

  • You and your lovely family make SElists fun bro !!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Bro, make sure you take some serious tuition on how to handle boats that can go that fast - if you hit even a small bow wave from another boat whilst on a turn in that thing at anything over 50kts then you will be in for some serious ‘turbulence’ (of the wet kind)

  • you know you have kids when you have NO tan while living in Spain LOL

  • I'm sorry to break it to you but the baby crying is no where close to as cute as you seem to think, it's quite annoying and makes me feel like exiting immediately :(

  • Please allow mr. Maurizio Bulleri ( @theboatshow ) to have a go in that beast! that would be EPIC!

  • 99% kids and 1% boats... let's hope for a 99% boats and 1% kids-video soon! 😉