The Bird Tier List

Publicerades den 3 jun 2021
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Pigeon Fights Off Crow:

Sandhill Crane VS Black Bear:
Tawny Owl Caught in Rainstorm:
Great Horned Owl Defends Nest from Raccoon:
Swan Attacks Seagull:
Falcon Chases Homing Pigeon:
Falcon VS Goose:
Swans Bullying Random People In Park:


  • Sorry for such a long delay between uploads! Hopefully this video being about triple the length of my average videos makes up for it!

    • Tierzoo you forgot that chickens can live without their heads meaning they have two lives.

    • @Alterina Bot promoter....

    • @AGGREY ESENDI OGADA Stuff it spammer.

    • Just never stop (until you care to do so)

    • What is the game call?

  • Fire Emblem music to the heron segment is what I call a very cultured, high-brow director's choice. Well done.

  • D tier? I take offence to that

  • I'm wondering where Andean the condor build is (I guess not enough players know the condors since most of them don't play the South America map)

    • I’m surprised you didn’t put the Turkey in

  • Why i'm seeing this and i'm subscribing lol

  • whats the music for the corvids section

  • How would you rank a bird like kookaburra? I think it in my personal opinion might be a middle b teir since their eyes are behind their beak which keeps small prey from counterattacking and the fact that they can go for aquatic terrestrial and aerial game for food means they are versatile feeders and have tons of options for food but the thing holding them back is their intelligence which is one flaw that keeps them out of the higher tiers

  • Off topic question have you found any leaks for any future updates?

  • so no ones gonna talk about the 2 birds dancing together at 3:13 lmao

  • so how do all these people beat ToER

  • the humans had a huge nerf reducing the population but they recovered and are still the top of the meta and the next patch will probably have more balances but a few nerfs

  • I’ve actually been considering changing to a leopard build since the human COVID-19 update that nerfed my current build human but I’m considering changing to a bird I’ll have to test out some of the bird builds before I change for good

  • Wtf even is this format lol

  • if i made an amphibian build would basically be a frog but a halo sharp tongue and it would be venomous it would also have a small sail to capture heat would also be venomous and poisonous and the sail would help swim the 2nd best frog build and it would stay motionless most of the time

  • You forgot cassowaries, which should go to A/S

  • Just imagine an MMORPG game realistically based on earth life

  • Unpopular opinion, but all flightless birds are just users who miss the time when dinosaurs were the meta, so they try to replicate it

  • Omg I hate bird griefers, like im trying to farm my levels and an eagle comes and grabs me and then drops me off in its nest where i get teamed by a bunch of noobies. Grabbing should be nerfed

  • I’m surprised you didn’t put the Turkey in

  • 9:54 Wow, way to reach into my childhood and hit me in the face with nostalgia. Well, off to Kamino to get some relaxing headshots.

  • i want a mammal tier list plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Another video where the humans mains demostrate why we are broken

  • What game are you talking about

  • 6:45 teases about gulls appearing in higher tiers, yet no gulls were ever shown :(. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined (not really, I really enjoyed the video)

  • I would like know in which position is the Condor (the biggest bird ever)

  • pigeons are harmless they are not carnivores they only attack you when you try to touch their young and eggs (even pecking when you say attack doesn't hurt) that's why I love pigeons

  • birb

  • LOL @ Devs dropping a balance patch! Okay you've got my subscription XD XD.

  • "Kiwis only exist on an Island so they're F tier" Komodo dragon: haha S tier go brrrrr

  • There were several scenes where you showed ducks and yet no ducks

  • The way you put these in order for educational purposes and still manage to make it fun to watch and not get bored for a while is insanely surprising to me, this is one of the best channels for sure.

  • Me, an eagle master race believer at the start of the video: ''hEhE it's gonna be an easy win, go get 'em! :@'' Me seeing my beloved eagles getting outplayed by; speaking colourful bois, black vindictive nut-crackers and slim taekwondo birds that can't fly properly: '' You've dissapointed me boys :l''

  • Cranes deserve their own video

  • S+ tier=Seagull.

  • The man grabbing the swan by the neck is fearless

  • What class would you put seagulls and ducks in? And going off-topic, one of the penguins' main predators is actually an offshoot of the polar bears' build.

  • How could you forget to mention that corvids are part of the songbird build?

  • I think the Cassowary would also be a top tier.

  • please do sea eagle i like them alot

  • I think you are missing one of the most brutal birds: the shoebill! Can you make a video about him in the future? Love your vids! :)

  • Interesting fact: penguins and albatrosses (the build that spends the most time in the air of any bird) are actually offshoots of the same build.

  • Which tier would you put Big Bird from Sesame Street in? He's like the ratites in his size (and the fact that he nests on the ground), but he also has human-tier intelligence.

  • Shoebill.

  • Can you do a video showcasing the mods?

  • The draconian command differently call because eggnog family kill above a purple captain. talented, gamy salary

  • You should make a parasite tier list! Although as a human main I absolutely despise mosquitoes, I have to admit their dominant place in the mamallian meta.

  • 12:16 Canadian gooses be like: T-36 TACTICAL DOO-DOO INCOMING

  • 5:41 that poor bee lol

  • When the bo2 music kicked in it became intense

  • The african mammals tier list

  • what about a seagull

  • you should make a real game about this that we can play

  • too good but also too long, i'd just continue watching tomorrow. good work👊🏻

  • The amuck dibble sadly pine because arm histochemically need down a sick riverbed. needy, plain spain

  • kakapos smoke straight s tier prove me wrong

  • Where would u place shoebills?

  • When are you doing the unicellular tier list? They can do serious damage to high tier builds! And if you play only in macroscopic mode, I recommend the Physarum polycephalum (but every player call it blob). It is pretty easy to play, almost invincible and have high intelligence. Its only weaknesses are snails and light, but it should be easy to avoid them since there's a lot of hideouts in the Forest ground biome.

  • Is there any way to contact the devs? i have a few questions about the game, and i haven’t found any socials or anything.

  • Ravens: exists. TierZoo: "cOrVidS"

  • The kaput idea incidentally flap because cover chronically scare from a next morocco. stingy, private shoulder

  • I think the crocodile tier list would be a good video

  • Emu/Ostrich/Cassowary should be higher, Emus literally won a war against humans Edit: probably A or B tier

  • Damn this game called Life sure has fun parts

  • I like playing Herons.

  • I strongly disagree with the goose being anywhere other than above SSS tier.

  • Literally just got the name because they are black and white.

  • The waggish prison rhetorically prepare because oil july excite until a aboard biplane. instinctive, wet ravioli

  • Yo! That falcon messed up that duck😂😂. Also welcome back to SElists

    • can you do a savanna tier list for the africa server?


  • @tierzoo Please make a video on virus tier lists

  • You should fo a video dedicated to sea birds

  • I was that peacock /: kinda embarrassing, I thought it would actually be better…

  • bacteriophage virus plz

  • New to this channel, and I love it. My favorite part is the constant use of the black ops 2 theme across the videos

  • TierZoo, I can't seem to figure out the microbe tier list! Could you please make a video on it for us and explain where all those paramecia and slime molds and hydrazoa fit? I'd love to learn more about those matchups.

  • I'm a little confused by your Nebula video, you said in this one it has more birds but when I watched it it seems like it's exactly the same but without the Nebula ad at the end.

  • make a ape tee list

  • Australian Megafauna Tier list?

  • What’s the music/song that’s played durning the vulture part?

  • I have a question, are viruses and other stuff like them playable characters? Or are they sort of like npcs? I’ve wanted to know for a while and thought I might as well see if the best researcher knows, and can answer

  • It looks interesting, game's name?

  • You should do a video on mythical creatures like unicorns and griffins.

  • can you do a savanna tier list for the africa server?

  • i was playing as an ant but some human players kept on putting me in water next to their bathroom fountain. do you have any ways that i can avoid this?

  • Good to know that my favorite animal (Secretary bird) is top teir,

  • Where would gharials and false gharials be on the tier list

  • i just lost the game

  • 6:50 'PEAFOWL', not 'Peacock'. peacock is to rooster peahen is to hen peafowl is to chicken/jungle fowl

  • sad not to see kestrel, a favorite

  • Where tf is the cassowary

  • this guy is fing amazing, i kinda want to hear him describe actual freaking guns.

  • Can Camels have their own video? In the human support class video you talked about their mount ability but you left out how they are superior in combat because they scare their horse counterparts... that’s just scratching the surface. Great job on all your videos

  • You must make a whale tier list

  • 19:30

  • No albatros or condors

  • Where duck

  • Wasn't expecting Queen's Gardens midway through the video, but I ain't complaining

  • Pigeon's defense should be way up, they can ruin somebody's day just by existing

  • Can someone please tell me what the song at 0:09 is from? I remember it from childhood but not what the video series was called

  • and you should do an reptile tier list of a mammal tier or an anphiban tier list also i recomend a are the tegu over power video