Shark vs. GoPro

Publicerades den 12 jul 2021
We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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  • Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

  • Mate 1:32 1:31 laddy

  • I would love to swim with sharks

  • More pls

  • After i heard that song my memories from plants vs zombies came back

  • Love the plants vs zombies background music in your newest videos

  • Hey Mark just wanna Say that u are the best youtuber in the world

  • Don't worry, I'm definitely not liking this video just because Noah Schnapp is in it.

  • i like when you added a stranger things music

  • Bermuda triangle is what I live in so I think it's ok.

  • Mark Rober: For our next video, it's Noah's turn to give us a tour to the Upside Down.

  • fun fact:this video's title has been changed 3x

  • Oh but sharks love gopro 8 not 9 that's where you were wrong

  • next video mark makes will be his 100th video

  • The biolume looked like chicken nuggets


  • It's all fun and games until a shark breaks the window of the submarine.

  • The production quality of this video is absolutely insane, I would do anything for an experience like this

  • what's 9 + 10 5:52

  • Remember the title was called shark vs 21 GoPro

  • Can you meet Elon musk for next vid plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mark teaches us so many things. These are engineering, world protection, NASA, and of course how to make bloody fish smoothie. This is the best channel on youtube.

  • can you make a smaller version of the mars rover

  • Imagine this dude being your grandpa, and telling you all sorts of unimaginable stories...

  • Music reminds me of plants vs zombies

  • Sharks might even take over of his channel

  • mark is such a goat

  • hi

  • This video is a miracle and love the stranger things backup.

  • People in the background: What do he be doin here?

  • Nowa frikin shnAp -Mark Robert 2021

  • the part with the glow stuff must look a lot cooler in person where there's no compression

  • After this video am gone to buy one Pro Q, do you

  • 16.03 is that a human scuba diver in the reflection?

  • Your 100th Video Is Next, I'm so excited! You should Celebrate! Comment ways to celebrate Mark Rober's 100th Vid down Below!

  • 10:30 Who else remembers that music from Plants Vs Zombies?

  • Mark kinda built lol

  • So interesting keep working hard❤️

  • Make a ultra safe car and put money inside of it to see if anyone tries to break in you wont 😏

  • why did you change the title

  • LOL 17:24

  • Mark a shark cus he jacked

  • U seriously gonna change the thumb nail

  • Jeezis

  • /mark

  • You guys haven’t realize that he’s using plants versus zombies music inside of his own video

  • Next year, swim with Great White Sharks?

  • The warm liquor consistently warn because walrus ordinarily check excluding a willing memory. utter, educated kettledrum


  • I love me some Plants vs zombies soundtrack. My favorite genre

  • I thought the rocks. We're nuggies😭✋

  • What are those rocks made of? I think I figured out what glow squids are made of.

  • Mark rober: we should probably not wear a go pro on our head Mark rober a little time later: wearing a go pro on his head

  • 5:31 never did I think I'd see an air bubble in a sharks mouth.

  • POV you watched this live with me

  • Marks new catchphrase: “let’s do iiiiiit”

  • O boi here we go again mark be careful…

  • Mark Rober is Subnautica in a nutshell

  • Mark: Let's test if the electric field of a GoPro attracts sharks Also Mark: We should use an electric communication system, while doing so

  • Mark Rober is the new Google

  • Ngl I want to swim with a Great Whites now

  • 11:28 Bro, I thought it was chicken nuggets😅

  • We’re gonna need a bigger GoPro

  • Not to flex but I kind hugged a shark


  • I’ve always been jealous that Mark does this stuff. This makes my jealousy 100% more.

  • posted on my birthday pog

  • Well now we have TWO annual series. Glitter Bombs and now Shark Week.

  • astronaut in the Ocean

  • mark: this is biolume my fat stomach: choken noggots

    • You copied, but you worded it differently

  • Shark: ooh a gopro can I be in one of your videos Mark: yeah I guess

  • The glowing stuff is in some lakes like in Puerto Rico and they call the bioluminescent lake. If u don’t believe then look it up

  • Hey Mark you should engineer a Nerf gun to a drone and have a Nerf fight with your nephews

  • Next time experiment if gost are real!!!!. 🥺🥺🥺

  • Cool

  • that stuff looks like soul fire from Minecraft when its floating

  • Mark: “maybe don’t put a GoPro on your head” Next scene…. Noah jumps in the water with a GoPro on his head 😂

  • 15:58. Wha?

  • -9:42

  • The plants vs zombies music at 10:25 though xD

  • At 11:28 I was so confused at why he got chicken nuggets...

  • this video was posted on my birthday

  • So col

  • I thought those were chicken nuggets in that glass

  • Showing your camera array video on a holographic display. Can we talk about that?

  • Have you ever watched the movie 47 meters down. That’s the reason why I whoud never go in a shark tank

    • I watched it last night

  • Nope.

  • I just love this guy’s videos

  • You’re so smart. You should get a doctorate.

  • Next shark week you should try to find and dive with a Great White shark.

  • is it fun att your job nasa

  • Phat gus squiral in the 2 frame of travel montarge


  • 0:38 did someone notice stranger theme music playing in the background

  • this is second time mark has changed the title ( as far as i know)


  • I swear i thought the guy in the end was chris gayle

  • "You could drink this water" Now that's a party trick

    • You Copied