Road to Fight Night ft. FaZe Jarvis (Official FaZe Clan Documentary PT.1)

Publicerades den 7 jun 2021
Follow @FaZe Jarvis as he trains for his upcoming boxing match premiering live this Saturday, June 12th.

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  • This is epic.

  • But we all have to have respect for michale le cause he put up a good fight

  • You win fights by being a student of the game ! Shoutout Jarvis for being a student , and Acing the fights

  • It's so pathetic they gave him a life ban. REVERSE THAT SHIT!

  • Is Hanna actually Jarvis gf or is it just a joke

  • Before Jarvis entered his fight he should’ve said to the live stream if I win this fight epic games then you have to unbanned me on fortnight

  • Jarvis is that kid at school who is good at everything

  • Ggs mate

  • Faze house eating indomie :)

  • we saw u teewap legend

  • Sussy baka

  • U know somthin Jarvis owes my respect

  • Bruh.. Jarvis only fought a "tiktoker"🤦‍♀️ yall acting like he won against Mohammed Ali🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

    • but jarvis isn't a pro boxer either

  • Now we know who got jarvis banned.

  • his girlfriend is so cringeee

  • "FaZe Fights" so that means there's gonna be more 😏

  • “It’s soo hard”

  • Jarvis knock the f out of him Congratulations Jarvis

  • Always wondered why Kay and Jarvis looked a bit Asian. Nice to know!

  • 👍

  • After seeing this i would trust jarvis with my secrets, cause he keeps his promises

  • This shits cringe asf 😂😂

    • Inspiring to me, what a King

  • Let’s gooooo Jarvis I love you bro let’s goo

  • i think that people sometime forget that jarvis is also just a human

  • Jarvis vs Bryce hall

  • .


  • bro im wheezing when teawap was like if he was michael lee he would pee his pants

  • My boy from nepal 🇳🇵 🤙🏻

  • Jarvis really was training to make that happen

  • The fact these dons mention Logan and Jake before KSI and joe shows how the Americans like to take credit

  • Fireee


  • Yo Jarvis my parents are from Nepal too!!!! It’s so nice to see such an awesome person born in Nepal!!!

  • I’m really happy that his brother is supportive not jealous

  • Inspiring to me, what a King

  • If he returned to fortnite it was gonna be soooo cool

  • Can I please join faze clan my fortnight user name is Evan the crusher FL

  • Booooooooooo

  • Jarvis brother: "I've never seen anyone so disciplined than Jarvis" Jarvis: Also cheated at fortnite

  • Jarvis went from 😭😭 to 🏆🏆

  • love from nepal

  • why does it say that sam peppers girlfriend is jarvis girlfriend

  • Not afraid of dying. My blood line is priestly. Death strikes no dear in me

  • I know I'm not the only one who noticed logan's ex girlfriend 19:16

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  • I mean if he didn’t get banned he probably wouldn’t have been here in a boxing match

  • “4 chu chu chu chu” I love it. Congrats Jarvis

  • O wait nvm

  • When did faze Jarvis get a tatto

  • i get chills down my back

  • They actually put Hanna as his gf 😭😭

  • I luv how everything Jarvis said he was gonna do to michale, he did. Congrats man

  • Jarvis you’re the best You’re a beast

  • Free Jarvis please epic games pls

  • Jarvis is gonna be the best youtuber boxer wtf.

  • it’s crazy how he didn’t say why he got banned from fort

  • Faze clan doesn't need to use anybody else's memes they have already made so many themselves accidentally

  • In that conference jarvis looked like he was gonna eat that kid alive

  • Jarvi is born to be a gamer

  • 3:45 - Founder??

  • Next he should fight epic games

  • So inspirational

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  • Jarvis aim bot worked

  • This man fought one fight chill out 😂

    • Bro but in that ring he was impressive : ) And do you even know who is the trainer praising his boxing skills? Otis, that guy used to train Floyd Mayweather for this matches.

  • What a beast

  • Man holds his knife and fork in the wrong hands

  • Love this guy! This boxing fight was the best thing for him his dedication and determination gave me motivation! I’m a life long fan now

  • “I got a text from my dad, Jarvis looks good out there”

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  • Netflix vs hulu🤣

  • So I believe that if Jarvis was never banned on fortnite I think his content would have flopped so maybe getting banned was a good thing for him and his SElists career

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  • Love from Nepal

  • faze jarvis

  • This aged well

  • Who’s here after Jarvis knocked out Michael ?

  • Wow so interesting 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jarvis should get get a tattoo he just looks like a badass with them

  • Everyone is given a gift. We all see that Jarvis had quite the given gift.

  • I’m positive that the crowd is gonna be made of all 9 year olds wearing fortnite hoodies lmfao.

    • @zijuiy wttuy ????

    • wait are they rly dating ?? lmfaoo havent watched them in a while

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  • The gurkha stuff is true but it's sad that now they do security jobs roaming streets at nights for petty money 😑

    • @Problem Child its better than to beg 😀 randia🤢😂

  • 19:18 😳 @LoganPaul

  • bro i love how jarvis did he.s hair he looks like a Badass Tekken charecter

  • man knocked out one dude once and they make a 2 part documentary 💀. i love the faze boys but seriously man we don’t need to know where you’re born etc 🤣. huge congratulations to Jarv, I’ll never discredit his fight

  • 23:14 Never seen that side of jarvis

  • Let's go knock him out

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  • Ngl kays voice at first scared me😂🤣

  • We gotta see a collab with jarvis and sensei 100%

  • Jarvis called it 🔥

  • Temperrr was indeed right Jarvis dropped him so hard he got knocked out

  • NEPALI honi 🤗😍🇳🇵

  • wait are they rly dating ?? lmfaoo havent watched them in a while

  • Jarvis beat Michael lee as if he was the one to ban him on fortnite and jarvis was taking out all his anger

  • LETS GO!!