MUST WATCH! Norris and Ricciardo race Zak Brown around Silverstone! 🏎️

McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Ricciardo take on the boss, Zak Brown, racing GTR’s around Silverstone! Who will come out on top?
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  • I think my tires are gone

  • i want to see zak brown vs christian horner

  • Dani Ric just straight up having fun drifting and spinning. Gotta love him

  • How similar are these cars? 😉

  • I'm happy for Lando for winning podiums, but I'm also hoping for Daniel's improvement at McLaren.

  • Anyone spotted the Eminem lyrics?

  • If you are an investor get on Babydoge coin. It will make us all rich.

  • This is sooooo GOOD!!😂 Se yaa in Hungary🧡🧡🧡


  • I've learned to respect Zak Brown. If you pay attention to this outwardly humble guy, he gets results without any bluster or swagger, and he deftly plays the political games in F1. He has real respect for the sport and its history. The F1 team is stronger than it has been since Hamilton left. Maneuvering away from Honda was wise, given that they have once again abruptly withdrawn from F1. McLaren's switch from Renault to Mercedes power should make them stronger still. Nobody is perfect, and it looks as if hiring Ricciardo might have been a big mistake. Daniel is not producing the results he should be, obviously, but Norris is doing really well. Maybe Ricciardo will bounce back under the new rules next year. All in all, Brown has done far better than I thought he would, so I clearly underestimated him.

  • Watching these 3 having fun on the track just put a big smile on my face

  • Shame nobody said "Bono my tires!!"

  • Brown faster than Ricciardo

  • Norris new girl fridend →Ricciardo Saintz"WTF"

  • Seeing Zak Brown in this makes me really wanna see an American F1 Driver back on the grid

  • Zak: i need to win for my family Daniel toretto: for the family.. I will drift away

  • That 620R looks mean though😍

  • Who thinks Ricciardo is fast and furious fan boy!!! 😀

  • Without fail, every single time they do these kinda videos at Silverstone, it's raining. Every. Single. Time.

  • Zak just looks super American

  • Aston Martin next?

  • Wet track? :-(

  • So when Red Bull does this next year what car they gonna drive? Oh wait Honda has nice super cars just remembered

  • didnt zak have covid?

  • I love the pop culture music and movie references.

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  • Lando and Zak: race mode Daniel: Imma drift this girl around a bit

  • Danny Ric has forgotten how to drive, he can't keep up in this video, he can't keep up in F1, what's going on ?

    • Nah, he's just a rookie - Ricciardo, 2019

  • Mercedes may have done this first, but McLaren did it better

  • So the reason why Riccardo has had a bad start is because of the radio cable?

  • man Daniel is SO cool!!

  • 13:33 Zak has family

  • Lando: "I think my engine's on fire" McLaren PR Team: ffffffffff!!!!!! *facepalms in unison*

  • I think I’m coming up on Daniel. Show him the blue😂😂😂

  • 9:52 back of Daniel's car 🥰

  • 5:37 "I'm bringing the McLaren GT to the P1" I see what you did there

  • Lando casually singing Eminem😂😂

  • i love this, zack is sweet behind the wheel!

  • where was the traditional radio check with Lando?

  • Zak is like the cool uncle and 🍯🦡 is the big bro that is funny and Lando is the little one

  • Mclaren looks like a fun place to work, way more than any other F1 team

  • daniel ricciardo the man that can do a perfect impression of nikita mazepin

  • “I’m going to take turn 1 flat, might not get to turn 2, but I’ll be quick through turn 1” reminded me of Iracing free weekends

  • Zak is the best team boss.

  • how good was this!! 😂👌👏

  • Boi let me focus :)

  • nobody: absolutely nobody: zak: yep that corner was flat too

  • when zak said to danny 7 times grand prix spinner that got to me

  • Danny ric just casually becoming a drift king

  • 2022 - McLaren announce new driver lineup. 1. Zac Brown and 2. Lando Chuck Norris

  • Starting to stand why lando is always ahead of danny ric haha

  • Thank you.😍.had fun watching these..guys🥴

  • 7 times Gran Prix Spinner😃

  • Brilliant video

  • But they had different cars?! 620 R is unfair on track

  • Do it with ferrari please (maybe at monza its easier for the organisation) Thank you

  • Well done, brilliant stuff.

  • Zak Toretto

  • orange is the new black

  • Why’d they make Lando look so tall

  • What's the name of the music playing in the background???

  • 1:49 & 2:14 Netflix be like write that down write that down and uses it dramatically in Drive to Survive like last time

  • Zak Brown: I think ima ask for a raise now Also Zak Brown: *is the ceo of McLaren*

  • I’m surprised there wasn’t a Senna there, the car was literally named after McLaren’s best F1 driver

  • DR Spun made my Day😂

  • 12:30 the ambulance at 2:00 am

  • 10:13 "My tyres are gone!" I'm sure that was a cheeky reference ;)

  • Nobody: Zak Brown goin through the monaco hairpin: you can take that flat

  • Zak: i think my tyres are gone! okay Lewis 2.0

  • Lando and Daniel bonding over Eminem 😂😂😂

  • Zak brown did a better job at overtaking Daniel than Sainz did during the actual race

  • Oh this is the best interaction between he 3 I’ve seen . Love it …

  • In case someone is wondering, Zak had a good time GT racing in his time and he's best suited of the three in these cars. And just to help him more, his car got more downforce

  • the aero on that lt is crazy, clearly rigged

  • This team is awesome

  • Does anyone know the music playing from minute 8:15?

  • Zak as an F1 driver: "what is this second pedal doing in my car?"

  • Will you ever stop using these stupid masks?!

  • Zak Brown is a national treasure.

  • Kimi next

  • Daniel doing his best mazepin impression

  • Zak: "My tyres are gone!" What a legend

  • 9:19 tasty French music

  • Love these guys!!

  • They should do this with the Redbull team in the Redbull mini coopers

  • Zac is the best boss on the field!

  • I met Zak at COTA a couple years ago and he's exactly the person you would hope him to be.....super friendly/funny/down to earth

  • Fun Fact, Mercedes already did this Ham-Bot-Tot with their AMG series. and Ham-Bot let Toto win that races.

  • He ran out of talent 😭😭🤣🤣

  • Daniel trying to drift is my new mood 😂

  • fun with F1 drivers at Silverstone with McLarens, and I thought I was having fun at my local karting circuit.

  • Mercedes already did this

  • “This thing’s fast, I’m scared” ~ F1 Driver

  • the guy didn't know who torretto is :(

  • Brian Doyle: I will drive this car myself if you two don't shape up Zak Brown: Hold my river derci

  • U guys are trying to screw me first day of the job 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣