Minecraft's Most Disturbing Experiment

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
Minecraft has a long history of events and stories, but none as disturbing as this. The Closed Map Experiment is Minecraft's strangest and most disturbing social experiment, a test of players resulting in betrayl, revenge and real world attacks.

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This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a documentary about a disturbing experiment. Even more disturbing then the possibility that Dream faked his boat clutch in a manhunt vs sapnap, badboyhalo, georgenotfound, antfrost and awesamdude.

0:00 Prologue
1:14 Jay
2:41 The Experiment
5:16 Clans
8:41 War
11:13 Anarchists
13:35 Mistakes
15:20 Fallout


  • The d a griefers

  • The DA Griefers need to get banned from Minecraft. All servers, even single player. _Permanently._

  • Merchants: villagers Everyone else: pillagers Ppl in the sky: ravengers Jay: confused

  • did i get baited

    • Yup🥺

  • The Disturbing Part is, like he said, this is what we're doing in real life to our world

  • Honestly... kinda lame story. Definitely not disturbing. No offense.

  • No its just a block game

  • plot twist Wifies is actualy jay

  • people: dying in wars and killing each other Merchants: so I started trading

  • the questions made this feel like an actual vsauce video

  • Fuck this video just a waste of time

  • Mk here’s what I’d do, I’d get enough obsidian for 2 portals and a flint and steel, then I would go into the nether and just go far enough 1 direction I would be out of the box if it was in the nether. Then I would place the portal back so I’m in the overworld, outside of the bedrock square. Also, unless there was a roof on the bedrock, you could just stack over the bedrock. Either way, if you managed to keep it a secret you could take control over everyone else with recourses and trade, and if you got overwhelmed you could hide anywhere outside the box.

  • i thought it was gonna be disturbing, it wasn't lol. But did Jay actually get ddosed??

    • It's disturbing where what you do in game, it portrays you in real life. So basically it's not clickbait.

  • Brotherhood equals azorius Merchants equals orzhov Dwarves equals gruul Axe equals dimir Ravinca guilds are fun, eh?

  • plot twist: the cows actually despawned and the war just started because of a glitch in minecraft

  • the fact that the stages they went through were so realistic, like how they burned down the dwarfs town, and somewhat had currency, and actually had roles and spied on eachother is awesome, except for the hackers

  • ..

  • clickbait

  • Ypu could say that they were communicating with each other in *_sign_* language

  • If it was a normal voice, or no glitches it would have just been a weird story.

  • 14:07 we do a little trolling

  • wait couldn't you just leave the spawn box if you nether traveled a bit and portaled back out

  • its like Disrupt TV minus the effort

  • “If u fail the test, we’re going to kidnap and kill you” [you have 15 minutes].......... that would make this more scary of a story

    • @Kibblescrap gaming What if the walk was built up to height limit? Then you've basically wasted all your blocks but if you use water bucket it'll still be a waste

    • And they could have just built up over the wall

  • i like your music choice. nice taste.

  • better than dreamsmp

  • "Disturbing" more like weird

  • The video was really cool, but the title.... click bait =/

    • @Rot Music The video is not the most disturbing experiment in Minecraft. It is not even disturbing, nothing disturbing happens. Just some cool stuff, rivalry, ending resources and a bit of war, but nothimg disturbing. So I consider it click bait Ps: I don't regret watching it btw Edit: grammar

    • How?

  • This sounds fun so far

  • A spire in the middle of the map... 🤔

  • poop

  • i thought it was the minecraft scp something

  • This is like the 3rd life SMP

  • i am invested now :p

  • To everyone, ILY

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  • my birthday is may 7th, this is great

  • No it's just a block game

  • this is like Maze Runner. i think this Experiment might inspired from Maze Runner Movie. you see the huge walls are surroundings. and People is trapped. cuz they are just Experiment Subject by a researcher that observing them from above. maybe Woody Obsessed and Interested on that movie. so he would do the same in Minecraft from the Movie. that might the truth. why he did do to those victims as a Experiment Subjects.

  • 1. Not disturbing 2. Didn’t happen 3. You waited until the end of the video to tell us that it didn’t happen in the form of text that appears for like a second.

  • You've used the wrong title Minecraft's most philosophical experiment. I love philosophy. In fact I studied it at university level during year 12. It truly is one of the things that binds us together. This was a very interesting video and I wouldnt mind trying this experiment myself.

  • This is hermitcraft or third life at this point

    • Third life was basically this but everyone eventually died.

  • Tbh, as long as all the members knew it was for fun, it would actually be a fun SMP to start! Anyone agree? I'm not saying I want random people to join a hypothetical SMP, I just want to know if people agree.

  • This is so cool. I want to to dis same experiment but be a participant

  • The merchants remind me of the merchant alliance and the trade federation in Star Wars there neutral and just want profit

  • 5:10: so basically the hunger games.

  • I’m disappointed

  • waste of time

  • cool

  • I wish they called the brotherhood to the brotherhood of steel

    • @Bean Face exactly

    • They hoard technology like they hoard resources

  • this is naruto but minecraft clans wars and shit

  • Am I the only one who thinks this looks super fun?!

  • This experiment shows human nature. Steal Destroy Exploit

  • Ngl, the experiment got me Maze Runner vibes and it sounds fun, if the strict rule was removed

  • I thought this was about the owner of the server hacking all the players..

  • This is so fake, when jay was guarding his tree, there was a bee hive, in that year, the bee update didn’t exist

  • Bruh, this is just 2b2t before it exploded it popularity a few years back.

  • Not really a disturbing experiment, but a rather interesting one. This is actually so cool to split the process up into sections and compare it to real life. Solo resource gathering, groups, trading, scarcity, tension, war, peace.

  • my friend henry was in this test.... he was one of the best fighters there

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  • not disturbing, just a cool experiment

  • I made a disturbing story based on this for my friends to read

  • Minecraft DR no sleep

  • This story/event is actually pretty cool

  • David summers???? Is that you?????

  • What if this event was recreated

  • from the first coulple sentences you had me on the edge of my chare for the entire video. it was amazing!

  • I'm watching this at midnight

  • This. This is the original version of the events in the dream smp

  • Love the creepy vids!

  • Not scary

  • This started out as the beginning of a horror story and turned into an smp

  • This is interesting cause you see that is representing what humans are doing to the earth even tho it’s just a game we should think about saving the earth before it’s too late

  • What does DDOS mean

  • 35:00

  • "He's met with something strange." Of course at that moment, a sparkling water can fell over and scared the lights out of me

  • He made this way more scary than it was lol

  • Before:a fine world.then:war.now:the apaculips

  • This feels like The future of Third life

  • This experiment looks fun tho, i should try.

  • Who else notices that he stole the background music at the beginning of this video from Daniel Cc movies?

  • Plot twist: Woody got inspired by the movie/book Maze Runner

  • Do OldRoot

  • This is very cool

  • This sounds like third life

  • No one Dream smp if it was in 2012 and had no lore=

  • 1:10 -his computer WiFi connection is bad

  • This is murder island

  • amazing ending

  • Jaywastaken

  • i just got the most invested i EVER have in enything ever

  • Watch My Vids @SunnyPie to see my perspective on disc 11

  • Before you read this; I’m not saying this is 100% true. This makes me think of Bill Gates. How? Like this: 1. He is concerned about the resources of earth because of the population. This is why he wants to depopulate the earth. 2. The way people get together during a problem (like how they were trying to survive the mobs.) The top people in the world are throwing problems at us on purpose so that one day the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, bringing us all together, will calm things down. As you can see this is why Woody asks how this can relate to real life.

  • Tbh I would want to make a server like this and have fun but not make it weird or creepy

  • This experiment is just 2b2t but downscaled.

  • why do u speak in a scary voice(creepy noises in dream)

  • Expectations Me: someone gets hacked and all of his private information,bank information,and private photos was sent to hackers which was sold on the black market over Minecraft ReAlity: some group on a stupid obvious experiment gets a high school kids internet hacked After vid Me: Yes good /: And me: yes totally did not just steel this (;

  • Actually,i would like this type of server.Of course not counting the bad part.Does somebody know this type of server?

  • Way too creepy

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