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Thank you Madison for hanging with us nerds!
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  • Wait a sec this just sounds like a love story

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  • David didn’t know who Kevin Parker was but would play his songs in his videos 🤔

  • if I had any wish I would wish to be David's friends but he wouldn't be friends with a dumb bitch like me:)anyways love you David and Jason

  • Yes

  • why does madison have my church vest?

  • Best Moment starts from 24:53 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • david is confused

  • David is out of his mind if he doesn’t get with Madison. It’s so obvious.

  • Seeing mad happy makes me happy

  • this stresses me the fuck out


  • Love the vids😁 PT 2

  • Are they no longer on Spotify? What Happened?

  • 4:24 that look she gives him

  • oh yeah, that her friend Amy

  • Ohh that’s shit mary

  • Bro are we just gonna go by like nothing happened (“how turned on are u”) ✋👀....... 👄

  • when he started defining constimation and she started fidgeting with her ring

  • Why is she putting her dirty ass shoes on his pristine, furry chairs?!

  • My marina sauce spilled in a bag cuz of door dash

  • Holy crap Looks like he’s getting younger 👏👏

  • Why is this so cringe worthy 😬😬

  • They are legit borderline simping for eachother

  • 1:45 me too

  • bro did they actually spoil fight club

  • I just want more of David talking about his insecurities

  • the tension

  • David wants her SO bad

  • David I love you can I have a tesla

  • natalie adds literally nothing lol

  • If “Surface level friends” is the next song she releases 😂

  • Wasn’t better help a scam

  • this was brutal

  • David’s a lucky man

  • I love how david reject her

  • Podcast idea: you bring on a therapist and just talk normally about old stories and shit except, the therapist interrupts with why they think you did that or the real reason behind the way you guys act and the things you do. I think it would be so funny to watch them roast the shit out of you in the nicest way possible lol

  • David should date Madison honestly

  • Hold up. Are they actually dating?

  • Bruh and they AREN’T DATING!!!???

  • rip seatgeek?

  • Ship Davidson

  • It's funny to see David agree with everything madison says, good one you bro 👌

  • How could you. You used to matter and mean something in my life. Now I am ashamed. I hate myself for thinking you were decent. How dare you continue to breathe without deserving the right.

  • Oh yea that’s my friend Amy

  • Did he just said Liza koshy used to cheat on his exes all the time?!!!!!!

  • Ahaha dead 😂😂" J did u forget that thing at the store" yeh yeh the cabbage 💀💀💀

  • I feel like David and Madison where like talking so deeply and I know that they both really want each other but David is scared to get hurt

  • just fucking marry her already man she is the one.

  • jason is genuinely funnier than liza

  • Madison is the only girl I’m not okay with David rejecting and would be happy if they dated

  • Fix your audio levels. A bit quite

  • That’s Madison’s freind Jessica😂

  • David’s confidence after this 📈📈📈📈📈

  • They should really date

  • Just thinking about how unhygienic we were pre-Covid. I think we live much safer lives the way we currently are. Staying at home, wearing at least 2 masks, saving lives. It is important that we keep up this way of life for the future, it’s the only way to keep everyone safe

  • David please love Madison

  • I play this game all the time, but when it is tails the person who was pointed at has to drink a shot. Instead of pointing you pass a bottle and of course you don't say the question.

  • Why is Madison dressed like a 70s sunday school teacher

  • my review to this Ep 8.1/10 ☆☆☆☆

  • Liza watching this: 🥺🥲

  • The album comes out on my birthday!!!!!!!

  • Dude the reason david will not go out with anyone else is because he still thinks that something might happen between him and liza. I said maybe dont come at me!

  • Ngl but the podcast was so interesting 😂😂😂 and mostly was David and Madison

  • I love how y’all still catching the ad money 💰 y’all are the nice people that this crazy amounts of money should be going to

  • shoes on the couch i can see why she single

  • is it just me or is jason telling on david:/

  • For the love of god PLEASE DATE MADISON! All of social media wants it and lets be honest you want it to.

  • The whole fucking argument about being sweet and romantic to look at a girl and not even make eye contact or have small talk w her just cause u have a girlfriend is fucking crazy. I think she’s been traumtized or she’s been brainwashed with the idea that living as a reclused couple is a healthy realtionship. LIKE WHEN WAS THAT EVER A THING

  • If David or Jason ever sees this, I hope they know it’s my life mission to tell every fan of theirs I meet what they are

  • David trys to hard to be responsible and cuts off everyone when they make a job

  • Her name was Amy

  • 28:57

  • Ngl im pretty sure Madison was following alot of people back at the time because she did the same to me😂

  • oh yeah, that’s her friend amy.

  • Can’t wait for LIFE SUPPORT!! Let’s go Maddison!

  • jason kinda looks like the baby groot on the shelf behind him

  • So are they dating ?

  • Jason is too damn funny "Na I'm holding up Quecards"

  • Her insecurity is relatable...more down to earth than I thought

  • 1:42 😂😂😂

  • Fam iam sad for my self because I wasted 39 minutes of my life

  • “Yeah I’m not an idiot I know about door dash” lmao

  • Not you stealing jokes from H3. How embarrassing

  • Imagine they together in a Relationship

  • Jason dying was my favorite part

  • David if you are reading this UPLOAD on your f*cking main channel

  • We all know David and and Natalie are secretly in love

  • The neighborly sharon cranially flow because orange intialy spare unlike a adventurous size. synonymous, thundering middle

  • It’s was on jackass 🤣

  • Why’d u ruin fight club...

  • Every question david asked was like he was trying see what kinda guy she liked

  • I'm surprised David knows what a coin is.

  • You’re lame dude

  • That was in Jackass 😂

  • I Love Youu❤

  • “He opens his mouth-“ 😂😂

  • So I gotta listen to ads and watch ads

  • Wow, as if David didn't give Jason his own desk.... Jason is a quintessential character on this show, yet David won't split their earnings and makes him sit on the guest couch! Wtf man

  • i feel like he’s deleting comments