KSI x Logan Paul - IMPAULSIVE | Behind The Scenes

Publicerades den 20 jul 2021
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Behind The Scenes of KSI on Logan Paul's Podcast, hosted at True Geordie's London studio.

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🎨 Logan Painting By: rossbainesart


  • 5:10 could be one of the greatest moments of all time the embrace we have been waiting for

  • The funny thing is KSI and Logan are so similar personality wise and what they do with their content. I think a lot of the “beef” was to hype up the fight. They’re too similar to actually hate each other

  • Honestly, Ik this can’t happen, but if u just kick mike out and do a podcast like this I have no doubt in my mind that it would be the greatest. The chemistry between this trio is amazing on the first time they really sat down and talked.

  • Thank God u made this video 🙏 Really wanted to see how they acted off camera/podcast

  • This is what the internet needed to see. Sets a great example for the younger generations.

  • was so wholesome when brian gave logan that painting

  • lol

  • Logan should fire mike and should invite Geordie to his podcast. I like the chemistry of Geordi Gorgie and Logan.

  • I’d love to see True Geordie vs Bradley Martin Boxing Match 💯😮‍💨

  • Such great serotonin in this video

  • We need more of this.

  • Who saw Logan's coach dozing?

  • 8:08 is that gib??

  • well fucking done

  • I fucking loved this episode. Mad love from Chicago

  • It's so nice that Logan hasn't forgotten what Geordie did for him. Easy to forget now but Brian REALLY stuck his neck on the line by giving him that first interview

  • This does put a smile on my face

  • Maybe not the #1 podcast in the world, but thats the best episode they got so far. Loved the energy, it was amazing.

  • I love how well they all getting along and mad gift he got for Logan

  • JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

  • that was AWESOME!

  • Geordie looking like a proud dad 🥺🤣

  • Wow that moment when i just realized that i have watched basically all of the videos on your channel Geordie and i was not subbed. wtf xD

  • Fukin impressive video

    • @serdy ximi every promotion is annoying

    • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

  • Remember when Brian said that Logan beat Floyd

  • Two points :)

  • Impaulsive is the #1 Podcast in the world. Love u Geordie....but....LP is my guy...

  • Logan Paul: Listed as 6’2 True Geordie: Listed as 6’1 Meanwhile 2:30

    • True geordie looks either 6 foot 3 or logans not 6 foot 2

  • I thought jj was capping about TG being in the back I just thought they used the same set. Now I assume this is in fact True Geordies property

  • 8:22 that’s hilarious

  • I knew it was tour set when I started to wach his podcast

  • Great ep 💪

  • Mr supreme talking about the podcast at the end but was sleeping is fking hilarious

  • Wow 😀

  • The best collab in 2021

  • Geordie is literally the uncle that hangs out with the kids and not the adults

  • The 2 point jokes is really accurate😭🔥

  • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

  • I get so much rocky vibes lol

  • T.G is the best podcast ever In the history of forever

  • Ugh I love everything about thissss 🥺💖💖

  • What a great watch that was. Seeing them behind the scenes is so refreshing

  • Loved you in Biker Grove

  • Love the both of them

  • This was awesome

  • Yo the audio and video quality 👌👌

  • Fucking class 🔥

  • best trio its insane

  • I love this 🙏🙌

  • This podcast was amazing, never seen it coming

  • All these guys are at the top of their game. Incredible to see.

  • Connor X khabib next

  • The best podcast I’ve seen in awhile

  • No one : Neek : “LiKeWiSe”

  • TG went from a Conor fanboy to a Paul brothers fanboy.

  • I'm so happy to see both these guys moving on and having some fun together. Pretty cool

  • This was best podcast episode I've ever seen

  • Hero geordie, glad to see both the lads getting on, full circle

  • Silva V Logan has to happen

  • Came here to view and like the videos to show love and support to True Geordie for making the KSI Impulsive podcast possible. PS watched every ad lol.

  • full circle

  • True Geordieee ♥️♥️♥️

  • Whoever puts the intros together, know how to hype mE UP!

  • I feel like this podcast ended the first era of SElists boxing

  • 9:42 Geordie looks like a proud father that got his kids to stop fighting

  • The 2 points joke at the end might be one of my favourite SElists moments of all time, the way Logan rolled with it and everyone was just laughing their asses off, brought a big smile on my face. This is like watching your friends that you supported from the beginning coming full circle and reach this conclusion, like the finale of a great TV show.

  • Finally someone knows how to get Logan a gift.

  • Get a job you work shy dossers

  • respect for joe rogan shoutout

  • Ksi yeyeye olatunji

  • Bruhhh!

  • The guy with the beard is acc funny

  • True geordie is prolly my favorite content creator at the moment. He’s just so damn consistent especially with the kick off on twitch too.

  • anyone know the name of the chairs they were using in the show? looks so comfy

  • I wish they spoke more about the first fight

  • George killed on this one lol

  • Love Mike And All But This Podcast Was Amazing without him George Did Amazing

  • Y’all should have gone out to dinner after that it would’ve been a good way to end the night

  • This video made me smile more in 14 minutes than I have in an entire month.

  • Truly a historical moment on You Tube. Seeing KSI and Logan in the same room and conversing like 2 mature adults is just incredible. They both have matured since their fights. Much Respect🤙🌺

  • Imagine if Geordi also forget what Ksi said 😭

  • Love you guys man❤️

  • 6:40 George be like, weve got a live studio ovity

  • Soooooo goooood!

  • I thought Georgie Boy had a laugh KSI out laugh him.. cool that Logan and KSI have become such good friends, hope it lasts and not for just the time of right now

  • respect

  • Logan is king energy rn

  • If the sidemen or jj goes to America, he should get on impaulsive again

  • This is such an amazing video. Beautiful editing , beautiful content

  • 6:13 my mum at my graduation in the crowd.

  • JJ's new favourite word "Likewise"

  • This has no business to be wholesome

  • 3:20 Logan did not do better than Connor. That’s straight cap.

    • @Jafar Sadiq Logan clinched for 8 rounds, missed 190 punches, got his eye blacked, etc.

    • @Jafar Sadiq Logan only fought 8 rds. Connor made it past 8 rds. His fight was for 12. Logan landed 3.5 punches per rd. Connor landed 11 per rd. Connor was better and it wasn’t close

    • Conor got tkod , logan didn't so he was better

  • You should box Bradley Martin!!!

  • Who else thought it was better because there was less budding in wink wink (aka Mike)

  • Since no one's talking about George, let me go ahead and say he makes the podcast 1,000 times better. Such a funny guy and genuine. Hats off to him. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • good times