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Im a minecraft genius...
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In this video SwaggerSouls shows off his various different minecraft inventions using the create mod. These minecraft inventions include a drill, elevator, and a grinder. I used these inventions to troll streamers such as Twomad, Jschlatt, Minx, Ftz, on the Epic SMP.
Schlatt's a big guy with a big brain so it only made sense to partner up with him, after all he is a business man! Such a good business man that I am taking direct inspiration from his descriptions because I also want to optimize my views! Just be warned, this is no minecraft Dream speedrun manhunt video made for kids, but I'll still take their views with a big grin under my helmet. Is SwaggerSouls a genius or what?
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Thumbnail art by: Madame_BunBun?lang=en
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  • Next episode swagger builds an off shore oil rig

  • Anyone know what shaders he’s using? o-o asking for a friend......

  • 4:17 XD Lol

  • What mod pack is this?

  • Turn on subtitles at 8:55

  • Also, please don’t cuss. It’s also a sin.

    • God damn

  • Please don’t use God’s name in vain

  • Miljon dollar minx

  • Why is minx in a naruto jacket?

  • Screaming minx in distant was the funniest thing

  • The eat shit cannon is hands down the funniest Minecraft creation I've ever seen. Eatshit.schematic

  • You’re a mod god dude.

  • I dident know you were good at minecraft swagger great video😊


  • Swagger knew he’d get lots of visits, then he made death traps

  • bro what mod pack

  • What is the Minecraft mod and is it compatible with Xbox One

  • Vetchtubble 👀

  • Hello fellow viewers! The mod is create. Have fun!

  • Famous last words: AYO THE PIZZA BRUH

  • What is this modpack called?

  • 2227

  • What mods is that?

  • Anyone know what mod thing this is it looks super fun

  • What mods are on?

  • I like how this is a rip off shitty version of dream smp

    • I like how you are braindead

    • Except with mods on, and a completely different set of people. If you think that livestreaming an SMP was invented by the Dream SMP, you are badly mistaken.

  • fuckin 700 iq minecraft plays

  • Thats a lil sussy my g

  • that schematic is op

  • anyone know where to download this modpack?????

  • Minx needs therapy

  • ModestCube *Trevor o sweet child o bliss, from a golden age gone by.*

  • “Someone totally jacked the iron” I think I know who

  • How to remove a minx 101

  • What mod was that,

  • What mod pack is this

  • Love how the proximity vc makes their voices fade as they fall to their death lmao

  • Anyone remember Ainsley

  • What mod is this? I wanna try to make nukes and shit.

  • name change Epic SMP: X Epic Simp: ✔

  • I love your voice/accent

  • Depending on the max range of the cannon, you can just build that EATSHIT Schematic on top of literally anyone's house.


  • damn

  • Completely unrelated to anything important, Swagger sounds an awful lot like Howard Stern to me. *boggle* Or like a cross between Stern and Alan Alda. XD Craziness.

  • What's the modpack called

  • Dr.swaggerstone

  • I'm not really into minecraft, but that drill was kinda cool.

  • outro never gets old fr.

  • whats the modpack called =`

  • How do you get the affect with the farther they are the quieter they are?

  • "E A T S H I T"

  • That’s sick


  • Where's twomad? In the hole.

  • minx is so painfully unfunny

  • "I'm exited you see everything you *create*!" Roll credits

  • Havent watched swaggersouls in forever but is he and his friend fitz still racists? Only asking this because it showed up i my recommendation

  • Is the gear thing a mod or original?

  • twomad was speedrunning

  • Is this epic smp?

  • i remember when the vertical quarry was impressive


  • An evil genius at that

  • i fucking need that

  • God minx is so annoying

  • Minx deserved it

  • Whats the mod?

  • What the mod called?

  • What’s the mod?

  • ders çalışmaktan yoruldumm ve kendimi burada buldum bıraz kafamız dınlensın ...

  • Foarte plăcută muzică, de suflet, după lucru ascult cu drag. Mulțumesc!

  • You won't see this; but swagger, this is genuinely one of the funniest things I've watched in a fucking minute. Keep it up kush king. I'm always pimp chimpin

  • When swagger and shlatt are together so ones safe

  • I want swaggers accent

  • Poverty bag?

  • If you pay attention really hard, you can just hardly make out an upset minx.

  • Can anyone join this smp

  • mod name?

  • U r smart

  • Are the conveyer and drill blocks a mod or coming up in an update

  • I love ur voice

  • you sound like jimmy neutrons dad

  • Minx is the kind of person to just kill someone, then kill herself afterward.

  • What mod is this i really want to know

    • Nvm i read the description and its the create mod

  • why does SwaggerSouls sound like a cartoon superhero is that his real voice -_-

  • what mod is that that has the drill and windmill and all that

  • It took me a second to release who modest cube all I can think about is cow chop... I miss them

  • Swagger is going Ancap

  • Modpack name?

  • Make the first rollercoaster on the server.

  • I think I saw SwaggerSouls on TheBoys videos and here I am

  • What mods are they using?

  • Damm I wish I had this mod pack

  • Thanks for u and ur streams without them I’d be dead ngl.

  • What modpack do yhey have

  • We pimp chippin

  • Swagger you need to look at this guy named acetheplumber on TikTok he sounds exactly like you

  • is that create

  • How do I get on this map. 😍