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  • Proud of her progress in cooking tho

  • no but maccas mustard w fries slaps

  • thats how i used to eat pizza too

  • “i actually might make tea” makes coffee

  • fries and mustard is so good idc

  • I literally have been ordering that exact sandwich since I was a kid OMG 😮😮

  • I’m concerned she didn’t wash her kale before using it

  • girl of course that panini thingy would taste good it's essentially pizza lol

  • The subway 😍

  • Your literally my motivation, I watch your vlogs every morning and you literally got me obsessed with cold brew coffee I drink it every morning. So yea thanks for helping me get through life, I just feel safe when I watch ur videos yk? And you stay out of drama and live your best life which I love❤️

  • the cat!

  • My dad doesn’t even know my birthday let alone my subway order as a child

  • where did you get your head board

  • Tbh I still eat mustard with a spoon lol

  • dang girl you good at the drums

  • she is me

  • Holy girl! Your place is huge and so beautiful!

  • I peel a lot of the cheese off my pizza . I keep bits and pieces on but most is off

  • i just dont get how this is sooo entretaining BUT i am here for it:)

  • love you bestie, going to practice for my restricted driving test now aaah. your videos help calm me down so much and I really feel like you are my best friend even though we've never met 😂💩❤️❤️

  • I just turned 38. And I spent way too long of my life partying and doing drugs and just not living my best life that makes me very happy to see you doing so good Emma keep up the good work girlfriend

  • I get 4 things on my sandwich Ham,Mayo,and pickles,and spinach (no hate everyone has diffrent likes!)

  • the way the shit she said at the end made me feel better-

  • All I can think of the whole episode was did she wash the kale ?

  • OH MY GOD I used to eat mustard like there was no tomorrow. But i still prefer fries w mustard. IM SORRY EMMA

  • bro NO CAP THE PIZZA THING gurl all I'm gonna say is SAME i swear to god even I thought the cheese was all chewy and disgusting and I still like it like it that kinda

  • I like eating fries with mustard this video made feel attacked a bit ngl 😭

  • Never realized how Emma’s and Declan’s eye color match…


  • Did anyone else watch this video and get an Emma chamberlain ad... like CMON & work

  • I don't mean this in a rude way but you look so annoyed playing the drums

  • Omg emma turning into a ✨adult✨

  • Emma, you should start growing your own vegetables in your backyard!

  • I love ur videos, i‘m watching them all over and over ! I love you


  • I did and still do the same thing with the pizza 😹😹😹

  • emma my little brother eats his subway sandwich with literally just turkey in between bread. no sauce...nothing

  • I'm so confused as to why this was in my home page...

  • i hate ketchup so i always eat my fries with mustard lol or I add mayo with mustard and its so good!!

  • I was 20 yo when I learned that brunch is the mix of breakfast and lunch 😳 thanks emma😂

  • 16:55 but.... my name is emma

  • a

  • Declan dying under Emma‘s favorite shorts😭✋

  • sorry but I love french fries n mustard):

  • fries and mustard is good tho, ketchup is disgusting

  • "all the plants in my house are fake.... well i hope so cause i'm not watering them" I DIED OF LAUGHTER AND IDK WHY

  • I'm wearing Pacsun as she speaks LMAO

  • Honestly she's my bestie and I've never even met her. LIKE FOR REALLLLL

  • i say tummy and im not creepy :((

  • definition of emma: iconic, relatable, iconic, humorous, did i mention iconic?

  • In france everybody eats french fries with mustard!

  • Emma's comment section is always so wholesome

  • not to brag but i put mustard on cheese pizza

  • i love mustard with my french fries....i- im not a fan of ketchup...

  • Why did I eat pizza the same way when I was younger 😭☠️


  • she is a straight vibe😭✋

  • I did the pizza thing too hahaha

  • Emma I really can't with the subway sandwich wtf is that

  • You look legit like millie bobby brown

  • ur cat is the same bread as my dead cat :( ily btw

  • I still eat pizza like that because I hate cheese😂

  • okay but hear me out my sandwich order was white American cheese, black olives, Mayo, and lettuce

  • Hummus works equally well with bread, crackers .... as with veggies, salad.... Hummus is always a solution

  • I didn't have fun I had sooo muchhh fun.

  • At least she liked her vegetables

  • I love fries with mustard

  • You have to try mustard and Mayo mixed together!!!! It’s good with fries. LOL

  • Love youu

  • I used to and still only order subs with tuna and lettuce lmao

  • Me, a 24-year-old adult, still eating pizza by taking the cheese off first, and dipping my fries in honey mustard.

  • pizza thing i did that

    • fries and mustard too, still do it

  • “I saw this on tik tok once” she’s literally just steaming food on the stove lol

  • kinda sus

  • I am so confused as to why she put the mustard on a napkin..... luv you emma!!

  • my names emma lolz

  • I’m 16 and still can’t always eat pizza with cheese and used to also be obsessed with mustard

  • I HATe ketchup and tomato sauce, so I always eat pizza without sauce.......Imao


  • Wait where is the other cat?

  • emma: *was obsessed with mustard* also emma: *doesn't put it on her subway sandwich*

  • 9:15, its not an issue D:

  • I literally ate them with mustard too 💀

  • I got an Emma pacsun add while watching this...

  • Emma is literally my therapist

  • 16:58 But.... it is tho

  • she’s my best friend. ya

  • omg her cat at 8:03 😩💛

  • my goodness. She is a genius...I think. I'm here grinding out 20 hours of editing for 200 views....I need her magic.


  • I used to peel the cheese off to eat JUST the cheese 😭😭

  • I used to do the exact same thing with my pizza 🤣😭

  • Diets change so much honestly, I’m thinking of going vegan, to lower my cholesterol and for weight loss as well, it’s kind of crazy because what do you eat?? But once you get into that mindset and brainwash yourselves with a diet some people stay very committed.

  • emma i do the same w my pizza😭 i’m vegetarian so i also have a three-ingredient subway order :)

  • Best weather in the world is in the Caribbean.

  • Holy cow, what is this coffee jar

  • I used to do the same thing to pizza

  • I use to put ketchup on my pizza 🥴. And I actually enjoy fries with ranch. Oh & don’t feel a way about your sandwich. I genuinely enjoy just cheese & bread 😀

  • I still eat my pizza with no cheese 😐