I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan

Publicerades den 20 jul 2021
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  • Well, that was certainly interesting and nerve-racking.

  • When Joey started speaking about the Yakuza lingo I nearly died...

  • Oh god this Tyson guy reminds me of my boss back in the day in Japan who was always making these random remarks about how I was not speaking properly or acting right as if they were my father and they needed to point out all my bad habits or something. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it lol

  • Unsure if it was scripted but interesting how valued respect and manners are also even though Tyson isn't part of the Yakuza anymore it still felt pretty close to the real deal.

  • me who has tattoos and really wants to go to Japan: :(

  • Great interview! Thank you so much!

  • The watch is just 130 USD ....

  • haaa "do you want me to scare you" NOOO Nnonono

  • You were so tense I felt it over here. I'm surprised of the things spoken. Great video!

  • “Your not really intimidating “ no Joey... plz Joey for your own sake 💀

  • an entire whole day, woow

  • niceeee

  • I’m surprised that Joey didn’t get asked to take off the glasses too 😅 Bro this is crazy wow thank you for doing this

  • I wanna see Mike tyson face to face this guy

  • The guy does kinda look like a japanese mike tyson if he moved to lightweight division.

  • Oh my god, not the best way to introduce yourself to a former Yakuza. I was legit scared.

  • ボールペン 拳銃で調べたらHIKAKINの動画が出てきた

  • Joey's japanese is awesome. But, come on man, let's not forget that learning a lnaguage isn't enough, you have to learn their culture and principles. Not understanding that is like might as well is as if you didn't learn Japanese haha like they understand your words but not why are you saying them like that.

  • How is he still alive.....I'm nearly dead just watching....I hope this doesn't some how backfire on him 😭😭 I paused this video so many times-

  • You made me fucking gag a little from that cosplay.

  • omeco wow! genius marketing right there haha

  • 10:34

  • Tyson: you didn’t give your name. Me: oh shit. Joey: my name is immortal tatsu. Me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

  • If you can’t talk to me the way Joey talked to Tyson we ain’t holding a conversation

  • How to die 101

  • He's shitting himself 🤣🤣

  • that dude is the realest dude ive ever listened to

  • I like how most of the interview he was asking "well why as a foreigner would you need to fear the Yakuza?"

  • If you ever tell your friends that you were gifted a watch from a former yakuza member with this video not existing, they would not believe you at all😂. That was nice of him though, the watch actually looks 🔥

  • My man joey got EDUCATED

  • Real Ex-Yakuza? You should've spent a day with Kazuma Kiryu instead.

  • Yo tyson is a g man id love to get a drink with that guy

  • after uploading this video joey was never seen ever after ........... . . . . . . . . Joking lmao

  • yo dude how much to be my teacher?????????????????????

  • Tyson is just intimidating in general. Dude's built different.

  • man i feared for joey's safety lol

  • Is your eeveelution shirt from Pokeshirts? :)

  • so yakuza members don't throw money on the street to do business deals??? damn, thats sad

  • this man beat up a rapist and says that sex offenders are losers who get beat up, i instantly feel safer around him than i would an average american dude

  • lmao first thing he does is scare the living shit out of Joey🤣

  • He lowkey kinda looks like a Japanese Mike Tyson. I can’t be the only one to see the resemblance 😂

  • I'm still dying he said Immortal Tatsu and thought it was going to ride

  • Should've asked some questions about his time in the bozosoku

  • oh my lord, what a train wreck of an interview. how old is this guy? jeez...

  • Great. Now find Raku-kun...

  • the amount of disrespect you're showing towards your guest is baffling.

  • i'm sure the rest was super interesting, but i could not keep watching after "I'm the immortal Tatsu."

  • *Househole husband intensifies*

  • when henti 4:57

  • You just know coco is watching this.😔

  • My man literally dared to fake his name in front of an ex yakuza, u play too much Joey 😂 I wasn't even near him and I was scared shitless

  • why joey is wearing an apron

  • joey legit has no fucking manners

  • the yakuza members who harass sex offenders are the GOAT

  • people are freaking out in the comments, but overall Tyson seems like a cool respectable guy, seems pretty nice and open-minded

  • He was humble and very tolerant towards Joey

  • you better double check that watch

  • joey is shitting himself 🤣🤣

  • i am very intrigued to look up "pen-shaped guns"

  • I slapped my forehead so hard when joey said "immortal tatsu"

  • This was a rather insightful video since, just like Joey said, we have the romanticized version of the yakuza but we don't know much about the real deal. Seeing Tyson talk about how the Yakuza series was exaggerated (which... yeah, that's kinda the point so I don't expect people to think it's real) and give some ideas about what his life was like while being a yakuza was beyond interesting. Joey exceeded himself with this interview, even if I could smell the shit through the screen, and Tyson was not just respectable but also calm and well-mannered, against what some people think yakuza are like. All in all, I enjoyed this whole interview and this small window into the life of the yakuza

  • Everyone's talking about how intimidated joey was but it looked like they clicked halfway through the video

  • How do you know he’s really ex and I wouldn’t call them mafia since they have political power more than any mafia ever has

  • I was laughing so hard when Joey was asked to introduced himself. hhhhh

  • This sounds like job interview. Are looking for "job" Connor?

  • he acutie

  • Mr Tyson : " wait your asking me questions and I don't know your name, common curtousy.." My anxiety for Joey : 📈📈📈

  • I want that omeko watch too 🤦

  • This is pretty cool

  • Joey, I wonder why you didnt show us the backside of that watch... I really wonder why...

  • "Fighting skill doesn't matter much once guns enter the picture" Me: *Laughs in American* ...he's right ya know?

  • "In Japan"

  • Yeah you gotta be straightforward with anyone former or currently in the Yakuza. Tyson's approach was real af and I'm here for it

  • Yakuza: "Nobody carries Knives anymore..." England: "... 👀"

  • Japanese culture to my limited understanding is a lot about being indirect (as that is considered polite). This man was SOOO direct!! Joey, respect for making such a video. I would never have the guts to meet an ex-yakuza; let alone airing it online!

  • Its honestly a bit scary how perceptive he is. Like the once incident with Joey saying that "Yakuza Lingo" is cool and him immediately jumping on that. Now I wouldnt be surprised if Joey actually thought they use cool terms but couldnt think of that much on the spot and just withdrew, saying it was a lie to deescalate the situation but its still really impressive how quick he felt that something is wrong and called Joey out for it.

  • I mean come on Joey, you can do better than that. People trusted you to do interview, especially someone as an ex-yakuza who's willingly to come out. A bit of respect please next time.

  • I like how Joey says that the guy isn't intimidating,but when he corrects Joey on something I get goosebumps

  • Joey Crosses Hands while talking Me: Joey dont ,do that

  • Joey: Hi Tyson, I'll be interviewing you today! Tyson: No u

  • and here we are thinking that paolo wouldve done this first

  • Me: Nice video. Also me: OH MY GOD I WANT A BOOKSHELF FULL OF MANGA'S TOO!!!!

  • I've heard people say it takes balls for a guy to wear an apron, but I think in this context with this apron, it actually applies for once. Jokes aside, this was fascinating to watch. The guy managed to feel menacing just from a few words.

  • This was awesome. Joey got vibe checked haha

  • Dame dan e dame yo ♡

  • Joey how about a list of your top 50 favourite anime character 😳😳

  • The former yakuza really didn’t let Joey get away with anything lmao.

  • He still has ties with the yakuza

  • The thumbnail is hilarious The guys like "dafuq you doin?"

  • its the yakuza who conduct the interview not the interviewer

  • The guy has a reputation to hold so i can see why he’s tryin to be intimidating

  • Bro, this man is brave as hell to talk to this guy, I wouldn’t even be brave enough to look him in the eyes or talk properly

  • I need manga recommendations i need anything that has fighting please ;-; or any action ;-;

  • He seems like a "as long as you show respect, you will recieve respect" kinda guy and I appreciate that

  • Baka mitai

  • Do y'all prefer joeys vids sub or dub?

  • So the Yakuza aren’t Japanese mafia, but actually Japanese Robin Hood.