I Drove 30,000 Mile In My Trackhawk In Over 1 Year! The Good & Bad (Review)

Publicerades den 15 mar 2021
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  • 50,000 more miles and it's bye bye engine..

  • Actually i drove my grand cherokee hemi in 3 years 300 thousands miles

  • Do you still think they are a solid buy? 21 models are being delivered. Looking at picking one up because the car I have on order is delayed big time...

  • i know how to turn off the odometer for any car.. its easy i do that i do this and wala! just as good as new!!!

  • I’ve got 31,000 miles in mine, I don’t baby it and have never had a broken belt. But yeah, those body issues are annoying.

  • Is the Honda Accord v6 a good car?

  • I got 60000 on my hawk and only issues were the belts.

  • If you have money to throw buy american made car.

  • American muscle is strong and can take a beating. bmw & Mercedes are way more fragile a d expensive

  • You don’t even go off road. Don’t buy a Jeep.

    • TrackHawk is not for off-roading 🤦‍♂️

  • I have a 2019 TrackHawk I got in Jan of this year with 20898 miles on it,I was wondering if the supercharger belt breaks since it is separate can I still drive it to the shop or should I shut it down and get it towed?

  • Have a 2017 Trailhawk close to 36,000, had the transmission replaced, but drives great, I wish I had the money for a SRT

  • I have a base model but it’s a track hawk in my heart

    • And that’s all that matter

    • At least you have a 392😂💯

  • My Trackhawk sounds like there is a loose suspension part on the left side. Cant find it yet but sounds like a slight bang when going over a speed bump drives me nuts!!! Mine is a daily driver 2018 25k mi

  • I can afford one especially after paying off my Jeep trail hawk and my wife finishing school but man. F-en insurance in Los Angeles be another good car payment. Only reason I don’t go for an expensive car. Super gorgeous car tho.

  • I’m confused. I thought this SUV was going to be a giveaway or raffle type thing, what happened ?

  • They are making a 2022 Trackhawk in the new trim

  • have a 2018 stock trackhawk 48k miles on it .. have driven it cross country . knock on wood not a flat or a check engine light ever . just smiles and hwy pulls . regular oil changes only sweet ride it is .

  • Can I have it when you get tired of it kev ? 😂😂 My insta is @pz.cookies hmu 🙏🤣

  • Now that biden is president it will cost you 20k a year in premium gas,

  • The only issue Ive had with my Trackhawk thus far is........ The GPS broke @8000 miles and thinks Im located 50 miles away. This also makes the Navigation unusable. Good news is that its covered under warranty and will be fixed for free. Work around is using Apple Car Play for Navigation.... for now.

  • They are building 2021 Trackhawks on the same assembly line as the Durango Hellcat. Unlike the announcement that the 2021 Durango Hellcat is only being built for only 1 year, I haven’t heard anything about 2021 being the Final year for the Trackhawk

    • It's my understanding that epa regulations caused the death of the hellcat engine in suvs. But who knows

  • Everytime I Drive this Car Ibeat On It 🤣🤘😎 Very Relatable.

  • 3 belts? You hell on that hawk!

    • @Ryan Lopez hell yeah!

    • They really should of called em HELL HAWKS😎🤣

  • Definitely getting a trackhawk

  • Good video.

  • Sick ride man! 👍🏽 I drive a 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd Laredo Limited w 190K runs strong & smooth but in my head it’s a Trackhawk 🤫🦅🚐

  • I drive a 2020 grand Cherokee limited I love it man is good for every weather with only 34,000 miles on it is the best it quick all wheel drive it just a good car to keep forever

  • They came out with 2021’s. I picked my sting gray 2021 up a few days ago.

    • @OaklandCountyMustang if you feel like I did it was like a kid before Christmas I purchased a 2019 TrackHawk in January with 20898 miles.

    • True. They are building 2021 Trackhawks on the same assembly line as the Durango Hellcat. Unlike the announcement that the 2021 Durango Hellcat is only being built 1 year, I haven’t heard anything about 2021 being the Final year for the Trackhawk

  • Own a 2019 grand Cherokee and some day il have a trackhawk or at least the SRT. Really great daily overall 😎

    • My realistic dream car is a trackhawk.. one day

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t settle for the srt. Be patient and get the track hawk, it’s a world of difference.

  • I've had a trackhawk for year and love it. I will continue to drive it for a long time

    • @IM BROKE BABYYY no... it is a garage queen 4500 miles in 16 months

    • Do you have over 50k miles on it? Im thinking of getting a used one w 50k miles for under 80, but also thinking about just getting a new one. You think its a bad move to get one w 50k miles?

  • I have a 2014 I hate when it goes into 4 cylinders mode so I drive in sport only never in track never in regular drive. The engine was replaced a month after I brought it. BAsic mods done so far. Instagram: basic6.4_srt

  • do you plan to keep it beyond the 3yr bumper to bumper warranty period? I have seen a good amount of people trade them in around that time hence why there are a good amount of them still under 36K miles.

  • I have a 2020 SRT and it's built solid I love that, nothing worse than having cheap stuff on the interior rattling around which I found with the AMG C63 I had. And the seats are comfortable as hell oh yeah and it's fun to drive.

  • what about the trackhawk redeye? they've been seen driving around with manufacturer plates

  • I also have a 2018 Trackhawk, with 50K miles now, and only problem was I also broke a supercharger belt once.

    • how much to replace? Im thinking about getting a used one w 50k miles you think its a bad move?

  • One day in my life own but red one and red seats lol 😂🔥❤️💯👌🏾👍🏾🔰

  • I love the Grand Cherokee. I bought my wife a Sterling Edition so she can drive comfortably and safe with the babies. My next one will be either the SRT or the Trackhawk. I’m loving the new color interior on the Trackhawk with the Laguna and black combination so I might go with the trackhawk

    • I've owned 392 challengers and hellcats, just traded a 392 durango on a hellcat, trust me it feels like way more than 200ish horses

  • Kid who won the contest is a fool, I would have taken that Jeep instead of the cash. Could have sold it and got more than $50k(tax free too, if he need money). I have a 2015 Jeep SRT. Had lifter fail on me. Dealership did the work but never cleaned out the oil pan so month and half later (only 18xx miles later motor fail completely). So at 41,348 miles new motor was put in. Runs and drives great now 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽. Hopefully no more motor related issues will happen

    • @puertoricanvtec he lied was never giving it away that’s cap

    • @puertoricanvtec he shouldve taken the jeep and sold it u right but he probably didnt want to go through the hassle i assume.

    • @AsapMonkey he won $50k but it will be taxed, so after taxes maybe $38-42k take home. The point I was trying to make was, yes he still would have had to pay taxes on the truck, but if he sold it he could have sold it $60-70k depending on the sale of the truck and kept all of it. So you tell me which would you have done?? 🤔🤔

    • how much cash he take?

  • Instead of spending money on joannas onlyfans support Kevin and cop that merch 😂👌🏿

  • Is a good thing the winner didn’t took the jeep you was beating the hell of it lol

  • I thought he was giving it away

  • I have a 18 SRT, bought new. Only issues I’ve had at 33k is the Uconnect freezing up when cold. Sometimes I wish I had waited for a TH. Great daily driver for the PNW.

    • That happened to me once. Man 18 @ 33k, you drive as much as me lol

  • 😎💪🏼

  • Your headlight most likely is not getting a good metal to metal connection, hence why it works and doesn't work randomly. Check the bulb itself and the connection it is receiving.

  • They aren't going to be made anymore because there's a faster version coming out...

  • No giveaway anymore?

    • He lied 🤥 that was a scam for views and subscribers don’t buy anything from this guy he’s a clown

  • That's amazing, touched my heart 🤏❤

  • 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Great update