How to Install Auxiliary Reverse Lights

Publicerades den 6 okt 2014
Want Bright Back Up Lights? Rig up your auxiliary lights to come on when you go in reverse. I show you the step by step process of how I wired my truck with a relay so when I put the truck in reverse, the LED reverse lights come on with the stock reverse lights.
Where to get the lights I used:
Where to get the relay I used:
Automatic Wire Stripper:
Baja Designs Squadron XL LED Light Review:
How a Relay Works:
How to Wire Truck Bed Lights:
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  • Hold the solder iron underneath the wire and run the solder from the iron up and then solder, it makes the solder go in the wires. Ive been trained to do it. The way he showed to solder will create a cold solder and creates a bad connection

  • OMG, Didn't remember the time when Chris bare hands did the job not the smurf new hands! :D Now, seriously, one of the best explanation and graphics about how a relay works ever, I've screenshooted for my own reference in the future! Great job as usual Chris! Thanks a lot!

  • What happens if they dont work after your hardwire. How do you check where you went wrong?

  • *People with high beam on Highway, High beaming Chris* Chrisfix: You underestimate my power ! *Blinds the hell outta these drivers*

  • Except, you never made a special video about Relay.

  • I really like ALL your vids-- you make things so CLEAR and SIMPLE--- and don't make me dizzy bouncing the camera around all over the place.. THANKS for the usual extremely good job.

  • Shrink rap would be much better 😎

  • Do you have this connected to a switch so you can control whether or not they turn on by themselves (not in reverse) or if they come on when the truck is in reverse or not come on at all?

  • Is there a way to add a switch to turn them on as well?

  • Talking about headlights on newer models it's not an issue but wondering maybe you can do a video on how to stop your lights/ headlights from dimming every time you decide to lower/raise your power windows thats if there's a fix to that

    • If it's a very slight dimming when you are raising or lowering your windows (or even turning the wheel and activating the power steering pump), that's usually normal and no cause for concern, but if it's dimming excessively it means your battery or alternator is going bad. I have videos on how to test both of those, check it out: and

  • Perder amigo

  • Makes me think back around 1979 when i was 19. I put forklift lights on back of my 4x4 but put it on a toggle switch. Lol cop pulls me over i forgot i had them on..he said what the fuc% i thought you was towing a car backwards and he had his headlights on lol...i was young and did not know any better to wire with a relay to stock backup light ticket he just laughed and shook his head..

  • What if you go off road? Will there be enough clearance between the backup lights and the ground? I'd hate to ruin the new lights because the truck didn't clear a branch or rock that crushed the new lights. Even on a dirt road, clearance is everything!

  • Chris, Use silicone filled butt connectors for extra protection, and the tube is called "wire loom". I just used an old aircraft landing light from a Cessna 172 for my backup light with #10 stranded wire through a switch on the dash to the light and from the light to ground. I mounted it on the body rear bumper to the left of the license plate recess. It worked great!

  • instead of the wire from battery to relay, can you do a wire from relay to fusebox (to an always powered slot)?

  • Why didnt you just splice them to your reverse lights?

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  • Whats best for the back Spot light or flood light

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  • Hey Chris , I have the same project but for a fender side light that goes on only to light the side of the car when entering a dark corner but I want to trigger it by the turn signal ? how can I do that? i.e. how to get a constant current from a turn flashing signal? I'm just trying to imitate the old style cars that has a fender light ( I really don't know what they call it).

  • Your videos are always awesome thanks for this one. Question tho. Why the relay? I’ve seen other videos where they just wire the after market lights directly to the power to the reverse lights? Is that not the best way to do it?

  • As usual out standing detailed and clearly your the best

  • me watching this so when someone tries to ride my bumper, i can blind them 👁👄👁

  • Fixed a 1967 GTX with your ideas. The car was stripped before I bought it. No reverse lights. This video fixed that problem. Thanks

  • Had it in my mind this way just nice to see someone doing it. Nice info thanks!!!

  • Oh man, to connect the power lead to the taillight feed, you should use solder-less crimp connectors and then some heat shrink to seal it. Moisture will get in the taped connection and erode the solder joint. Anytime you are connecting new wires to existing, you need to use this method. Otherwise, concise explanation of what needs to be done.

  • Nice , thanks for the video 👍 I use an old halogen 55 watt foglamp, and I have installed it at a higher place , so it is not exposed when driving on the trail. Also , I have a switch installed in the cabin to turn the light on and off. So when reversing in town , I do not blind everyone 😉 The relais is mounted under the hood, near the battery. For protection of the cables, I have used a piece of old garden-hose, works fine. 4x4 Grtz 🙋‍♂️

  • hi chris i know your real name' chris mangello

  • Little trick I learned somewhere I can’t remember...using the wire stripper part...after opening if you take a small screw driver to open the wire to make a whole and thread the added wire in the whole and twist...very strong...solder for even more I do my stuff

  • What a awful job go back and do it over the proper way!

  • Day: 2345 of waiting for the "How a Relay Works" video.

  • For a six year old video the camera quality is immaculate

  • LOVE THIS .... Most of all that Rutgers R!!!

  • Gracias maestro

  • Love you man, you're awesome

  • What is the difference between using a relay vs just a switch?

  • Tip: after crimping a wire you can solder it to further increase durability. When u got the connector hot by sticking it long enough to ur soldering iron you can solder the wire to the connector. Once u solder the wire to the connector it is tough enough that u have to pull hard to break it. Vibrations and corrosion will no longer be a problem. Also you should have put the relay inside the space where the taillight assembly mounts on the body. That will keep it safe from the elements. The spot u choose to mount it is prone to mud and water splash. you should have used a relay socket then solder. Instead of connectors that connects one by one. Other wise this is very informative. :) Thanks

    • @ChrisFix wow u are still replying to comments on your videos 7yrs ago. :) Can't wait on that honda turbo charge episode. Hope it comes soon...

    • Thanks for the tips and thanks a lot!

  • Great Chris please tell everyone it's still dangerous if you don't know what your doing and watch basics of wiring and ohms law and such on Utube it taught me alot and manual s

  • The crimping points on your water proof connector go as follows. Crimp closest to pin is for copper. Middle crimp goes around insulation(plastic) on wire. Third crimp goes around the rubber wire seal. Still great video I learned as well. Thank you

  • I hooked mine up with a double pole center off switch in the cab. Up position aux lights triggered by existing back up lights. Down position aux lights always on for assholes riding your bumper at night. Middle position aux lights never on!

  • You seem to have pin 30 and pin 87 reversed? Have been researching relays for reversing lights and most have pin 30 as power in and pin 87 as power out to Accessory (lights, etc)???? My apologies...Looked at the video again, and you did explain why......

  • Can you call me 🤙 4698165572 im BILL I want you to hook me up for the light on my truck F2 50 super duty ??

  • Can you do spotlight for me and my truck f250 ?

  • Just wire straight into reverse light wire and earth off.Job done

  • Why not just run the led lights thru the back light wirer that is already on there? Shouldn’t the wire be able to hold a few more watts?

  • Hey chris. I followed ur video to wire a led bar to high beams on my car has relay n all works for a moment and then all goes off i dunno whats causing this weather its somthin within the car its self. If ya can reply that would be great thanks👍👍

  • Hey Chris, Kris here. :) Love your videos and the kids at school like them as well. We use them to help with our virtual learning during Covid-19. I would love to see some videos with repairs to pickup truck cab corners (a real trouble spot around here with all the salt on the roads in winter), and other pesky rust areas. Keep up the good work and best to ya! Doing a bang up job!!

  • Good Stuff, Great Help, Good Tips 👍Thanks!

  • Anddd im done. Im just gonna straight hook it to my reverse lights. Working voltage is 30 and total wat is 120

  • Welll shit i fucked up and got a wireing kit for said reverse lights and it won't work but i can just modify it a little and it should work. I only say this because it already wired a turn on switch which i dont want. It has a red white and a black wire. Can i just put some electric tape over the white and black wire so that won't be in use or do anything. Then add more wire to the red one and attach it to my lights or am i better off doing this how you did it

  • @ChrisFix what happens if you just simply connect the wires to your stock reverse light? You can use a modern low wattage LED, still bright.

  • The bright green wire in the group of wires you zip tied the relay to is the 'signal wire' for your backup lights. Why not just tie into that?

  • Very informative thank you!

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  • The good old days

  • Its been 6years in 2020 almost 7years in 2021

  • Great video for showing what not to do. Too many wires subject to corrosion!

  • Chris Flush Mounted the Reverse lights in to my Bumper and wired the lights right into my Factory reverse lights, no need to hook up Relay or run extra wires, the lights still work after 6 months.

    • Thanks for sharing!

  • Autozone and Oriellys sell lights from 25.00 to 50.00 for a nice set. Fyi.

    • Thanks for the info!

  • Thanks. Big preash. Just bought my reverse lights and will be useing this when i get them and install them myself

    • @ChrisFix WOW i didnt think you would see this but i will do. The only difference i have with mine is that i bought a trailer hitches mount for mine

    • Awesome! Let me know how it goes!

  • "When on a trail" And you hang lights low. Girl you don't wheel...

    • Thanks for sharing!

  • Please use shrink tube over your solder joints! No need to run it all the way to the battery .Hot tip: do NOT solder the ends of the connectors, just crimp! GREAT camera work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing and thanks a lot!

  • So if I want to add a switch to be able to control the lights as well as have them turn on with the reverse lights how would I go about that. Also is there a way to add a kill switch so that the lights are completely off even in reverse.

  • Watched the LED truck bed lighting video as well. I have a question: Could I use the same 14 gauge power wire with the inline fuse to power both the LED truck bed lighting AND the auxiliary reverse lights, since it is highly unlikely that I would be using both at the same time?

  • You should do people's cars, you're brilliant, or teach people. EXCELLENT VIDEO!!

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  • Chris - thanks for a well documented tutorial. Recently purchased a 2020 F250 Super Duty King Ranch. The back up lights are terrible for such a nice truck so I need to install something like you show. Believe it or not my truck did not have any overhead auxiliary switches and a new overhead console for my particular truck is $800+ dollars - no thanks. I have not begun the task of looking at connecting to one of the tail light assemblies as you've shown. I do have a trailer package on my truck. Do you have any experience or knowledge of an install like you show - but on a newer truck with trailer/towing package? Would like to attempt using a method similar to yours. Thanks.

  • hey Chris, if you read this i will go crazy! (because the video is 6 years old)

  • Why not Wire it to the trailer constant hot right next to the relay?

  • Hi would I need to fit a Diode to My 2015 Ford Ranger to wire in these lights

  • Black. wheels. Drift stang

  • I've been contemplating how I was going to do my rear light but thanks to Chris fix (once again) I know exactly how I'm going to accomplish my goal! As always Chris fix saves provides incredible content! Thank you!!!

    • Awesome! Thanks a lot!

  • Why not just tap into the wire on the reverse light?

    • Like why use a relay?

  • Its also nice to hook up to a toggle switch so you can put them on whenever you want, not needing to be in Reverse. But nice job anyways

  • You really should clean up the washers and nuts and old ground connector or replace with new. Cleaning the spot your placing it at is great, but putting rusty old parts back on is not good. They eventually will not work properly at some point. Much quicker "years" than replacing or cleaning the old rusty parts up .

  • Thanks for making this video! I still don’t know enough about wiring to confidently do this on my own, but I have a great basic idea now and should be able to assist with getting it done! 😁

  • I did the same thing but I just connected the two led pods the 24" or so to the reverse lights and tapped directly into them, no relay needed. Same as you pop it into reverse and the lights come on. It's been 8 years and they are still working and have had no I issues with them. Just seems a bit quicker than your route.

  • You could've tapped on the trailer harnesse to make things easier, also if you don't have a waterproof relay you can use silicone to weatherproof it.

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  • I installed the reverse light on my Jeep Wrangler with the assist of this video and the result was amazing, before the installation the stock reverse light was really dark that I can’t see anything when backing at night, with the led light it feel much safer to backing now, thank you Chris!!!

  • Are you able to wire these up to use as backup lights but with an additional auxiliary switch

  • First of all, love you videos and enthusiasm and even more impressed you are still replying. I am going to install similarly but add a three wa SPDT switch. Are diodes required for any of this? I see you did not add diodes. TY

  • but your not aaerodynamic at all 0%

  • I would install this just to mess with people driving with their high beams on

    • Mannnnnnnnnnn just picturing that sounds fucking priceless 😂😂😂😂

  • But why do it the hard way why are you running power all the way to the battery why not just connect the reverse light on each Side directly to positive and negative of the reverse light. That's how I did it and it works just fine. I have four inch light bars that are white for reverse and they have yellow for turn signals.

    • I'm glad it worked for you! My reverse lights have a gauge wire that is just enough to support that amp load. If you add 10 more amps you will blow a fuse or burn thru the wire!

  • 18:00 Stock Reverse Lights vs LED

  • I have a 1999 Ford Ranger. My turn signals and backup lights ahve stopped working. I have checked the fuses which were all good and replaced the bulbs. Any ideas?

    • Check the rear connector for corrosion and give it a good clean and they should come right on!

  • Maybe i can put something like this that i can turn on at will to give drivers behind you on highbeam a taste of their own medicine.

  • Why use a relay, can’t you just tap on the existing wire, when you put your truck in reverse the power will be feed to the new light?

  • Greetings ChrisFix! What brand wire are you using? I tried looking up spools, but they all give warnings about not to expose to moisture-however, if this is running under the vehicle, what wire type should I be looking for (any links would be greatly appreciated). *Would like to run a 12g primary from battery > in-line fuse > to rear to relay.

  • awesome video thank you

  • You made jt wayyyyy too much complicated


  • And what About a Reverse camera? Could be usefull for peoole that Drive wiht Trailers alot would be cool If you make a how to Install Video of that?

  • All I can think of is the corrosion and brine from new england winter roads creeping into all of that. Because of that, I'm thinking that running the three wires shielded with plastic tubing from the factory and new lights to the front and have the relay and fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Thoughts?

  • I was doing so well by keeping up with what he was explaining up until the 3-pin connectors. Someone explain why he didnt connect the lights to the relay like mentioned on the relay diagram Where did the factory wiring harness come from? 15:39

  • Great Video, Easy steps..I always wondered how to wire led spotlights to come on with reverse lights...I also will use a toggle switch to turn them off if I want to go undetected lol ...Thanks...I’m subd

  • I'm setting up a Fuse block, breaker, and relay to run some electronics and this was the best explanation for the use of a relay! thank you.

  • why was it recommended in 2020?