How to Fix a Car that Wont Start (I bought it for $500)

Publicerades den 6 mar 2020
Car wont start? Learn how to replace a fuel pump and fuel tank. I show you how to buy a car that wont start for $500 and fix it to make a $2100 profit. The car wont crank and the fuel pump and gas tank need to be replaced. I also show you how to replace the muffler so by the end of the video we have a really nice and reliable daily driver!
Video of Detailing this car so it looks brand new:
CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Sets:
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150 Piece Set:
Breaker bar:
4lb Hammer:
Locking Pliers:
Torque Wrench:
Ratcheting Wrench Set:
Haynes Service Manual:
Fire Extinguisher:
OEM Fuel Pump Assembly:
Fuel Pump Locking Ring:
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  • So an opportunity popped up with a really good find, so I went and bought it for $500!!! This really shows you what you can do to find your first project car, find a budget suv, etc with minimal risk and a lot of potential reward!!! We used all common hand tools and did this job at home ourselves! Craftsman was bought by Stanley and now they have decent tools for the price! Worth taking a look at for sure! I messed with the 150 piece set for the first time and I liked it. It got the job done and I think you guys looking for your first set would find it to be a good starter set! Here is the link to the tool sets:

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    • This is the most fascinating & satisfying video on the internet - & I don't even have a car! Ha!

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  • I wish I had seen this earlier, there is a recall on the gas tank, the dealer put a new one in for me.

  • Wow this was amazing Chris always makes me wanna take a chance on a fixer upper when I already had one and got rid of it 😆😆😆😆 but I gotta remember it's always more entertaining and smooth when someone else is doing the job! Great work chris!


  • If I was the guy that sold you the car for $500 I'd be spitting feathers if I saw this. What a Plonker! A great video thanks

  • I thought he was gonna fix the hummer omg

  • 9:16

  • Good video with all that money you I would get that driveway repaved

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  • I removed my heater shield on my Camry, is it possible that removing that can cause the fuel tank to look like this?

  • That driveshaft looks like it's about to snap any minute

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  • 500 was to much haha. jk. still a score. picked up an explorer sport in black a 98 model for 300 AND drove it home. . . barely.

  • Chris Fix what is a good praxis to carfor 18 years old?

  • Oh how I'd love to see a video of you diagnosing my 95 Lincoln Mark VIII that's been dead since January 2018!! I've tried so many things to get it running but just can't figure it out, even after replacing obvious stuff like completely severed vacuum lines. I love that car and just can't bring myself to part with it! :( I keep thinking one of these days I'll figure it out. I think it might be the tensioner. I won't get rid of my Mark until I at least try replacing the tensioner.

  • Can I use soapy water to make shear that the gas line is tiet

    • And my uncle says when I'm 16 I can work were he works and I'm 11 so 5 years left and that's why I'm here to learn so I'm going to sub and like

  • No idea how this popped up in my recommended but i have to pay respects. Instead of just saying the facts and showing what you did, you put a lot of effort into explaining WHY you do the things you do and furthermore, even show the thought process behind making these decisions, which can be applied to a wider range of objects and not just a few use cases. Showing people how to think. You're a frickin hero man, keep it up.

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  • I literally have no interest in working on cars... but for some damm reason I watched this whole video on the edge of my seat... my friend , you are good.

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  • I've never learned so much from one video! Thank you!

  • what do you use to lift the car?

  • Exelent vid on shaping up a vehicle!

  • I went to get fuel at Costco with my dad since he has a membership and I pay him back, but as I was started filling my car it ended up on the ground and I was like wth. My dad say the pipe might be rusted and when I got home on an almost empty tank. Then I looked under the car where the fuel pipe was and sure enough, it rusted off the fuel cover. 😂 at least all I have to get is a fuel pipe.

  • Chris do you still have this car if so you should remove the exhaust again it sounds so good

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  • i knew i shoulda watch this channel it actually helped my dad fix his car

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  • Hey Chris, I’m 15 and Love to watch your video’s! When i will buy my car and it has some problems i know who to watch on SElists.👍🏻

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  • love your video

  • 25:20 A tip for anyone doing a fuel pump job is that if you're having trouble getting the fill hose back on is to take the hose off completely and soak it in really hot water for about half an hour then take it out and let it dry completely and afterward the hose should be much more flexible.

  • Why am I watching this? I already know how to do all of this but I guess I just really enjoy Chris' enthusiasm and instructional style.

  • I never use aluminum tape...replace the whole heat shield

  • craftsman tools.....gross. Other than that you a gangster.

  • imagine At the end of the video Chris fix says *NO CARS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO*

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  • I would be so mad If i were the old owner and seen this video 😆

  • In Russia this car in exact condition would cost 5000$. Cars in America cost lower than a bicycles.

  • High chrisfix I miss you my dream car is a Toyota Tundra would you like to come here and drive it?

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  • I wouldn't ever call blown fuses "bad", since blowing is their entire job. If the fuse blows when it's supposed to then the fuse was good.

  • i dont think ill ever do this but I couldnt stop watching lol

  • Also, change the transmission fluid and filter, replace the plugs, and soak the fuel injectors in seafoam and leave the cleaner in long enough to break the crud off of the screens.

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  • so the fuel pump and also the starter wasn't running and changing one fuse fixed both of those things?

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  • Hey I love your videos. But I just rolled my bmw 528i 5 series manual turbocharged and I miss it. Do you think you could start a project doing that and maybe send me it 😌😍😭🥺

  • in Denmark in winter time we use a lot of salt to clear ice and snow, dount you have in USA like we have in Denmark undercarriage treatment a oil / wax based under and in the weel well and a thnider oil inside panels and cavity it hold like 4 years and you dount get rust, and its cheap only like 300 dollers

  • You are so amazing you also work with passion. Great teacher of my time.

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  • You forgot to bleed the air out of the line at the throttle body, with the key on, loosen the fuel line fitting until fuel gushes out at full pressure, then tighten the line and check for leaks.

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  • I need your advice Chris. I have a MAZDA 5 2007 SPORT. The timing chain came loose and I have had it replaced as well as the water pump. Mechanic says valves are bent as car wont start. My wife wants to scrap the car and I want to save it. Reconiditioned engine is too expensive. Can I just replace the cylinder head and rebore the head and replace it with a cylinder head kit?? Please give me your thoughts. Thanks.

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  • Notice engine parts corroded and frame rusted and in bad shape as rust is eating it up. A good indication is the muffler.

  • This is the most fascinating & satisfying video on the internet - & I don't even have a car! Ha!

  • funny story. me and my dad were on the highway with an old Acura and the muffler broke off. it fell off! it was that rusted it just went on the highway. flew off and the sound MAN it was loud. the same year my mom's muffler came off of her honda. we had to get it fixed twice. I got to look at her chassis and it was rusted man. we also had some fuel pump problems stalling the car. sometimes mid-drive. (also on the highway) we had to cut a lot of things. and battrie problems the wires got cut somewhere. and also on the honda, the pedals were rusting. my mom's car shook like there was a stampede! and the sound makes a chiwawa scared. in winter I could see exhaust coming out of the side of the car. it smelt horrible. we also didn't have a working air conditioner. hope we can get a good car that's not worth 10$...

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  • He tried scamming someone who has no money for a decent car or repairs. I’m so glad you bought it and are able to do the work, make a profit and sell someone a good car.

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  • Helpful video!! @27:37 or @28:27 --*insert SUV explosion here*-- Seriously, unless the guy was an a-hole, go back and give the guy an extra $200. Those trailblazer's should be recalled for that fuel tank/exhaust issue @19:57 - that should never happen. Pinto anyone.

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  • Beautiful video !!! Thanks For this beautiful presentation Wish you Pleasant time dear Welcome to our channel

  • Something caused that fuse to blow. Its rarely just the fuse thats the issue unless you live in extreme weather conditions, its very old, or a really very poorly made fuse. Edit: I really have to stop pausing the video when im commenting.

  • I like this stick a magnet inside things like that fuel tank. It'll help pick up some of the rust flakes be careful they can be Sharp and they hurt like the bejesus

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